I was born in Ukraine. My mom and I moved here when I was 2 years old. We still have family there, as well as some that followed us here.

Starting from scratch in a foreign country, with nothing to your name is an extremely challenging task. Settling here was difficult. I watched my mom struggle to assimilate into the community and get on her feet for YEARS – Close to a decade.

That’s why I have a special place in my heart for the Ukrainians who have been displaced here from the war – dropped into a foreign country by extreme, difficult circumstances, simply trying to survive and working hard to give their children the future they deserve.

Just like my mom did for me.

In the last few years, my family has donated all of our extra money to our family, friends, and others affected by the struggles in Ukraine; my grandmother even donated her savings!

We have committed ourselves to helping them, even more so now during the war. It was the kind people who helped us that made our lives INFINITELY more survivable when we came here – now it’s my turn to be that person. Like when they housed us, gave my mom work, helped babysit me, helped us translate, file paperwork, set up bank accounts, etc. To them maybe they were small actions, but to us they made a world of difference!

I have run a cleaning business since 2017, and decided to repurpose the focus of our company towards helping Ukrainian Refugees.

My goal is to help these families in the long run with a sustainable solution; to teach them valuable skills, and give them knowledge that will allow them to thrive here long term.

Goal 1    Provide support, training, and a means to earn a living for refugees.

Goal 2    Help nurture a strong community of support and hard work here in the PNW.

Goal 3    Provide a consistent, quality cleaning service to our community.

Goal 4    Provide you with an opportunity to help contribute and show your support.

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100% of proceeds go to help the Ukrainian refugees - Anna does not take a salary
We hand pick each and every cleaner. We hire 1 cleaner for every 8 applications
Every cleaner is thoroughly vetted, and trained - you will get a top notch cleaning
100% Guarantee: If you’re not happy we come back to make it right
We communicate honestly and openly - no upsells or hidden pricing