Detailed House Cleaning in Maple Valley, WA

Howdy, residents! Ukraine Cleaners is in the house, literally, bringing you the kind of home cleaning services that’ll make your place shine brighter than a disco ball at Studio 54. We get it – a clean home is a happy one. No one likes a drab, dreary and dirty place to go back to after a stressful day at work, it’ll dampen the mood even more. That’s why we’re here to sweep away the dust bunnies and make your living space a sparkling haven.

So, what makes Ukraine Cleaners your go-to for house cleaning? Well, first off, we’re not just a bunch of folks with mops – we’re maids with a mission. Our cleaning services are like a symphony of tidiness, hitting all the right notes from routine touch-ups to deep-cleaning crescendos.

Detail? Oh, we’re all about that. Our maids are like Sherlock Holmes with a feather duster – no nook or cranny escapes their scrutiny. We understand that the devil is in the details, and we’re here to exorcise any dirt demons lurking around your place.

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Why should you give our team a shout for your home cleaning needs? Picture this: our maids aren’t just professionals – they’re like ninjas armed with a ninja star made of sponges and a katana that’s basically a mop – stealthily transforming your place into a sanctuary. We’re all about flexibility too, offering customized plans because we know not every residence dances to the same beat.

Quality is our middle name (okay, not literally, but you get the idea). Your satisfaction is our North Star. And guess what? We’re green, but not in an envy way – our products are eco-friendly, ensuring a healthy habitat for your family and the planet.

So, whether you need a one-time cleanup or regular TLC for your place, we are your superhero. We are one call away – literally, we pick up the phone at the first ring – and whatever emergency that you have that requires a mop and a broom, we’re here for you with our flowing cape. Let us be your crusaders, making your home sparkle and shine like it’s ready for its Hollywood close-up.

Maple Valley Detailed House Cleaning Services by Ukraine Cleaners

Hey there, dear residents! It’s Ukraine Cleaners back at it, bringing you the lowdown on our detailed house cleaning services that’ll make your place sparkle like a diamond in the Emerald City. We’re not just putting away dirt and trash – we’re curating an experience that’ll leave your place looking and feeling brand new.

A woman sweeping the floor

Basic House Cleaning

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Our Basic House Cleaning is like a breath of fresh air for your living space. We tackle major appliances, giving them a gleaming exterior (and the interiors too if you fancy). Microwaves, sinks, faucets – consider them conquered. We disinfect, polish, and make your surfaces shine. From tables and chairs to window sills and lamps, no surface is left untouched. Tubs, showers, toilets – we’ve got them covered. We even sweep, mop, and vacuum those floors until they’re spotless.

A woman using a rag to clean both inside and outside of the oven.

One-Time Deep Cleaning

Now, if you’re looking to take it up a notch, our One-Time Deep Cleaning is where the magic happens. We go beyond the basics, hitting the exterior of vanities, cabinets, and even banishing cobwebs. Every door, handle, and light switch gets a wipe-down. Showers and baths? They get extra attention, and we even make those baseboards squeaky and shiny. Vents? Yep, we sweep those too. And if you happen to have birds hanging out in those cozy vents, don’t worry – our team will take care of it. And by taking care of it, we mean take them home with us.  

A calendar outlining the dates for cleaning tasks.

Recurring Cleaning

Recurring cleaning is our jam too. We’re not just a one-hit wonder; we’re here for the long haul. Whether it’s routine maintenance, apartment cleaning, or keeping your home in tip-top shape, we’ve got your back.

Shoreline Apartment

Apartment Cleaning

From compact studios to spacious lofts, we tailor our cleaning approach to maximize the cleanliness and functionality of your apartment.

Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning

Moving in or out? We’ve got specialized services for that too. For Move-In Cleaning, we’re talking inside the refrigerator, oven, and cabinets – we leave no nook or cranny untouched. And when it’s time to bid adieu, our Move-Out Cleaning takes it a step further, adding a thorough wash of inside windows for that final farewell shine.

Maid service? Absolutely! Our maids are like virtuosos, turning your place into a masterpiece of tidiness. They can do everything in the name of a spotless home! Getting rid of an unwanted smell in your place? They’ve got the air freshener in their utility belt. Your needs, they can meet – they are awesome like that.

So, when you’re ready for an experience that goes beyond the basics, give us a shout. Let us bring the sparkle back to your home, one detailed cleaning service at a time.

Maple Valley Cleaning Service for a Cause

Welcome to a different kind of cleaning experience – one that goes beyond spotless residences and gleaming countertops. At Ukraine Cleaners, we’re not just in the business of detailed home cleaning services, we’re on a mission to make a positive impact on our community.

Our cause is simple yet powerful – helping our community thrive. When you choose our team, you’re not just investing in a top-notch cleaning service, you’re contributing to a greater purpose. Many of our skilled maids aren’t just maids, they are individuals we’ve hired, equipped, and trained, providing them with steady paying jobs.

A significant portion of our efforts and income is dedicated to supporting Ukrainian refugees in our area. We believe in extending a helping hand to those in need, and our commitment goes beyond the realms of mopping and vacuuming. We’ve actively assisted Ukrainian refugees in various aspects of their lives, from figuring out housing and transportation to navigating paperwork, translations, and even helping them with the intricacies of tax filings.

So, when you choose us for your detailed cleaning service, you’re not just getting a detailed and thorough service; you’re also joining us in making a positive impact on the lives of those who need it the most.

Let’s clean for a cause, Maple Valley. When you schedule your next home cleaning services, you will be a part of something bigger with Ukraine Cleaners. Together, we can make a difference.

Based on 142 reviews
Justin Sifferman
Justin Sifferman
October 18, 2023.
incredibly hard working and fantastic results. Could not be happier with their service
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee
October 16, 2023.
All good, worked hard, on time , oven and fridge a sparkly!
Brittany Dalbow
Brittany Dalbow
October 15, 2023.
They were so responsive and able to schedule a time for a deep clean the next day. I was so appreciative of their attentiveness and communication, I'll definitely be reaching out again in the future!
Margaret Steenrod
Margaret Steenrod
October 15, 2023.
Another great move-out clean by Ukraine Cleaners. Thank you!!
Youngsoo Lee
Youngsoo Lee
October 13, 2023.
First time trying cleaning service Very happy with results and good price!!
Kat Smaga
Kat Smaga
October 11, 2023.
I highly recommend this business- they do an exceptional job and are both trustworthy and reliable.
Sydney Fagrey
Sydney Fagrey
October 11, 2023.
Heather Beg
Heather Beg
October 11, 2023.
Ukraine Cleaners are exceptional at everything they do. From the communication, the professionalism, and their expertise at deep cleaning-we were beyond impressed. They focus on every detail, while maintaining respect and integrity of the home. They recognize that the house is someone's safe place and treat the property with care and love. But they even go beyond the typical cleaning service; they want feedback and they want to be the best. They even came back the very next day to touch up the floors as I didn't have any supplies. The ease of the whole process will definitely have me as a repeat customer. I felt as though they really cared about me, but mainly cared about my home. They are my number one favorite business!
Sandy Anderson
Sandy Anderson
October 7, 2023.
Hard working husband and wife team. Very thorough with their work . Highly recommend.

Why Choose Our Maid Service Company

When it comes to choosing a cleaning service, the options are as abundant as the quirks in a David Lynch movie. But why set your sights on Ukraine Cleaners for your haven? Well, buckle up; we’ve got a few compelling reasons.

Saves You Time

First and foremost, our maids are like a time-saving superhero on speed dial. We get that life is a chaotic swirl of work, family, and those unexpected curveballs. Let our crack team of hardworking maids tackle the work you don’t want to do so you can focus on conquering the chaos with style.

Safety First

Now, safety – it’s not just a catchphrase; it’s our mantra. Our maids are more than just enthusiasts of a sparkling residence – they’re safety maestros. When you choose Ukraine Cleaners, you’re not just getting a pristine living space – you’re getting a safe haven for you and your loved ones. That’s what we call a win.

Quality Service

Only the Best Quality

Quality, oh sweet quality! Our maids aren’t just on a mission – they’re on a crusade to redefine excellence. Your living space won’t just be clean, it’ll be the crown jewel of the neighborhood. We elevate your space that sparkles as bright like a carat diamond in terms of pristineness.

Seamless Communication

Need to chat? Communication is our jam. From 9 am to 8 pm, our lines are open. Have a quirky request? Shoot it our way; we’re all ears. Have an embarrassing request? No problem! We’ve got no shame here — tell us what you want, we handle it. We’re not just a cleaning service, we’re your confidantes in keeping your place as tidy as possible.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Life is unpredictable, and we’re here to roll with the punches. Our flexible scheduling options let you book online or tweak your schedule through a personalized portal. We’re all about making your life easier, one sweep at a time.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

And if our prowess doesn’t leave you doing the happy dance, fear not. We’ve got a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not satisfied? We’ll make it right, no questions asked. It’s not just a promise; it’s our commitment to delivering an experience that leaves you grinning.

Equipped and Vetted

Insured and Vetted

Our maids are the dream team – insured, fully equipped, and vetted. You won’t find a more reliable and trustworthy crew anywhere else in town.

Local & Based in Seattle

Locally Owned and Operated

And did we mention we’re local? Ukraine Cleaners is not just a cleaning service; we’re your neighbors, a locally owned and operated business invested in the community.

So, if you want more than just a clean living space – if you want a cleaning experience that’s like hitting the jackpot – give our team a shout. Let’s turn your home into a haven of cleanliness that stands out in the tapestry!

What to Expect for Your House Cleaning in Maple Valley

Let’s give you an inside scoop on what unfolds when we step into your abode for a cleaning that’s nothing short of spectacular. Of course, no one likes a mystery – especially when their private space is in line. That’s why we want to tell you about what we do on the day of your cleaning with us – surprises can be fun, but a heads-up is better. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect.

Woman scrubbing the bathroom.

You’ve got options when it comes to our maid rendezvous. Picture this: you can either have a meet-and-greet with our fantastic maids at your living space or, if you’re feeling the 21st-century vibe, give us remote access – think keys, lockboxes, and the whole shebang.

Now, let’s talk about entrances. When our maids make their grand entrance, they’re armed to the teeth, well, not literally, but you catch our drift. They roll in with all the necessary equipment, including trusty vacuums, ready to embark on a top-to-bottom cleaning extravaganza. It’s like a cleaning symphony, hitting all the right notes.

And here’s the beauty of it – it’s tailored just for you. Our maids don’t just dust, mop, and call it a day; they’re here to follow your script. Got specific things that need extra TLC? Just let us know, and consider it done. We’re all about making your abode shine in the way you want it to.

But that’s not all. Once the cleaning masterpiece is complete, we don’t just walk away. We’re here to make sure everything is shipshape. Windows secured? Check. Doors locked? Double-check. It’s not just about the need to clean your home; it’s about leaving you with peace of mind.

Now, for those looking for a more ongoing love affair with cleanliness, our recurring cleanings are where it’s at. We get it – styles change, priorities shift. With recurring cleanings, we can tailor the whole shebang to your evolving tastes. It’s like having professional cleaning services that gets you, evolves with you, and keeps your place in tip-top shape.

So, lovely people in the community, when you choose us, you’re not just getting a house cleaning service in Maple Valley, WA; you’re getting an experience tailored just for you. Let’s make your living space the clean haven you’ve always dreamed of.

A bathtub brimming with water and a candle placed on the floor.

Team Up with the Best House Cleaning Service in Maple Valley

We know that you’ve got a lot on your plate, and cleaning your house is probably the last thing you want to deal with. It’s already a stressful day, no need to add more to it when you come back to a place that needs more of your energy. That’s where we come in – your go-to squad for the best cleaning services in town.

We’re not just talking about your average dusting and mopping here. Our maids are the unsung heroes of house cleaning Maple Valley, bringing more than just a professional touch to your home. They’re hardworking, dependable folks who not only make your house sparkle but also make a meaningful impact in our community.

Choosing our team is not just about getting your place looking spiffy; it’s about teaming up with a crew that goes beyond the surface. We’re not just a cleaning service; we’re a movement, providing jobs and solid support to Ukrainian refugees in the community. These are real people, and we’re proud to have them as part of our team.

A living room featuring a white carpet and a grey sofa.

So, why team up with us?

Because when you open your door to our maids, you’re not just getting a cleaning service; you’re welcoming a community-driven force that believes in doing good while making your home shine.

Let’s team up and turn your house into a clean, compassionate haven.

Let the best in town handle the rest. Because when it comes to cleaning, we’re not just cleaning; we’re creating a home that resonates with warmth and support.

How does Ukraine Cleaners' service work?

We have the hardest working cleaners around, and provide the easiest booking option in the Northwest.

  1. Instantly view your quote
  2. Book your service online
  3. A cleaning professional will arrive and impress you with our skill.

It's that easy!

What's the difference between a Standard & Deep cleaning?

Every task included in our Deep Cleaning gets upgraded including baseboards, outsides of cabinets, and extra attention to bathrooms. Even light switches!

Recommended if you only get a professional clean once every few months.

Do you offer Green or Eco-friendly products?

Yes, we offer an eco-friendly option!
If you would like to choose our Green Cleaning option, please make that request in the "Additional Information" section of the booking form.

Do you bring your own supplies?

Yes, our cleaners bring all supplies and equipment needed to provide the service.
We use specialized cleaners for every surface of your home to provide the highest quality cleaning - Granite will be cleaned with granite cleaners, wood will be cleaned with wood cleaners, etc.

What is the difference between a standard and a deep cleaning?

A standard cleaning is meant for a home that has been regularly maintained. A deep cleaning is meant for a home that hasn't been regularly maintained by a professional. A deep cleaning adds more time to the booking to focus on those areas that have not been regularly maintained such as wiping baseboards, wiping the door frames and handles, light switches, outlets, and extra attention to showers/tubs.

Amenities and Local Government Resources in Maple Valley WA 

In the rolling hills of the verdant Pacific Northwest lies a hidden gem, a city of wonder – Maple Valley. This sylvan haven boasts a bounty of amenities and resources for its denizens, a testament to the power of community.

At its heart, the city pulsates with a love for the great outdoors. Towering trees, glittering lakes – these are the veins and arteries of Maple Valley. The adventurous can seek solace in the hills with a tramp through the forests, or cast their lines into the still waters, while others may bask in the peace of a camping trip.

Not content with mere idylls, Maple Valley also offers its citizens a wealth of leisure activities. There are parks aplenty, with playgrounds and community centers where the young and old may come together in jubilant celebration.

The city is also a bastion of government resources, with police, fire, and public works departments ensuring the safety and well-being of all. The citizens of Maple Valley are encouraged to participate in the democratic process through committees and boards, the very fabric of community engagement.

And so, we come full circle, back to the reason why Maple Valley is such a beloved home to so many. It is a city rich in natural beauty, leisure, and community, a place to work, play, and live in harmony. If you’re searching for a new abode, consider Maple Valley – you might just find your heart’s desire

Best Shopping Centers in Maple Valley WA 

In the bustling city of Maple Valley, Washington, the shopping aficionado is never at a loss for options. From verdant gardens to bustling commercial districts, here are some of the finest emporiums in the city:

1. The Lake Wilderness Arboretum: This is a temple of retail for the nature-loving shopper. The shelves are stacked with books, trinkets, and botanical treasures. Stroll the tranquil gardens and bask in the sounds of the wild.

2. Maple Valley Town Center: The beating heart of Maple Valley, this bustling bazaar boasts a cornucopia of clothiers, jewelers, and home decor emporiums. Sate your hunger with a meal or your eyes with a movie at the cinema.

3. Rock Creek Shopping Center: This commercial citadel is a hub of popular retailers and eateries. From department stores to specialty shops, you’ll find what you seek here. Quench your thirst with a cup of joe or sate your hunger with a bite.

4. Four Corners Shopping Center: For the shopper seeking a more relaxed pace, this shopping center offers a labyrinth of small shops and restaurants. Take a leisurely stroll and explore the wares at your leisure.
5. Covington Shopping Center: A haven of big-box stores and retailers, this shopping center is the place to find all you need for your hearth and home.

These are but a few of the many shopping centers that Maple Valley has to offer. Whether you’re searching for a specific item or simply desire to window-shop, the city is a treasure trove of delights for all.

Best Restaurants Located in Maple Valley, WA

Nimble Nourishment in Maple Valley, Washington: A Guide to the Best Bites For those in quest of epicurean excitement, Maple Valley has a bounty of dining destinations to tantalize your taste buds. Let us lead the way to some of the city’s finest:

1. The Porch Public House: Step inside for a hearty helping of classic American flavors. From juicy burgers to soulful sandwiches, this spot serves up comfort food that’ll warm the cockles of your heart. With a cozy atmosphere and a tap list of local brews, it’s a perfect place for casual dining with friends and family.

2. El Rinconsito Mexican Restaurant: South of the Border flavors abound at El Rinconsito. Indulge in tacos, tamales, and other traditional dishes with authentic flair. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere is enhanced by staff that beams with hospitality, eager to ensure a delightful dining experience.

3. Saffron Grill: Savor the flavors of the Mediterranean at Saffron Grill. With shawarma, falafel, and other enticing dishes, it’s a great spot for a quick lunch or a casual dinner. The casual setting is ideal for a relaxed dining experience.

4. Pho Saigon: A voyage to Vietnam awaits at Pho Saigon. From Pho to Bun, traditional dishes abound, accompanied by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The knowledgeable staff is always on hand to offer recommendations or answer any questions.

5. The Wildwood: For a more elevated dining experience, seek out The Wildwood. From steak to seafood, this spot serves up elevated comfort food with sophistication. Ideal for special occasions or a romantic dinner, it promises a memorable meal in a sophisticated setting.

These are just a few of the many culinary delights that Maple Valley has to offer. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect bite to suit your cravings and budget.

    Best Parks and Public Recreational Areas in Maple Valley WA 

    Maple Valley, Washington is a great place to live if you love the outdoors. The city is surrounded by beautiful parks and public recreational areas that are perfect for hiking, biking, picnicking, and more. Here are some of the best parks and recreational areas in Maple Valley that you should check out:

    1. Lake Wilderness Park: This park is a must-see for nature lovers. It features miles of hiking trails, a playground, a fishing dock, and a beautiful lake where you can swim or rent a boat. The park also has a campground and picnic areas, making it perfect for a day trip or a weekend camping trip.

    2. Rock Creek Park: This park is a great place for a picnic or a game of frisbee. It has plenty of open space and a playground for children. The park also has a trail where you can take a walk or bike ride.

    3. Covington Community Park: This park has a playground, a softball field, and a soccer field. It’s a great place to bring the kids for a picnic or to play a game of catch. The park also has a trail where you can take a walk or bike ride.

    4. Four Corners Park: This park has a playground, a basketball court, and a skatepark. It’s a great place to bring the kids for a picnic or to play a game of basketball. The park also has a trail where you can take a walk or bike ride.

    5. Lake Wilderness Arboretum: This park is perfect for those who love nature. It features a beautiful botanical garden, hiking trails, and an interpretive center. The park also has picnic areas and a playground for children.

    These are just a few of the many great parks and recreational areas in Maple Valley. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your interests and budget.

    Night Life in Maple Valley WA

    Maple Valley, Washington, may be petite, but its nightlife scenes are as towering as the mountains themselves. From leisurely libations to lively revels, this quaint city has a veritable cornucopia of experiences to offer those seeking a nocturnal adventure. Consider the following when planning your excursion:

    1. The Porch Public House: This watering hole is an excellent starting point for convivial gatherings. Its cache of local brews, welcoming ambiance, and hospitable servers will provide the perfect backdrop for catching up with old acquaintances or making new ones.

    2. The Wildwood: This upscale establishment is a suitable destination for those seeking a touch of refinement in their nocturnal pursuits. Its plentiful collection of cocktails and elevated atmosphere make it ideal for special events, intimate evenings, or any other occasions that call for something a bit more elevated.

    3. The Maple Valley Bar & Grill: For those seeking a more casual evening, this bar and grill is a tried-and-true choice. Its varied roster of beers, jovial atmosphere, and warm hospitality provide the perfect backdrop for a laid-back evening among friends.

    4. The Lake Wilderness Arboretum: This tranquil venue is an ideal option for those seeking a more subdued evening. Its well-stocked cellar of wines and serene atmosphere make it perfect for a quiet night in the company of a few select friends or a solitary glass of merlot.

    5. The Maple Valley Community Center: This communal hub offers a kaleidoscopic array of events and activities that may include musical performances, comedic acts, and other diversions. For those in search of something unique and off-the-beaten-path, it provides an unrivaled opportunity for an unconventional night out.

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