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Welcome to Ukraine Cleaners, Kent’s top residential cleaning service. We understand that keeping your home clean can be difficult, especially if you’re a busy person. That is why we are here to take care of things. Our crew is dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning services to residences and businesses in the Kent region. Due to the fact that we only use the best equipment, your surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

We provide a variety of services for your home, from complete cleaning to ongoing maintenance, depending on what you need. We can assist with any task, no matter how big or small, and our plans are created to match your needs and budget.

Ukraine Cleaners is committed to providing excellent customer service. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured thanks to our stringent recruiting practices; thorough background checks ensure that each cleaner possesses the credentials necessary for high-quality cleaning services.

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Flat Rate Pricing

We are Kent’s top cleaning service for many reasons, including our straightforward pricing structure and predetermined costs for specific activities. When customers engage us, they can feel confident that we won’t surprise them with unexpected fees or charges at the end of their home-cleaning appointments.


100% Satisfaction

By combining its goal statement with excellent service, Ukraine Cleaners has attracted a loyal following. We are conscious of the fact that trust and rapport are essential components in any successful business—including house cleaning services in Kent.

Based on 119 reviews
Jimmy Chavez
Jimmy Chavez
September 14, 2023.
Anna and Tatiana were amazing. They showed up and did a great job on their cleaning instructions. The bathroom looked like it was just installed, so sparkling and white. They went above and beyond to clean windows, doors and trim, wiped everything down, dusted, mopped and we couldn’t be happier. I e are now thinking about getting them to do this on a regular basis going forward. This company and the cleaners they sent were awesome. Thanks!
kirsten h
kirsten h
September 11, 2023.
Ukraine Cleaners have always been on time, hard working, and a pleasure to have in my home. The price point is fair, and the online sign up works well. Only thing I’d suggest is full power/size vacuums as the chargeable cordless vacuums brought each time don’t seem as effective getting all the dirt up from the area rugs.
Whitney N
Whitney N
September 10, 2023.
They did a great job!
Jessica Tribble Wells
Jessica Tribble Wells
September 10, 2023.
Brandi Stagg
Brandi Stagg
September 6, 2023.
My home is cleaner than its ever been. Ivan and Svetlana did a fantastic job and took a lot of time and care in their cleaning. And I appreciate the online booking and ability to schedule with short notice. Highly recommended.
Sandy Anderson
Sandy Anderson
September 5, 2023.
Hard working husband and wife team. Very thorough with their work . Highly recommend.
Virginia Cordts
Virginia Cordts
September 5, 2023.
Olina and Tamara came right on time and did an exceptional job of cleaning our home! It smells great too! I will be having them again!
Susan Bollman
Susan Bollman
September 2, 2023.
Yes we were please with the cleaners, they were attentive and listened to our concerns with a big smile. Very friendly and courteous. Give them a tip, they deserve it.
Nadav Hirsh
Nadav Hirsh
September 1, 2023.
So easy to work with these folks. The scheduling is easy. It’s always easy to get more information or work out details by phone if the online form doesn’t cover everything, and the quality of work is exceptional.
Louise Racy
Louise Racy
September 1, 2023.
Very thorough cleaning. the place looks fantastic for my guests arriving tomorrow!

Reasons to hire us for A Kent house cleaning


Committed to a Cause

When you use our housekeeping service, you not only get a fantastic team to take care of your home, but you also help a great cause! Every dollar we earn is reinvested in ensuring that those in need receive the assistance they require.


Equipped and Vetted

We’ve thoroughly trained our cleaning specialists, who have undergone extensive background checks and are in possession of the required tools. They will clean your home as if it were their own.


Local & based out of Kent

We are a company with roots in Kent, Washington, and we take great pride in our policies and excellent customer service. We go above and beyond on every house cleaning job because the people of this city deserve nothing less.


Quality Service

Ukraine Cleaners is the company to call if you want a spotless home. Allow us to handle the stress of chores so that you can spend more time doing what is truly important!

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Amenities and local government resources in Kent WA. 

Listen up y’all, because I’m about to spin some tales of a city that’s got a little bit of everything – it’s the cherry on top of the sundae, the frosting on the cake – we’re talking about Kent, Washington!

Now, let me break it down for you – on the one hand, you got a metropolis that’s busting at the seams with all kinds of shenanigans for its citizens to enjoy. They got an ice rink the size of an NHL arena, a farmer’s market selling all the fresh goods and trinkets made by the locals, and parks that’ll make your jaw drop with their picnic spots and basketball courts.

But on the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact that Kent’s got some traffic that’ll make you want to tear your hair out. But don’t worry, the powers that be are working on a plan to make transportation smoother than a baby’s bottom.

Now, despite all the challenges, Kent’s got a heartbeat that’s always beating and always improving. The city’s leaders are committed to making sure its residents have everything they need to live their best lives. From community centers that offer classes for every age, to libraries that’ll give you all the books and information you could ever want, Kent’s got the goods to keep its citizens engaged and informed.

So, to sum it all up – Kent, Washington is a city that’s got its bumps and bruises, but it’s also a city that’s always striving to be better. With amenities and resources that’ll make you want to call it home, and leaders that are dedicated to making life easier, it’s a city worth celebrating. And the people of Kent, they don’t let the challenges get them down – they make the best of their time and place every single day.

Best shopping centers in Kent WA. 

Gather ye shopping enthusiasts, for I have a tale of retail revelry to regale! In the land of Kent, Washington lies a smorgasbord of shopping sanctuaries, where one can indulge in a spree of spending that’ll leave your wallet whimpering for mercy!

First up, we have the fabled Kent Station, a shopping center overflowing with more trinkets and treasures than a pirate’s treasure trove. With all the big names like Target, Best Buy, and Ulta Beauty, you’ll find everything you need, and more!

Next, we venture to the mystical Kent Valley Center, where you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a kingdom of consumerist wonders. Walmart, Ross, and Bed Bath & Beyond, this shopping mecca offers a bounty of goods, from apparel to electronics.

And let’s not forget the cornucopia of joy that is Kent-Kangley Marketplace! With Safeway, Dollar Tree, and Petco, this shopping hot spot has everything you need to stock your pantry, your house, and even your furry friends’ toy box.

Finally, we arrive at the emporium of ecstasy, Kent Meridian Plaza. Fred Meyer, HomeGoods, and Marshalls, oh my! With clothes, home goods, and electronics to make your heart soar, this shopping extravaganza is not to be missed.

In conclusion, Kent, Washington is a city with a shopping center for every budget and taste. From the grand bazaars of Kent Station to the cornucopia of Kent-Kangley Marketplace, this town is a shopping utopia waiting to be explored. So, tighten those purse strings and prepare for a spending spree that’ll leave your wallet aching, but your heart a-singing!

Best restaurants located in Kent WA. 

Yo yo yo, folks! Are you ready for a wild ride through the taste buds of Kent, Washington? Buckle up, cuz we’re about to hit all the hot spots for some grub that’ll leave you feeling like royalty!

First stop, Thai Ginger – where the air is thick with the scent of lemongrass and curry so potent, it’ll make you wanna do the cha-cha in your taste buds. This humble joint serves up Pad Thai and Green Curry so finger-licking good, you’ll forget all about that diet you started yesterday.

Next, we hit up Chutneys, where the spices are warm and the flavors are rich enough to transport you to the bustling streets of India. Tandoori Chicken and Lamb Vindaloo, oh my!

Sushi Kyo, get ready for some love! This Japanese joint has got sushi and sashimi so fresh, it’ll make you wanna break out in song. And if raw fish ain’t your thang, don’t worry, they’ve got tempura and udon noodle soup that’ll make you wanna say “arigato” in your sleep.

Finally, we roll into Taqueria El Rinconsito for a taste of Mexico. Bold flavors and spices so potent, you’ll be transported to the colorful streets of Mexico with every bite. Tacos, tamales, and burritos, oh my!

In conclusion, Kent, Washington is a city that’ll make you wanna dance in your taste buds. From Thai Ginger’s fragrant aromas to Taqueria El Rinconsito’s bold spices, the restaurants of this city offer a rich tapestry of flavors and cultures that’ll make your taste buds do backflips. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual meal or a night out on the town, Kent, Washington has got you covered with grub for every palate and every occasion.

Best parks and public recreational areas in Kent WA.

Greetings, folks! If you’re in need of a break from the daily grind, then look no further than the lush city of Kent, Washington. This metropolis is chock-full of green spaces where you can kick up your feet, catch your breath, and embrace the great outdoors.

First, there’s Lake Meridian Park, where you can make a splash, cast a line, and set sail on the lake. With its playground, picnic tables, and vast fields of grass, this park is the ultimate destination for frisbee enthusiasts, soccer stars, and those who just love to romp around.

Then there’s the Kent Regional Justice Center Park, where you can hoof it, take a time-out, or challenge a friend to a game of hoops. With its picnic areas, walking trails, and basketball court, this park is a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city.

And, don’t forget the ShoWare Center Park! This place is a real slam-dunk, with its indoor arena for sports and entertainment, playground, and picnic area. Plus, there’s a big old field of grass that’s ideal for tossing a frisbee or two.

Finally, the Kent Valley Ice Centre will give you the chance to glide like a pro. This park is home to an NHL-sized rink, and there’s plenty of trails for a leisurely walk or brisk hike.

In conclusion, Kent, Washington is a city that’s overflowing with parks and recreational areas that are sure to tickle your fancy. Whether you’re in the mood for a picnic, a round of basketball, or a day on the ice, this city has got you covered. So, come on down and enjoy the great outdoors!

Festivals, parades and events coming up this year in Kent WA. 

Kent, Washington – where there’s never a dull moment! This city is the party capital of the Pacific Northwest, always rockin’ and rollin’ with festive fun. First up, there’s the Kent Cornucopia Days, a shindig that celebrates the city’s roots in agriculture with a parade, farmer’s market, and carnival. And let’s not forget the food, music, and family fun – it’s the ultimate hoedown!

Next, we have the Kent International Festival, a cultural bash that showcases the diverse flavors of the city’s many communities. From traditional music and dance to exotic marketplaces, it’s a feast for the senses.

During the summer, the Kent Farmers Market pops up every week, with local vendors dishing up fresh produce, handmade goods, and crafts. Add in live music, food vendors, and family activities, and it’s a smorgasbord of fun.

And finally, the Kent Turkey Trot – a trotting good time on Thanksgiving morning, with a 5k run, walk, pancake breakfast, and plenty of other jolly activities.

So there you have it, folks – Kent, Washington, where the fun never stops and the party’s always poppin’! Get ready for a wild ride of colorful pageants, lively music fests, and endless excitement.

Night life in Kent WA. 

In the evening, Kent, Washington transforms into a mecca for merrymakers and night owls alike. With its lively bars, clubs, and lounges, the city boasts a diverse array of entertainment options for those seeking a night of good times. From the electrifying Kent Station, to the cool and cozy Kent Valley Ice Centre, to the high-energy ShoWare Center, and even the shopping-focused Kent Valley Center – Kent has it all. Whether you’re in the mood for some bowling, a movie, or just a drink with friends, Kent is the place to be for a night on the town.