What 4 Factors Affecting House Cleaning Cost

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Cleaning Services, Maid Service

OMG! It’s no mystery that the populace is busier than a jitterbug in a raccoon’s den– and the chaos of your schedule probably fits right in with this urban dance. Nevertheless, we’re all in agreement about the significance of cleanliness, sanitation, and maintaining a hazard-free home. But amidst juggling the tyranny of the urgent, where does this leave you with your house chores?

You’ve more than likely, contemplated recruiting professional house scrubbers to remedy your Queen Anne domicile, liberating your precious minutes. But have you ever rolled the thought around in your mind about how much candy you’ve got to shell out from your piggy bank to tidy up your abode? If your mind’s been brewing over that thought, keep those peepers peering ahead, because we’re about to hit the road on this conversational journey.

What gives the cleaning services their price tag?

The tab for your tidying needs depends on a medley of factors. Here are a couple that hit the mark:

1. The Lay of the Land

Each locale spices up the variation in the rate cards. You see, some corners of Seattle come with richer price tags all thanks to the good ol’ supply and demand. The more folks on the scrounge for superior assistance, the loftier the rates – houses, my dear, become hot commodities with competitive pricing based on their geographical proximity to you. For budget catchers, areas north and south of downtown Seattle don your wallets with kindness.

2. Counting the Rooms

The blueprint of your home sweet home also plays its tune in the price rally. Say, homes with one loo in them are usually kinder to your wallet than those housing a multitude. And trust me, if your home boasts a larger headcount of rooms or tinier niches like cupboards n’ stuff, your cleaner’s going to take longer, leading to a higher price per room or space.

3. The Service Lineup

Some cleaning maestros offer a platter of services while others present a narrower selection. If you’re aiming for a full home restoration, your best bet is highly-skilled pros who’d gladly accommodate your individualistic list. And hey, inquire about those specialized tasks too; you’d be surprised to know that some folks are adept at things like upholstery and rug cleaning apart from your usual floors!

4. The Recurrence of the Tidy-up

The upkeep tariff for every household is quirky for a reason. Case in point, the frequency of your domestic hygiene sessions plays a significant character in the final bill. It’s an opportunity to save some dough by opting for plans that groove more efficiently with your lifestyle, rather than ringing up a cleaner everytime you feel the need. 

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Now, sitting comfortably? Let’s explore these fantastic plans!

Monthly Nose Out

Having a cleaner drop by every month usually costs you less than them coming every fortnight. Talk about convenience for those hopping between work and other daily routines, with zero intention of fretting over household chores once home! And did I mention, signing up for a monthly cleanse can fetch you a sizeable discount of up to 10%?

Bi-Weekly Spruce Up
This happens to be the most recurring cleanliness ritual. Depending on your house size, discounts of up to 15% are pocketable, which is usually recommended if your household includes children or pets. It’s also a smart choice for folks watching their pesos.

Weekly Wipe Down

You might strike some hot deals with a weekly reoccurrence. Moreover, the pros offer up to 20 % in cuts if you sign up for a weekly package. It’s a prime pick for folks yearning to flaunt a flawless home 24/7.

One-off Cleanse

If the idea of sticking to a weekly or bi-weekly service sounds daunting, or even if you’re planning on throwing a soiree or just feel like your home needs a thorough spring cleaning, well then, a one-time deep clean is just the ticket! First-time bookings usually pack a 30% discount, with customized pricing based on the frequency of your bookings.

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So, where in Queen Anne can your book-savvy house cleaners be found?

Need of a helping hand? Or maybe you’re looking to outsource those pesky chores to set aside more time for your desired pursuits? Well, you’ve hit the bullseye! Ukraine Cleaners present a plethora of cleaning alternatives at fairly priced rates to tackle any task size, be it in Queen Anne or flanking areas. Give us a holler and unwrap a reduced rate for ongoing bookings!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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