2 Simple Solutions to Clean Oven Racks

2 Simple Solutions to Clean Oven Racks

Can you almost taste the years of stubborn, crusty grime that is coating those oven racks of yours? Dreading the prospect of confronting that greasy beast and cleansing it back to its gleaming state? Well, fret not my friend! Gear up, grab your arsenal of vinegar and baking soda, and buckle up for some profound cleaning enlightenment – all courtesy of this humble blog post. Let’s rock and roll!

How Often Do You Scrub Those Racks?

If you’re among the many, the response would fluctuate between ‘infrequently’ and ‘never.’ Despite their natural tendency to accumulate dirt faster than a truffle-hog, cleaning oven racks regularly keeps at bay grime build-up, ensuring your oven’s mint condition. Keep that apron handy, for we’re about to delve into cleaning solutions to bring your oven back on its A-game!

Why Clean Oven Racks, You Ask?

Why, great jest! Cleaning oven racks is as essential as scrubbing your paws before a meal, and here’s why:

It keeps your succulent creations from sticking to the cutthroat grill and freeing them from the claws of charred ruin.

It plays bouncer, keeping the dreadful flame-fanning build-up of grease and grime at bay.

It keeps your oven looking spruced up and squeaky clean – a sight for sore eyes!

Smoky oven ambience during cooking is no magic trick, folks! That could be your oven’s distress call, drowned by the sounds of sizzling yummy-ness. Brushing off years of baked-on grease and food residue could seem daunting, if not impossible. Fear the scrubbing no more, for we’ve got your back!

Solution #1: Nature’s Best

Concocting your own cleaning potion is an excellent way to save some pennies and secure some cleanliness brownie points. Few DIY elixirs can do wonders, but a simple mix of vinegar and baking soda leads the chart – it’s a match made in oven-cleaning heaven!

Baking Soda & Vinegar Method

You will require:

Baking soda on standby,

A faithful spray bottle,

A scrubbing sponge or brush.


Begin by showering a generous amount of baking soda all over your oven racks. Follow it up by dispensing vinegar evenly over the baking soda using your spray weaponry. Attend to other chores as you let the mixture sit and wreak havoc on the grime for a few minutes. With the fierce combo doing its job, wield your sponge or scrub brush to scrub away the remnants. Rinse the racks under warm water and pat them dry with a pristine towel. Splendid!

Dish Soap and Water

The other tried-and-tested cleaning duo you can rely on is dish soap and water, a combination as potent as any store-bought solution. Give the racks a thorough rinse after this water workout.

You will need:

A humble garbage bag or plastic wrap,

Dish soap,

The elixir of life – Water.

For this magic trick, swaddle your oven racks with a garbage bag or piece of plastic wrap. Ensure you’ve blanketed every nook and corner of the rack. Then, squirt a generous portion of dish soap onto the rack and add water to create a bubbly concoction. Submerge the rack in your tub or sink and give it a long, relaxing soak. Scrub the rack post-soak with a sponge or brush, give it a good rinse and pat dry with a clean towel. Voila!

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Solution #2: Commercial Cleaner

Store-bought cleaners can burn a hole in your pocket but they make for a safe and reliable oven-cleaning partner. Stick to the rule-book (product label) if you resort to such cleaners.

Oven Rack Cleaner

You will need:

Commercial oven rack cleaner,

A faithful scrubber or brush,

A clean towel.

Start by evenly showering your cleaner magic over the oven racks. Let the cleaner do its magic for the duration recommended on the product label. Work the leftover grime away with a brush or scrubber, ensuring a thorough rinse in warm water. Dry it meticulously and admire your handiwork.

If all else fails, there’s always the oven cleaner option. Make sure to read all the disclaimers before performing this magic trick. Choose your weapon wisely – some require a water-based mixture, while others steamroll through grime straight up!

Regardless of your pick, spray it generously over the racks and let it stew in its own juices for at   least 30 minutes. Show compassion to the heavily tortured areas, the rest should be a cakewalk! The grime bows out, and you’re left with squeaky-clean racks.

More Oven-Cleaning Wizardry!

Like the rest of us, you probably clean your oven racks as frequently as a solar eclipse. When you do gather enough courage, the task itself may seem as formidable as a dragon. But fear not, for here are two simple spells that can put the spotless sparkle back into your oven racks!

Soak Them In The Tub

Cleaning your oven racks has never been easier. Evict them temporarily from their oven home and land them in your bathtub. Flood the tub with hot, soapy water and let the racks bask in it for a few hours. When the time is ripe, retrieve the racks and scrub off any residual dirt or grime. Rinely rinse them and make sure to dry them before returning them to their warm oven home.

Use The Self-Cleaning Cycle

Embrace and use the wonders of modern technology. The self-cleaning cycle of your oven can spell wonders for your racks without breaking a sweat. Park the racks inside and let the oven’s self-clean function do its magic, but keep the manufacturer’s procedure in mind. Remember, your oven’s going to work up some sweat, so plan for it on a chill day!

There you are, all primed with two simple solutions for most oven rack scenarios. Next time grime-streaked oven racks stare you down, arm yourself with these solutions and wrestle them into spotless cleanliness!

So, how do you tackle dried-up grime on oven racks?

Like your fellow brethren, you may not scrub your oven racks as often. And when the cleaning day arrives, leveling burnt-on grease and grime do seem like an uphill task. Wave goodbye to dreading oven rack cleaning days with these simple, effective strategies.

Before firing up the oven, remember to shield your oven with foil. It keeps grease and grime from sticking to your oven racks. Get hold of a degreaser spray or wipes and see them bring ease to wiping grime away.

Don’t hesitate to put these strategies to test the next time your oven racks need a cleanse. You’ll be surprised at how it transforms your oven, and dare we say, make oven scrubbing enjoyable!

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Discussed, dread cleaning your oven? Let’s strategize!

For the many among us, degreasing the oven racks tops the list. They’re oversized, unwieldy, and sparkling with grease. But these two makeover spells can transform your oven rack cleansing nightmares into quick, sparkling results!


This solution works by creating a heat-resistant barrier between the oven racks and the oven’s wrath. Lay a foil sheet at the oven’s belly before preheating it. Discard the foil after the culinary job to find a spick-and-span oven!

Wire rack liner

The sturdy wire rack liner is your oven’s best friend; tailor-made to fit and catch errant drips and spills, making them easy for you to clean. Deposit the liner before turning the oven on and clean it using your sink post-cooking. Simple!

Despite these strategies, if your oven racks still seem grimy, grab a pumice stone or razor blade to scrape off the stubborn grime. Alternatively, let your oven racks luxuriate in sudsy hot water overnight to loosen up the grime and wipe it away with grace in the morning.

No matter which cleaning strategy you resort to, trust us, it’s going to leave your oven racks gleaming like new. The first attempt might seem challenging, but with grit and patience, you’re in for sparkling oven racks in a jiffy!

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7 Simple Ways to Clean a Microwave

7 Simple Ways to Clean a Microwave

Ding-dang-doodle, those beep-bop boxes of warm-me-ups that we fondly call microwaves, they’re a key player in most of our cooking realms. But boy, can they morph into a funky gunky carnival faster than one can say ‘nuked cheese’. In this jazzy chat we’re engaging in, we’re gonna spin out seven zippy ways to spruce up your microwave. Roll up your sleeve, let’s tango with the filth!

Why is it Imperative to Spiffy up your Microwave?

A nice and shiny microwave, now that’s a sight for sore eyes. Not only is it easier on the gaze, but it heats treats with more uniformity. Blast-ridden sauce and spills can cause hot spots, thereby cooking your grub unevenly. Plus, let’s just come out with it, a dirty microwave is a horror show. Who wants their lunch sitting in some else’s yucky splatter sauce?

How often are you running to your microwave?

Chances are, you are hugging it multiple times a day. If you ain’t giving it a clean whirl often, you are probably breeding a miniature zoo of germs in there.

Steps to Sayonara a Grubby Microwave 

Cleaning a microwave can seem like the Twelve labors of Hercules. But listen up folks, give these nifty tips a whirl, and you’ll never have to tussle with a grimy microwave again.

1). First things first, be quick on your feet. Swiftly wipe up spills before they harden and become old, gnarly fossil relics. Doing this with a damp cloth should do the trick.

2). Second, don’t skip out on washing the plate. A frenzied scrub down with soapy water should work like a charm.

3). Third, for those stubborn splatters, a tangy vinegar solution might be your best ally. A 50-50 vinegar-water concoction, microwaved for a couple of minutes should make it easy to boot out the crud.

4). Next, bestow an intensive cleaning session upon your microwave every few months. This ensures any tenacious grease and grime never gets too cozy.

5). Make sure you pull the plug on your microwave before you dive in for a clean. You don’t want to accidentally share an electric shock with your appliance, now would you?

6). Last but certainly not least, it’s crucial to pay heed to the guidelines laid out by the chaps who assembled your microwave. Anything offbeat might just lead to a microwave mutiny.

Seven Spectacular Ways To Scrub A Microwave

Baking soda:
Baking soda ain’t just for pastries and pretzels. This white powdery wonder can clean up microwave funk like nobody’s business. Mix it with water, slather the glorious goo inside and wipe it clean for a sparkling microwave.

Vinegar and Water Fusion:

An equal parts vinegar and water blend can sort out most microwave messes. Heat this concoction in your guilty microwave for two minutes, remove with care, and send the grime packing with a damp cloth.

Lemon-infused magic:

The citrus power of lemons can perform cleaning miracles. Squeeze some juice into a bowl of water, microwave it for a couple of minutes, and voila! Wipe away to a shiny clean microwave without breaking a sweat!

Dish soap:

When life doesn’t hand you lemons, reach for the next best thing- dish soap. A few droplets in warm water and a thorough wipe down later, your microwave is ready to take on the world!

Baking soda and vinegar dream team:

For the relentless dirt and grime, bring out the cleaning big guns. A blend of equal parts baking soda and vinegar. Microwave this mix for a couple of minutes before wiping it down to reveal a grand spanking new looking microwave.

Showstopper hydrogen peroxide and baking soda:

For the big league cleaning, a cocktail of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is your superpower. Alas! Now you can finally see the sparkles in your once filthy microwave.

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What Not to Do While Cleaning A Microwave?

Now, here’s what’s NOT to use – abrasive cleaners, soap and metal scrubbers. Gosh no. They’re your biggest foes in this battle against grime. Follow our tips, and you’ll be the Elvis Presley of microwave cleaning, promise.

Remember, where there’s grime, there’s maid service in Edmonds. Do the jive and flip us a line for a quote. Let’s show that gunk who’s boss!

How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Vinegar

How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Darlings, our humble jive juice machine is indeed the beating heart of many a home-sweet-home; where would we be without that morning trumpets-blowing cup of pep-in-your-step java? But, alas, like any hardworking fellow, a cuppa doodle do machine can become a bit of world-weary and grubby – not quite the conversation piece you had in mind, yes? That’s the moment when most folks contemplate forking out for a shiny new one. Hold the phone- there’s another way! You can perform nothing short of a miracle clean on your coffee contraption using (wait for it)… vinegar! Hop aboard this rollercoaster blog post if you’re in the mood for some wizardry!

Keen to know the ratio of the tangy elixir to water to work up this cleaning miracle, you ask? Allow me to spill the beans:

You need:
The elixir of life (water),

Sour stuff (vinegar),

A clean ragamuffin or paper doilies,

Good ol’ table salt,

A sprinkle-dunkle bowl.

Now then, let’s get cracking.

Step-by-step, left-foot-right-foot, here we go!

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1). Fire up your java-generating juggernaut with equal bits of water and that tangy elixir, let it bubble and boil. Time to hit the breaks! Pour out this solution (mind you, not down the sink – unless your pipes are sumo-wrestler strong). Disconnect the cord or flip off that power switch.

2). Wipe the inside of the coffee house with a clean cloth or paper towels. If you have mineral deposits playing hide-and-seek, invite some salt to the party.

3). Now, two parts vinegar to one part fresh water make a new potion into the coffee machine’s cavern. Then, like a regular day, let that cycle run only with water, no coffee yet. When it’s all done and dusted, toss out both mixtures.

4). Triple treat- repeat the process until all lingering remnants have been evicted from the building and you’re ready for an encore of superb coffee flavors!

5). Once you’ve run this show, pour fresh water and run one last encore to bid adieu to any vinegar still loitering around.

A word to the wise – this vinegar cleanse is no microwave minute process! But the payoff is a shiny like-new coffee maker. If somehow your stubborn stains resist the vigorous vinegar, don’t throw in the towel. Just call for reinforcements in the form of a specialist cleaner.


First, load the tank with about a thumb’s worth of white vinegar, plug in and hit ‘play’. In absence of coffee, let it brew vinegar. When done, stop-action, unplug and give the whole shebang a jolly good wipe-down while the grime is soft.

Next, use warm running water where you can and for those intricate bits use a toothbrush-turned-cleaning brush with a concoction of water and rubbing alcohol.

Finally, one more round of vinegar brewing, then dry it all out leaving no moisture behind. In about 24 hours, you’ve got a spanking new coffee doodad without residue marring your future cups of heavenly brew.

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