The Ultimate Post-party Clean up Checklist

The Ultimate Post-party Clean up Checklist

Alrighty then, folks! Time to bid adieu to the merry spell of the festive season and swing back into the trusty swing of the humdrum grind. The shindig sure was a blast, but now, ladies and gents, is prime time for some hardcore tidying up! Fret not, my friends, and fear no dish pile; our ultimate post-party revamp rundown has got you sorted to put the sparkle back into your abode before you can yell ‘hallelujah!’

Why Scrub Post-Shenanigans?

Cleanliness right after larking around is key for many reasons:

You want your species of party animals to have a hoot and depart with a warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction.

No-one likes a party wonderland littered with debris of party poppers and ghost-like remnants of food and drinks.

Got small members in the family? Show them up with a masterclass on cleanliness 101, setting the bar high for the tiny tykes!

Your Post-Showdown Spruce-up Playbook:

1). Call to Arms – The Dishwashing:

If Lady Luck is shining down on you, the kind souls may have assisted in the dish duty, leaving you with lesser culinary relics to manage. If not, flex your muscles and dive into the challenge! Swab the goblets, dishes, spoons, and forks manually or let the nifty machine do the magic. Keep an eagle’s eye out for sticky surfaces needing some tender wipes.

2). Hoovering & Mopping:

Your festive corner might have ended up like a mini desert with all the dust and crumbs. Whip up the vacuum or broom for the day and restore the shine to your floors. If there are nicotine clouds hanging about, consider airing the space out.

3). Swabbing the Counters:

Look out for any victimized surfaces that were in the party-goer’s direct line of fire including countertops, tables, chairs, switches, chandeliers, and so on. A versatile cleaner should do the trick!

4). Furniture and Floors:

Wooden floors? Grasp the broom and mop to waltz upon the surface. Have you got carpets that have seen the feet of merry partygoers? Restore your rugs and carpets to their normal fluffiness! Look for any misplaced furniture and guide it back into its right place.

5). Bin time:

Garbage time folks! Seize your trustee bag and show it to the bin. If the party was smoky, don’t forget to empty ashtrays.

Follow the checklist, and voila! In no time, you have your home sparkling, polished, and ready for the next get-together! And remember, never shy away from helping hands; a confused friend or an eager family member will always be thrilled to help to restore normalcy.

How do you prep the floor post-bonanza?

Begin by good old brooming to gather every shred of dirt. Got some stubborn stains giggling at you? Slap it with the right weapon of a cleaner! After wrangling with the demon stains, the vacuum can blow away the ghosts of particles.

Navigating through a carpet labyrinth needs a deft touch. Fire up the vacuum to gobble up the dirt. Then levy upon the steam cleaner or carpet shampooer to cleanse the carpet in its entirety.

How do you clean a carpet post-bonanza?

Scrubbing carpets might not be your forté, however, a pillow bash comes with the responsibility of caring for your carpets before any sort of rendezvous commences.

A quick ‘Carpets and Parties’ guide:

Set the vacuum loose over the carpet to erase the footprints of dust and dirt that might resurface during the party.

Scrub the carpets with a store-bought cleaner or a home brew of vinegar and water.

Arm your entryways with mats and rugs to catch dirt or mud.

The party aftermath calls the vacuum back into action, especially if certain areas bore the brunt of happy feet!

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Follow this guide to impress your guests with your carpets’ freshness and cleanliness! And if some smarty-pants stains manage to stick to your precious carpets, fear them not. Carpet cleaners rarely let you down, but you can always call in the pros to banish them entirely.

Infuse your dwellings with cleanliness and readiness even in the face of post-festive blues!

The morning following the evening shenanigans might be a bit of a drag. Fatigue weighs you down and the last thing you want is a house full of reminders of the chaos. However, the tumult must be addressed! Our ultimate post-party cleanup checklist can morph this uphill battle into a walk in the park. Follow these steps and your home will once again become the serene sanctuary it was meant to be.

What’s the secret to warding off the aftermath of the boisterous evenings?

A wild night always leaves behind a trail of disorder, disasters and the dreaded aftermath of over-indulgence which goes by the name hangover. But worry not, a few premeditated moves can transform the next-day challenges into a cakewalk – minus the morning blues!

Consider this:

– First and foremost, exterminate any signs of the beverage blizzard. Empty bottles, cans, and shards of broken glass should be banished from sight.

– Next, rise up to conquer the chaos. Gather the leftover litter, then master the mess of spills and stains. If the post-party situation is pretty serous, a carpet cleaner might be your knight in shining armour.

– Once the war on mess is won, it’s time for some R&R. Hydrate yourself generously with water or electrolyte-rich drinks. Nourish your body with food and if you’re feeling the effect of over-indulgence, a pain-reliever might just hit the spot. And finally, snoozing will prep you for the day to come.

Heed these simple steps, and your post-fiesta fiasco will be banished into oblivion. Your future self will thank you for your prudence!

Post-Festivity Restoration Roadmap:

The light of day following a heavy night tends to shed light on the chaos that ensued. Be it an intimate gathering or a larger soirée, a dash of TLC will be needed to restore order. Here’s a simple guide to navigate your return into order:

Demolish Decorations: Unpin the banners, pop the balloons, tuck away the decorations that may grace the next party and discard the rest properly.

Banish Spills and Stains: Spots on surfaces, damages to furniture or walls need immediate care. A clean cloth or sponge, armed with a mop if need be, can fight back against the stains.

Shiny Surfaces: The aftermath of a riotous night often spells deposits on mirrors.  A spray of glass cleaner and a clean, lint-free cloth will end the blight of smudges and fingerprints.

Redo the Floors: Your carpet, more likely than not, might look the worse for wear. Consider an overhaul.

Conduct a Laundry Round: Any upholstery that added charm to the get-together need a trip through the washing machine. They need to be rid of any dirt, stains, and that “party” smell.

Dish Duty: Clean out the remaining dishes, glasses, and cutlery. Let the dishwasher partner you in shining them up and hiding them away neat and clean.

Sweep & Vacuum: Unleash the broom and the vacuum cleaner on the floors to rid them of any leftover crumbs, dust or debris. Empty the gathered waste into the dustbin.

Trash Time: Discard any garbage – wrappers, bottles, cans, used napkins into a trash bag.

Laundry Load: Any laundry to be done, namely towels, tablecloths, bed sheets if there were overnight visitors, should be put into the washer ASAP.

Restock: Replenish your supplies – tissue papers, hand towels, soap etc. Wouldn’t want to host another party unprepared, would you?


Party chaos is now a thing of the past! With this simple checklist, you’ll be back to sighing in comfort in your clean, tidy haven in no time. Three cheers!

In distress over dirty upholstery? Fear not, our maid service in Shoreline is ever ready to lend a hand in your cleaning ordeal! Our wide range of maid services can be attuned to your specific household demands. Reach out today for a free estimate.

We await your call!

How to Clean and Revamp Your Fabric Loungers and Divans: The Ultimate Guide

How to Clean and Revamp Your Fabric Loungers and Divans: The Ultimate Guide

A Spoonful of Cleanin’: The Groovy Guide to Refurbishin’ Your Fabric Lounger and Divan

Those fabric-based chill-out stations, perch spots, and loungers are all the rage, dude, ’cause they’re cozy and tenacious, but even the gnarliest fabric needs a little rehab now and then, man. Most lounge spaces need a far-out, deep clean un’ or deux a solar cycle, but those fabric hangout joints may need some extra lovin’, man, like a vacuum jam sesh once a moon cycle, and quick fixes for bloopers and oopsies before they become uncool tats, ya dig? Whether you’re past the cleansing call or ridin’ the first wave of a spill, our Pros are ready to drop knowledge on how to make fabric chillers pristine again, man.

Feelin’ that fabric groove

First thing, man, you gotta check those directioninos from the manufacturer, ya dig? Lots of fabric havens have had some groovy preventive treatments, ya know, and some cleanin’ potions could harsh their vibe, man, and even void that lounge spot warranty

Before you start chasin’ the clean, man, give that hidden spot a test first, ya dig? This is to make sure you’re not messin’ with the vibe of that fabric. Also, to test color runnin’, scrub a small area with a white cloth and your cleaner of groovy choice. If color comes off on the cloth, man, don’t try that cleanin’ potion on ya whole chill spot, ya know?

1. Cushy cleanin’ without the gadgets

Steam cleanin’ is great for risin’ dirty out of your fabric lair and givin’ it a new shine, man, but it’s not the only path to cleanliness. You can totally clean a lair with a brush, vacuum, and some far-out effort, man.

To clean the fabric scene, follow these simplicities:

  • Dust away crumbs or loose dirt with a firm-bristled brush
  • Get your vacuum on with the brush attachment
  • Give stubborn stains a good spot treatment with an amazin’ cleanin’ concoction
  • Let the throne air dry, man

2. Cushy cleanin’ methods

  • If your groovy cushioned spot has removable cushions, you can clean ’em solo, dude. First, scope out the cleaning guidelines on that label, man. Some cushion covers can take a machine wash trip. If that’s your vibe, take the covers off and do some laundry, man.

  • To clean foam cushion pads, drop some mild handwashing detergent in a tub of warm water. Dive those cushions in, press ’em to get the water and soap mixin’, and scrub away those stains, man. Rinse with fresh agua to kick out soap residue, and let ’em air dry, man – just make sure to turn ’em so water doesn’t get trapped.

  • If you can’t run those cushions through the wash, take ’em out to nature, man, and give ’em a good whack. That’ll shake off the dust and dirt, man. Be true to those stains with the proper cleaner or steam clean the lairs with a W or WS code on that label, man. Pass on those X or S code couches for steam cleanin’.

Now you’re groovin’ on how to refurbish the vibe at home, man!

Pro Tip: Get your pillows in on the clean act, man, and your whole pad will be fresh and cool!

3. Dive deep in that clean

Sometimes, man, routine cleanin’ just ain’t enough, and your lair’s gotta have the deep clean treatment. Kids, furry friends, and even mess-prone grown-ups leave their marks that need some vanishing, dude. Whether you’re revitalizin’ the family couch or sanitizin’ some thrift-store treasure.

Here’s how to shed that old and bring in the new:

  • Brush off crumbs, dirt, and fur, man
  • Vacuum it all up with the brush attachment
  • Separate the cushions and clean ’em on their own, if possible
  • Sprinkle some baking soda across the scene and let it be for 20-30 minutes, man
  • Vacuum away the powdery vibes
  • Spot treat the stubborn spots
  • Let it all flow with some air dry, man

Pro Tip: Couch totally clean? Time to clean the snooze pad, man!

Homemade lounge cleaner

Groovy super-cleansing products are all around, man, but you don’t need to spend all those dimes to spiff up your spot, dude. These righteous homemade cleansers can work on a whole bunch of fab fabrics. Just give it a label peek and a secret spot test, and always check your chillin’ area’s cleaning tag to make sure you’ve got the right vibes in your cleaning concoction, man.

How to spiffy up a fabric divan with elixir o’ vinegar

How to clean Sofa or couch

1. Ah, white vinegar – that zesty potion for grappling tenacious blemishes, compatible with nearly all textiles.

2. Ta-da! It may just be the perfect concoction for sprucing up your fabric chaise lounge in a truly organic way.

3. Whipping up the formula below, bestow it gently onto the sordid mark—careful not to drench the entire masterpiece, nor to further smear the disarray:

-1 goblet toasty H2O
-1 goblet crisp elixir o’ vinegar
-Optional: 1 dollop of barmy concoction to summon bubbles

How to spruce up a padded divan with sudsy elixir

How to clean Sofa or couch

1. Always opt for a gentle but groovy detergent for your fabric, my friend.

2. Score a swell upholstery cleanser, or get jiggy with a soft soap for hand washing.

3. Otherwise, whip up this concoction below and dab it on the stain using a squishy sponge. Avoid getting the stain too soggy, you dig?

4. Once the stain has vamoosed, blot with untainted aqua, and use your trusty papery towels to suck up the remaining dampness.

-2 cups H2O

-1 teaspoon detergent

How to make your fabric settee shine without any agua

How to clean Sofa or couch

1. One of the grooviest ways to rid your sofa of drab dirt and stains is by using some baking soda, especially when dealing with the wet gone wild.

2. Dust it all over the area and chillax for 20-30 minutes (if the stain was still wet, wait for the powder to dry). Hoover up the residue, and voila!

3. Or break out those far-out dry cleaning cloths for those pesky dried-on stains.

4. Pre-treated with funky cleaning magic, they’re handy dandy to have nearby.

5. Follow the mystical instructions on the label. By gently rub-a-dubbing the stain, you’ll break it down like a funky beat.

6. Add some heat with a hair dryer if the cleaning mojo needs warming up.

How to give your sofa a shampoo makeover

How to clean Sofa or couch

1. The coolest way to shampoo your trusty couch is using a carpet cleaner or a groovy specialist sofa cleaner.

2. Begin by giving your couch a super suction session to remove your everyday debris.

3. Next, fill the funky cleaner with water and detergent as directed.

4. Keep the couch from getting too drenched, and use that suction power to soak up as much water as you can.

5. Speed up the drying with crazy towels, and let the sofa breathe before bringing back those cushions.

6. Boost the airflow with a fan to make things snappy.

How to zap your couch clean with steam

How to clean Sofa or couch

Another rad method to clean your sofa is with the power of steam, baby.

1. Suitable for fabric-tastic types, opt for a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment for a smoother ride.

2. Follow the instructions like a groovy guru, and take care to avoid the wrath of hot steam burns.

3. No hunching over the applicator as you work, and free up some space to maneuver the couch like a pro.

4. Begin by removing those cushions and steam cleaning one side at a time.

5. Dry each side before flipping them over – no damp smells allowed.

6. Gentle steamy strokes are your friend, preventing any waterlogged mishaps.

7. Next up, the sofa’s frame. Clean it in small groovy sections to get every inch fresh and fabulous.

8. Let that couch breathe before putting the cushions back. Amp up the drying time with a fan by its side.

How to make your sofa germ-free

How to clean Sofa or couch

Steam cleaning is pretty souped-up for disinfecting your sofa, but we’ve got other methods too – no steam cleaner required!

1. Rubbing alcohol is your ally in germ warfare, annihilating all kinds of nasties.

-2 cups rubbing alcohol

-1 cup water

2. Whip up this concoction in a fabulous spray bottle and mist your couch, but don’t drown it now.

3. Spray the frame and all around those cushions for a full-on cleaning fest. Let ’em all air out to dry.

How to erase stains from a fabric sofa

Stains happen, man, be it food, drink, dirt, or some mysterious goo. All the above methods can be righteous stain removers, but some messes need an extra dose of magic to erase them completel. Also, you can discover eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets ultimate solutions to stains.

How to banish water stains from your couch

If your couch fabric isn’t a fan of water, you may end up with some gnarly water marks. Mix half a cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of groovy distilled water in a spray bottle and lightly mist away the evil stain. Start at the edge, work your way in, and blot with a microfiber cloth. Bust out a fan or hair dryer to dry the area and prevent new stains from forming.

How to wipe out grease stains from your couch

Get rid of grease stains with the power of dish soap! Designed to break down grease, simply mix a teaspoon of detergent with 2 cups of water and blot that blob until it’s gone. If you can’t use water cleaners on your fabric, switch to a dry cleaning cloth. They’re grease-busting machines!

Pro Tip: Paint on your fabric got you down? Learn how to clean it like a champ!

In closing…
A stain on your fabric couch doesn’t have to be a bummer, man. Take it from the pros; upholstered furniture can be a breeze to clean! Give your couch some tender loving care as part of your spring clean ritual. Keep it looking fresh and fine for years to come, and let the good times roll.

Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Concoctions Critique

Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Concoctions Critique

Zaniest Eco-Friendly Laundry Concoctions Critique 2023

Groovy, baby! Nothing zaps the blues away like a heap of squeaky-clean fabric with that heavenly clean whiff. Though, can you think of anything more horrendous than wearing clothes that make your skin scream for mercy? Eco-friendly laundry potions ain’t just green for Mother Earth but also safe for your epidermis, dude.

So, step right up and feast your eyes on the most far-out eco-laundry detergent critiques around. You may need to give a couple a whirl before you find the one, but ain’t nothing here but cool, green vibes. 

What’s the Razzmatazz in Eco-Friendly Laundry Elixir?

Eco-Friendly Laundry

Before we drop our groovy detergent hits list, let’s chit-chat about what’s hip in these potions, or better yet – what’s uncool, dig?

  • Keep it funky fresh with detergent free of artificial aromas and colors, man. Those pesky things can give you a gnarly rash or allergic meltdown.

  • Make sure your potion is SLS-free. SLS is a common ingredient that lifts dirt, but it’s a real bummer for folks with eczema, psoriasis, or sensitive skin.

  • Bleach might light up your whites, but it’s a real downer for your eyes and lungs, foo.

  • Stay away from formaldehyde, dude. It’s cheap and fights germs, but it’s toxic and cancerous.

There are heaps of other no-no ingredients, so the simpler the laundry concoction, the better. Time to reveal our far-out eco-friendly laundry detergent faves.

1. Outta Sight Plastic-Free Laundry Potion

Kickin’ off with a plastic-free option because plastic is polluting our home planet, man. It’s in everything, from your bottle to your detergent.

Those nasty plastic specks in your laundry potions do loads of damage when they’re flushed out. Even ditching plastic packaging to get a zero-waste option is groovy. Here’s our top pick.

Dropps Zero-Waste Laundry Detergent Pods

These bad boys are not just plastic-free but also wicked-awesome plant-based magic. Here’s what’s rad about ’em:

a. They’re plant-based and use enzymes to blast stains and funk from threads.
b. They dissolve entirely in hot and cold temps.
c. They’re cruelty-free and phosphate, paraben, and dye-free.

There ain’t much downside. The two biggies are the price tag and online-only availability. You gotta order ahead, man!

2. Far-Out Non-Toxic Laundry Elixir

We reckon non-toxic ought to be the bare-minimum for laundry potions. We dug up a minimalistic wonder with only three ingredients

Meliora Laundry Powder

This groovy mix ain’t got no nasties! Three-ingredient magic that’s safe for everyone. Here’s why it’s cool:

a. Uses all-natural ingredients like baking soda, washing soda, and veggie soap.
b. It’s Made-Safe certified.
c. The packaging is plastic-free, and reusable scoopers come with the tins.

On the flip side, the minimalist formula ain’t super powerful. It may not give your laundry that POW of freshness. And you might need multiple washes or extra scoops for tough stains. But hey, it’s non-toxic, baby!

3. Eco-Friendly Laundry Potion Strips

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets nab the eco-friendly laundry strip crown, no contest! Most laundry strips got some bad juju going on, and they can get stuck and cause a real headache.

Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets

These groovy sheets got it goin’ on. Here’s why:

a. They’re transparent about ingredients – all laid out on the packaging. No secrets, man!
b. Super budget-friendly, a single pack is just $0.33. Score in bulk for $0.20.
c. No plastic packaging here – small, energy-efficient cardboard boxes make Mother Earth smile.

Slap on your threads, bob your head, and give your laundry the eco-friendly treatment! All these choices are outta sight and good for the planet. Right on!

Would you believe it, any downsides, eh?

Eco-Friendly Laundry

Well, let me tell ya, Earth Breeze ain’t the kind to let negativity rain on its parade, darling, but alas, there’s one teeny-weeny hiccup. These magical sheets ain’t just grabbing the spotlight at your nearby marketplace ’cause, well, they’re the new brand kid on the block, and ya know how that goes.

4. The Bee’s Knees Organic Laundry Cleaner

Seeking an organic, chemical-free laundry cleaner without those notorious no-gooders we mentioned before? Plenty of options, sweet cheeks! Here’s one that tickles our fancy.


Blueland’s certified by a whole gang of fancy-schmancy organizations, so no wonder people are head-over-heels for ’em.

Here’s the dish:

a. Furry friends and tots are safe, and Mother Earth? She approves, babe, thanks to that Climate Neutral Certification

b. Forget about parabens, chlorine, dyes, and their nasty friends, Blueland’s not having it

c. Eco-friendly? You betcha! Their package is compostable
HE washers get along with that detergent just dandy

d. And oh, that irresistible scent, makin’ those threads feel oh-so-fresh and clean

Got any shortcomings? Pfft, barely!
A shared conundrum for some organic detergent folks: buy directly from Blueland for maximum eco-lovin’, but just a tad of waiting patience for that stellar product

5.  Au Naturale Laundry Cleaner

To be eco-friendly laundry cleaner, you gotta see the big picture, my friend. Look at that company’s entire journey, from the itty-bitty beginning to your clothes. Wanna know which option stole our hearts? Feast your eyes:

Ecos Laundry Cleaner

a. Ecos? A gem, I tell ya! They’ve got a cocktail of sweetness straight from the heart of how they make their goods. Let’s take a gander.

b. Carbon neutral AND water neutral certified? You bet! Their process is powered by 100% renewable energy

c. Bang-for-your-buck value with each bottle, good for a hundred dazzling loads of laundry

Animals love ’em! Cruelty-free and vegan, baby!
Now, I hate to rain on this parade, but there’s a minor blemish.
Plastic bottles, darling, but hey, at least they’re recyclable. A fair exchange for a net carbon victory, don’t you think?

6. Grooviest Hypoallergenic Laundry Cleanser

There ain’t nothing groovier than swanky, itch-free skin, amigos! You could be scratchin’ for a bazillion reasons, but when it’s your threads causing a ruckus, well, clean laundry world peace can seem far out, my friend! Enter: our far-out, mind-blowing solution!

Puracy Cosmic Laundry Juice

This detergent’s got the vibes of hand soap, but it’s a rad trick to save, man!

a. Gnarly pump lets you measure out laundry sauce correctly, sayin’ “adios” to waste!

b. Cooked up by doctor dudes for sensitive-skinned earthlings, it’s got wicked plant-based ingredients, man.

c. Newborn-totin’ parents dig it, ’cause harsh chems are a no-no for the little dudes.

d. But alas, everything comes at a price, and eco-grooviness suffers, man.

Cosmic bottles ain’t compostable, and Mother Nature ain’t exactly giddy about it. Reusing isn’t a breeze, either.

7. Most Rockin’ Natural Laundry Juice with Scent

Sometimes folks want their threads smellin’ as fresh as a new Hendrix lick. To make the switch, scents gotta be psychedelic and non-irritating, dude! Presenting our top pick:

Biokleen Groovy Laundry Delight

This detergent ain’t pristine, but it’s a stellar answer for cats wanting a fresh n’ natural twist on the store stuff.

a. Biokleen has a zesty citrus aroma that won’t cause a hive outbreak or rashes, man! Synthetic fragrances are not in its bag.

b. Every itsy-bitsy ingredient is biodegradable, so ain’t no microplastic hitching a ride down the drain. It’s all plant-based, dude!

c. Perfect for those vegan cats since cruelty is off the record! No critter experiments or products, man.

d. This bottle scores ya up to 300 washes per groovy measure!
But, like, it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, so here’s the bummer: The jug’s not compostable, but it’s recyclable. Plastic ain’t hunky-dory for every cat, man.

Laundry Shenanigans for a Greener World

Eco-Friendly Laundry

You can become an Earth-saving superhero with simple tweaks to your laundry habits, not just by splurging on eco-friendly detergents. Let’s take a whack at some wacky ways you can spare the planet, shall we?

1. Less washing equals less water consumption, oh wise one! Wear your threads a few times before giving them a spin (icky personal pieces excluded). Towels, sweatshirts, and even pants can be rocked again without fear of social isolation.

2. Fiddle with those washer settings, my dear. A cooler water temperature is kinder to the Earth AND your fabrics (we see you, shrinking-violet clothes and dye-bleeding disasters!).

3. Dryers are energy-draining monsters! Try air-drying your freshly laundered duds whenever you can. Practicing these tips sporadically can generate massive eco-goodwill over time.

Now, let’s alleviate your confusion about natural laundry detergents with an FAQ extravaganza!

1. Healthiest laundry detergent? Toughie! With a veritable smorgasbord of choices, focus on detergents that give a resounding NO to naughty ingredients. Minimal ingredients might lead you to Morelia, but many prefer the powerhouses Blueland and Earth Breeze.

2. Are natural detergents cozy with your clothes? The consensus: toxic cleaners could ruin your marble bathroom and quartz countertops. Similarly, using the right organic detergent on your fabric pals may provide benefits beyond keeping the human wearers healthy.

3. Wanna do the laundry dance with natural products? Whip up some homemade detergent with these fab ingredients:

– 1 cup baking soda
– 1 cup liquid Castile soap
– 1/2 cup sea salt
– 2 1/2 cups warm water
– Jug to store detergent

Eco-Friendly Laundry


A. Mix baking soda, sea salt, and warm water like the superhero you are.

B. Shake it off, then add the Castile soap.

C. Fill ‘er up with more water (and hold back on the soap if you’ve got a foam party going!).

4. Heard that soap does laundry’s tango, too? Well, not exactly. Your everyday soap can create suds galore, which is a major no-no for clothes. Stick to the organic detergents, especially with delicate items like hats in hat frame protectors.

Finding the eco-friendly detergent of your dreams may be a rollercoaster journey, but don’t lose hope! Just remember that your skin, eyes, and lungs are doing the happy dance while you test-drive these natural warriors. And soon, an eco-balanced laundry life will be yours. We can make our Earth become better by following a guide to an Eco-Friendly and sustainable Laundry routine.