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Ukraine Cleaners is the most dependable house cleaning service in Steilacoom. We understand how difficult it is to keep your home clean and organized, especially when your schedule is as hectic as yours! That is why we have come to help you. Our skilled cleaning crew is dedicated to providing superior cleaning services to residents and businesses in Steilacoom. We only use the best materials to clean and disinfect your surfaces.

We offer a variety of home services, including basic cleaning and maintenance as well as specialized work for more complex problems. Whatever your needs may be—large or small—we’ll create a customized plan to address them at an affordable price.

Ukraine Cleaners provides excellent customer service by only hiring the most qualified cleaners from a pool of candidates. All cleaning staff are subjected to thorough background checks, ensuring high-quality work for every client.

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Reasons That Make Us Steilacoom’s

Leading Cleaning Service:


Committed to a Cause

When you hire our housekeeping team, not only are you getting a fantastic group of people to take care of your home—you’re making an impact in someone else’s life: every penny we earn goes towards helping those who need assistance.


Equipped and Vetted

Our cleaning professionals undergo a thorough screening process and are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to give your house its best possible clean.


Local & based out of Steilacoom

We are proud to be a part of the Steilacoom community, and we take immense pride in providing our customers with exceptional cleaning services. When you hire us for your next house cleaning—or any other type of job!—you can trust that we’ll get it done right.


Quality Service

We at Ukraine Cleaners know that nothing feels as good as coming home to a clean house. That’s why we provide the best in cleaning services.

Based on 142 reviews
Justin Sifferman
Justin Sifferman
October 18, 2023.
incredibly hard working and fantastic results. Could not be happier with their service
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee
October 16, 2023.
All good, worked hard, on time , oven and fridge a sparkly!
Brittany Dalbow
Brittany Dalbow
October 15, 2023.
They were so responsive and able to schedule a time for a deep clean the next day. I was so appreciative of their attentiveness and communication, I'll definitely be reaching out again in the future!
Margaret Steenrod
Margaret Steenrod
October 15, 2023.
Another great move-out clean by Ukraine Cleaners. Thank you!!
Youngsoo Lee
Youngsoo Lee
October 13, 2023.
First time trying cleaning service Very happy with results and good price!!
Kat Smaga
Kat Smaga
October 11, 2023.
I highly recommend this business- they do an exceptional job and are both trustworthy and reliable.
Sydney Fagrey
Sydney Fagrey
October 11, 2023.
Heather Beg
Heather Beg
October 11, 2023.
Ukraine Cleaners are exceptional at everything they do. From the communication, the professionalism, and their expertise at deep cleaning-we were beyond impressed. They focus on every detail, while maintaining respect and integrity of the home. They recognize that the house is someone's safe place and treat the property with care and love. But they even go beyond the typical cleaning service; they want feedback and they want to be the best. They even came back the very next day to touch up the floors as I didn't have any supplies. The ease of the whole process will definitely have me as a repeat customer. I felt as though they really cared about me, but mainly cared about my home. They are my number one favorite business!
Sandy Anderson
Sandy Anderson
October 7, 2023.
Hard working husband and wife team. Very thorough with their work . Highly recommend.

Flat Rate Pricing

Our cleaning services in Steilacoom offer customers a straightforward pricing structure: fixed rates for specific jobs and an understanding of how much our work will cost. We’ve earned a reputation as one of the best cleaning companies in Steilacoom because we’re honest about this (and most other things!).


100% Satisfaction

Ukraine Cleaners’ customer base has grown by combining an unwavering commitment to excellence with exceptional service. We understand that a strong customer relationship and trust are essential for any successful business, including house cleaning in Steilacoom!

Amenities and local government resources in Steilacoom WA. 

Nestled upon the brink of Puget Sound’s lapping waves lies the tranquil hamlet of Steilacoom, Washington, a mere ferry’s journey from the frenzied cityscape of Tacoma. Despite its close proximity, the town basks in a serene aloofness, a haven existing beyond the realms of the urban chaos.

The quaint environs of Steilacoom offer only a few refinements, such as a quaint grocery, a post office, and a smattering of cafes and eateries. However, its local governance is a model of efficiency, boasting a vigilant police force and well-lit, closely monitored thoroughfares. Though its library may be modest, its shelves overflow with knowledge, and its community center is a thriving hub of activities catering to all ages.

But the town’s true marvel lies in its untouched splendor, surrounded by verdant foliage, with the ebb and flow of the sound ever-present. The beaches are unspoiled, the parks impeccably groomed. Steilacoom is a haven for those seeking refuge from the hectic pace of the city, a place to bask in the serenity of the natural world.

Yet, like any locale, Steilacoom is not immune to strife. Its past is marred by racial unrest, and its community still grapples with the challenge of addressing the diverse needs of its inhabitants. Nevertheless, the people of Steilacoom are an indomitable and resilient lot, dedicating their efforts to forging a hospitable community that embraces all.

Steilacoom is, in essence, a conundrum, a town of both small-town simplicity and urban complexity, a place of breathtaking beauty and societal strife. It is this duality that grants the hamlet its unique character and makes it a destination worth experiencing.

Best shopping centers in Steilacoom WA. 

In the petite town of Steilacoom, Washington lies an embarrassment of riches in terms of shopping centers. Allow me to impart a few of these trove-filled locales.

First and foremost, we have the Towne Center at Steilacoom, a hub of commerce that teems with an eclectic assortment of emporiums. Groceries, apothecaries, and a spectrum of specialty stores line its avenues, and its culinary offerings, with cafes and eateries galore, make it a sought-after destination for both procurement and sustenance.

Next up, the Steilacoom Plaza, a melange of specialty shops and services that is unmatched. From health food stores to bookshops to tonsorial parlors, this shopping center has it all, including community amenities such as a post office and a library.

The Steilacoom Village, with its quaint, picturesque charm, is another must-visit shopping destination. Its myriad of darling shops and boutiques offer an embarrassment of riches, ranging from haute couture to home decor, and its variety of dining and cafe options make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Last but not least, just a brief drive from Steilacoom lies the Lakewood Towne Center, a behemoth of shopping that boasts an extensive array of department stores, electronics, fashion, and home goods, with many coveted brands and a plethora of dining and entertainment options.

Each of these shopping centers, though each offering its own unique flavor, are worth exploring for those seeking to indulge in a bit of retail therapy or simply seeking something special.

Best restaurants located in Steilacoom WA

In Steilacoom, Washington, where the horizon meets the shimmering waters of Puget Sound, epicurean adventures await. A host of gastronomic delights adorn this small town, each imbued with their own peculiar charm.

The Oyster House sits idly at the shore, luring seafood enthusiasts with its salt-laced air and picturesque view. An ample menu, rife with succulent oysters, crab cakes, and fish-and-chips, awaits those seeking sustenance.

Nestled within, the Italian Bistro stirs the senses with its comforting, rustic atmosphere and delectable offerings of classic Italian fare – pasta, risotto, pizza – all composed of the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.

At the Steilacoom Pub, a cozy haven awaits, replete with casual comfort and friendly faces. Savor hearty pub favorites, such as burgers, sandwiches, and fried chicken, all served with a smile.

And for those seeking bold, exotic flavors, the Asian Fusion Kitchen awaits. A temple of Asian fusion cuisine, offering a menu steeped in Chinese, Japanese, and Thai delights, served in a modern and elegant setting.

Each restaurant in Steilacoom is a unique experience, yet all are worth indulging in for a gastronomic escape. From seafood to Italian, pub food to Asian fusion, the small town of Steilacoom offers a world of flavors, waiting to be savored.

Best parks and public recreational areas in Steilacoom WA. 

The little haven of Steilacoom, Washington is cradled by the shores of Puget Sound, and proffers a host of verdant parks and leisurely places for the revelers and the residents alike.

Joemma Beach State Park leads the parade, with its breadth of sandy beaches along Puget Sound, meandering hiking tracks and a fishing pier. The park is a nirvana for bird enthusiasts and wildlife lovers, as it harbors a myriad of avian creatures, such as eagles, and seals.

Pioneer Park lies in the pulsating heart of Steilacoom, offering a bevy of recreational pursuits, such as a playpen, a basketball court, and a diamond for baseball. The park is also a hub of community festivities and galas throughout the year, and a sought-after destination for both wanderers and habitants.

Sunnyside Beach Park invites visitors to relish the scenic beauty of Puget Sound, with miles of sandy beaches and picnic grounds. The park is a playground for swimming, kayaking, and fishing, among other water activities.

Finally, Chautauqua Park is a breathtaking vista of scenic trails, play areas and nature’s grandeur. It’s an ideal spot for a family outing, a hike or just to bask in the view of the sound.

Each of these parks presents a distinct and singular experience, but all are worth exploring for anyone seeking to relish the great outdoors in Steilacoom. Whether you desire a tranquil nature walk, a playpen for the little ones, or a spot to bask in the magnificent view of the sound, Steilacoom has a surfeit for everyone.

Festivals, parades and events coming up this year in Steilacoom WA. 

Steilacoom, Washington, a quaint burgh with a saga of the ages, boasts a merry multitude and a cornucopia of carnivals, processions, and happenings throughout the calendar year.

First, the annual Independence Day Parade, a cherished ritual, sees a cavalcade winding its way through the byways of the hamlet, with musical troupes, floats, and social clubs in tow. The parade is followed by a communal feast in the greensward, ending with a pyrotechnic display under the starry sky.

Next, the Steilacoom Harvest Festival, a autumnal affair, presents a variety of frolics for the whole family, including a pumpkin patch, a farmers market, and a pumpkin-carving contest. The festival boasts lively melodies, food stalls, and an artisan bazaar.

The Yuletide Tree-Lighting Ceremony in Steilacoom is a spectacle not to be missed. Held in December, this event includes an illumination of the conifer, caroling, and a visit from Saint Nicholas. The celebration concludes with a community reception, with cocoa and confections.

Lastly, the Steilacoom Historical Museum’s Summertime Ice Cream Social, gives visitors a chance to slip back in time and bask in the history of Steilacoom. The museum hosts this summer soirée, with ice cream, live music, and a chance to delve into the museum’s exhibits.

Each of these events presents something unique and unrivaled, but all are worth the journey for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the community and culture of Steilacoom. Whether you’re in search of a patriotic revel, a harvest revelry, a charming yuletide spectacle, or a learning experience about the lore of the hamlet, Steilacoom has something for every soul.

Night life in Steilacoom WA. 

Amidst the hush of the small town, Steilacoom, Washington shimmers with a vibrant nocturnal life.

At the Steilacoom Pub and Grill, one may find solace in the casual bistro, where a medley of local libations and hearty pub cuisine can be savored amidst the tranquil ambiance and lilting melodies on weekends.

The Salty Dog beckons with its siren song of seafood and scenic waterfront views. A local favorite, the restaurant and bar proffers an array of beverages and bountiful seafood fare, making it an idyllic setting for a merriment-filled dinner with friends.

For a more sophisticated soirée, the Wine & Cheese Shop is the epitome of elegance, where a vast assortment of vintages and fromages can be sampled, along with a rotating array of artisanal beers, and events ranging from wine tastings to live music.

At the Steilacoom Community Theater, one may immerse oneself in the arts and culture of the town, with a plethora of productions and performances throughout the year, ranging from theatrical extravaganzas to live musical performances.

Each of these options presents a distinctive experience, but all are worth exploring for those seeking to bask in the nightlife of Steilacoom. Whether it’s a casual drink, a romantic dinner, a sophisticated wine tasting, or an evening of the arts, Steilacoom has something for everyone.

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