A Ukrainian Cleaning Team

All maids have passed a comprehensive background check,
have been vetted, equipped and trained

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100% of our profit goes towards helping Ukrainian Refugees here in the NW.

Major Service Areas

Lake Stevens
Bonney Lake
Mercer Island
Maple Valley
Mountlake Terrace

And surrounding areas!

Who We Are

We Are Fully Prepared

Each and every maid is vetted, insured, fully trained, and equipped with a full set of supplies.

We Take Pride In Our Work

We enjoy what we do, we are working for a cause, and that is reflected in the quality of our maid service.

We Are Hard Workers

We work for our children and our families - to support the Ukrainians coming here with nothing.

Try the hardest working cleaning company in the NW


Legally Able to work

Every cleaner has been background checked, is legally here, and legally able to work.


all the correct tools

Each cleaner is provided with a full set of cleaning supplies, vacuums, etc.


hand picked MAIDS

The owner personally interviews and works with each candidate before they are hired.


cash-free payment

Pay securely online only when the cleaning is complete.


owner compensation

Being a Ukrainian immigrant herself, the owner is donating 100% of profits to supporting refugees.


competitive wages

Pay well and you get hard workers.
It’s a win-win!


Our clients receive excellent house cleaning and maid services from Ukraine Cleaners, which is something we take great pride in. We connect you with skilled and devoted cleaners throughout Snohomish, Pierce, and King Counties thanks to our vast experience and dedication to your satisfaction.

Making sure you are pleased with the housekeeping service you receive is our top priority. We make the booking process simple and quick because we know how valuable your time is. Just give us the information we need, and our maids will handle the rest.

 You can be sure that the maids at Ukraine Cleaners are seasoned and experienced. For you to receive a higher caliber of service, they have improved their skills over time. The maids also make sure to clean your home safely and effectively by using green products.

 We value your feedback and work diligently to meet or exceed your expectations each and every time we clean because we are completely committed to making you happy. The maids on our staff are also of the highest caliber, dependable, and trustworthy.

More time and energy are gifts you receive from Ukraine Cleaners. Spend time with your loved ones by letting the maids take care of the upkeep of your home. Set up your first cleaning by getting in touch with us right away.

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Maid with Ukrainian Spirit


Ukrainian Spirit:

This is what it means when we say we believe in helping our community grow – together!

Equipped and Vetted:

Every housekeeper is interviewed in person and references were collected. In addition we fully equip each maid with a full set of cleaning supplies.
Motivation? These ladies are working to feed their families and to integrate into our community. They are motivated, and extremely hard working.

Customer service:

We are friendly and our staff are all working for a cause. Helping people unites us and we are proud of what we do and it shows in our customer service.

Local USA Owned and Operated:

The founder Anna came to the NW from Ukraine when she was a child and has grown up in Snohomish County. It is a privilege to live in the USA and we show this in the extreme pride we take in our work. Ukraine Cleaners maids have a level of service that you simply will not find anywhere else.

Want help? Give us a call:

If the sun is up we are working, when the sun goes down, we are still working. If you want to give us a call at 8 pm on a Wednesday night, we will be up and ready. We are also a high tech company and have the ability to schedule, reschedule and book right through our amazing website.

Quality Service:

Not to boast but we Ukrainians are fighters. We are fighters and we’re very proud of who we are and what we do – it shows in the quality of work when we do housekeeping and maid service. Every single review we have so far has been 5 stars for good reason.

Take a break:

At Ukraine Cleaners, your safety and security are our top priority. That’s why we ensure that your credit card information is stored safely and you won’t be charged until the job is completed. We are your one-stop-shop for all your housekeeping and maid needs, providing a variety of services such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleaning etc.

What we are saying is, go to a park, take a hike or watch a movie, and you can trust that your home will be cleaned to your satisfaction while you are away enjoying your time.

Cash Free:

We accept all major credit cards, Zelle and Venmo. Book online and your card will not be charged until service is rendered. Your credit card will be stored in a 256-bit SSL Encrypted payment gateway.

Six Years in Business:

The owners of Ukrainian Cleaners have owned and helped build housekeeping and maid companies all over the country for 6 years.

Ukraine Cleaners Professional Housekeeping Services
are 100% Customizable

Below is a list of some of some of the tasks that our maids cover

Kitchen Maid Service‚Äč

    1. Wiping down surfaces
    2. Washing dishes
    3. Cleaning outside appliances (stove, oven, fridge)
    4. Disinfecting inside and outside of the microwave
    5. Cleaning floor surfaces
    6. Taking out trash and replace trash bags
    7. Washing and cleaning countertops‚Äč‚Äč/ backsplash

Other Kitchen Requests (Optional)

    1. Stocking Groceries
    2. Organizing cabinets/ fridge
    3. After-party cleanup
    4. Cleaning inside fridge
    5. Cleaning inside oven
    6. Cleaning inside fridge

Bathroom Maid Service‚Äč

    1. Shining faucets and handles
    2. Cleaning showers and tubs
    3. Sanitizing toilets and toilet bowls
    4. Cleaning the mirrors
    5. Washing sinks
    6. Emptying trash and replacing trash bags
    7. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming floors

Other Bathroom Requests (Optional)

    1. Folding laundry
    2. Washing laundry
    3. Organizing
    4. Decluttering
    5. Ironing clothes

Maid Service for Bedroom, Living Room & Common Areas‚Äč

    1. Wiping down table surfaces and countertops
    2. Cleaning and dusting ceiling fans
    3. Emptying and replacing trash can bags
    4. Sweeping, moping, and vacuuming floors
    5. Wiping or dusting window sills

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services‚Äč

    1. Basic carpet cleaning
    2. Stain removal
    3. Pet stain treatment
    4. Odor removal
    5. Carpet Protectant

Add extra Maid Service chores at a moment’s notice.

    1. Washing dirty blinds
    2. Cleaning inside refrigerator
    3. Extra deep clean or second cleaning of floor surfaces
    4. Cleaning inside of cabinets
    5. Degreasing inside of the oven
    6. Cleaning the interior windows
    7. Move-in/Move-out cleaning
    8. Extra deep cleaning of Baseboards, vents, light switches and power outlets

Living Area Requests (Optional)‚Äč

    1. Restocking the toilet paper
    2. Organizing cabinets
    3. Scrubbing tiles or tile grout
    4. Restocking toiletries

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Maid with Ukrainian Spirit


Life is too short to be spent cleaning when you can be living it to the fullest!
Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle when you have a house cleaner.

¬†1. You’re occupied

Whether you’re a busy parent, taking your kids to and from soccer practice, or simply struggling to keep up with the demands of daily life, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning your home. If you’re stretched thin, juggling the demands of work and family, are you constantly on the go, with no time for the mundane tasks of housekeeping?

And if you’re retired, you should be out enjoying your golden years, whether that means taking up a new hobby, staying active, or traveling the world.

It is best to engage professionals at such a time. You can finally unwind and appreciate the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve with the help of our dependable housekeeping and cleaning services. Don’t let a messy home keep you from achieving your goals any longer. Place your order right away to enjoy the freedom and tranquility that come with having a tidy home.

2. Additional free time

The last thing you want to be doing is stuck at home cleaning when there is a world of adventure waiting for you in Seattle, from the Space Needle to the Pike Place Market. Consider the enjoyment you could be getting from visiting attractions like the Seattle Art Museum or the Seattle Aquarium, or from taking your kids on a hike through the breathtaking forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Not only that, but you can also take in a ton of cultural events, music festivals, and food festivals. With Ukraine Cleaners, you can at last free up your time to take advantage of all the excitement and adventure that Seattle has to offer. Give up letting a messy home keep you from achieving your goals. Time to start living your best life in Seattle by employing our housekeeping services right away.

3. For health

For good health, maintaining cleanliness is essential. Consider the countless microscopic bacteria that can easily spread germs and viruses that are present on surfaces like door handles and countertops. In addition, outdoor pests like sand fleas, ticks, mosquito larvae, and dust mites can introduce dangerous pathogens into your house. These parasites have the potential to seriously harm your health and even kill you. Consider using a professional cleaning service to perform routine cleanings in your home to safeguard your family’s health. Make a reservation right away to guarantee a clean and safe environment.

4. Your mental health

Cleaning and organizing your home is crucial for your mental health. It goes without saying that the places you have experienced the most happiness are not filthy, musty, cluttered, or unkempt. A well-kept and organized environment is much more pleasant to be in.

You should be able to relax and move around your house without tripping over clutter or being concerned about knocking something over. When something disappears, it should be easy to locate it and not require a search. Most importantly, whether it’s for an unplanned get-together or a planned event, you should be proud of your house and want to invite guests over.

This is why hiring a reputable cleaning and maid service is so crucial. Your home will always be spotless and ready for anything with a same-day house cleaning and maid service. Do not let an unclean or cluttered home depress you. Make a reservation today and let us help you consistently maintain a tidy, organized, and joyful home.

5. Cleaning is tedious labor:

Cleaning can be a laborious task, and the last thing you want to do after a long day of work is bend over your toilet and scrub. At Ukraine Cleaners, we recognize that you deserve a break and so we provide expert housekeeping services to relieve some of the burden from you.

Trust and security are crucial factors to consider before letting someone into your home. For this reason, we consistently recommend the same maid service and professional cleaning company. The same housekeeper has earned the trust and reliance of our clients, and many of them have grown to consider her a member of their family.

We take great pride in offering dependable, background-checked house cleaners with experience. We have a reputation for offering superior service and take the security of your home seriously as a respected business in the community. Spend less time cleaning and let us take care of it instead. Give yourself a break and schedule our housekeeping services right away.

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