Winter Cleaning Checklist

by | Nov 14, 2023 | Cleaning Services, House Cleaning

Ah, the frosty chronicle of winter that feels as ceaseless as an infomercial marathon. You pop your nose outdoors, only to be greeted by the stinging kiss of the raw, brittle air—a speckling of refreshment mingled with icy hostility. Soon enough, your humble abode mirrors a worn antique store full of dust and filth, robbed of its gleaming appeal by the inclement conditions. Hack, splutter, sniffle; a symphony of cold-induced discomfort runs rampant. And who’s the uninvited guest at this grand winter soirĂ©e? Mister Germs, making his presence felt in every nook and cranny. Fear not, fearless reader, for I present you with the mighty sword of cleanliness to vanquish this oily foe; A step-by-step guide to keep your home gleaming and sterile, a haven for all inhabitants.

Commence Operation Winter Clean:

  • Commence the excavation of your carpets and rugs: If they’ve suffered a cruel furniture embargo through the frosty months, whizz over them with your trusty hoover, wielding the spinning brush as if you’re knights at arms or a simplistic hand brush to rid them of their gritty inhabitants.

  • Indulge in some weekly air-freshening: Brave the chill and swing open those windows, letting the frigid outdoors kiss the homely warmth within. However, keep the sleeping quarters secure against drafty infiltration—shut that door and say “not on my watch!”

  • Steer clear of the path of bleach: An excellent cleaning agent as it is, it does tend to ruffle a few respiratory feathers. Trade it for the gentler vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, and watch bacteria cower, leaving you untouched by side effects.

  • Do not neglect the dusty dance: A microfiber cloth slithers through windowsills, baseboards, and tricky corners. Banish the allergenic horrors of pet dander and pollen, and don’t forget the sneaky fan bulbs.

  • Doorbobs, a hotbed of germ action, warrant some disinfecting spray too. Your friendly garbage disposal can house nasty molds; flush them out with cold water and keep them spick and span.

  • And oh, don’t let your light fixtures bear the brunt of your forgetfulness. A quick shot of anti-bacterial spray and a swift wipe-down will have them glowing brightly all year.

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It’s time for your magic kitchen:

  • Of stoves and ovens: Those beastie-houses need de-hosing and thorough inside-out cleaning, with all removable parts sent on a sabbatical. Scrape away stubborn, desert-dry spills, but engage in this battle with finesse—no porcelains getting scarred.

  • Refrigerators demand their fair share of attention too: Common victuals breed not-so-common bacteria. A pinch of baking soda, a dash of vinegar, and a dollop of warm water combine a potent antidote. Let no shelf bear the burden of dirt or bacteria – clean, wipe, repeat!

Before the winter beasties invade:

Indulge in a deep clean: scrub every surface, wash the comforters, insulate your windows against the cold, disinfect your bathrooms, and wash those crumb-laden kitchen counters and floors.

When Winter’s knocking:

The workload might seem daunting, especially if you’re battling icy snowstorms by the coast. But hey, this checklist has got your back. ‘Shroom the bedrooms, scour your lounging areas, and save the best (or worst) for last—the kitchen and bath. All surfaces need a thorough scrub-down. Too much work? Fear not, place your trust in a professional cleaning service!

As the icy wind howls and snowflakes descend, make cleaning your royal decree. Toss off any snow-buried food and keep those windows secure. Banish those moldy, mildewed fabrics and declutter your abode. On the flip side, don’t over-rely on municipal salt teams or ammonia-based cleaners. And don’t let the external surfaces feel left out!

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And thus, armed with this checklist, you shall brave every frosty gust with a sparkling smile and a spotless home!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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