What 2 Different Categories House Cleaning?

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Cleaning Services

So, you’re musing about recruiting a brigade of professional cleaning commandos in the land of Queen Anne, isn’t that so? Scrubbing and buffing your palace or marketplace? Both residential and commercial cleaning share the same banner of cleanliness, yet they march to the beat of different drums.

Yes, they bring a whistle-clean ambiance to your living and working spaces but what’s the hocus pocus behind it? And why, pray tell, might you need this artisanal cleaning service gracing your humble abode or work castle? In our upcoming scroll, we will demystify the distinctions between these two noble services, illuminating their inner workings, allowing you to make an informed decision when it’s time to delegate the dirt. 

So, what in heaven’s name is residential cleaning, anyway?

Residential cleaning is akin to a jolly troop of cleanliness wizards descending upon your hearth and home, utilizing an assortment of mystical cleaning tools and techniques depending on the arcane wisdom of the specific sanitizing sorcerer.

Put the mop to rest, as these professionals transform your living space into a spotless sanctuary. They offer various rhythms of service – from the frantic daily tidy, the rhythmical weekly spruce, to the leisurely monthly meticulous cleanse. Your domestic haven deserves a fine-toothed comb over – sweeping, mopping, vaccuming, dusting – everything down to the last window sill and door handle. Fear not! They even haul the garbage, ensuring your homestead smells as fresh as a daisy after spring rain.

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Now, let’s discuss the marvel that is commercial cleaning.

Commercial cleaning is the meticulous dance of antibacterial artisans, stepping in to beautify various commercial establishments – all the way from sky-high offices to bustling restaurants. These experts handle a myriad of tasks found in collective premises such as polishing floors, maintaining upholstery, wiping windows, ceilings, and kitchen spaces.

But wait, what invisible hands of these cleaning sprites might be working in your office? Daily, you can expect them to go through each nook with a fine-toothed comb: carpets, furniture, tables, elevators. Then, regularly, they polish surfaces, sanitize high-traffic areas and empty out those waste bins.

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And their apparitional timing?

These washing wonders can skulk around your office off-hours, ensuring not to disrupt the daily grind. Alternatively, your home’s cleaning cavalry usually trots in during the day when the castle is less bustling. It’s your pick – in or out, their service remains stellar, tidying up to let you relax and revel in cleanliness.

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Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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