How To Clean a Marble Table

by | Apr 19, 2023 | Kitchen Cleaning

Ahoy, marble-loving mates! If you’ve laid your hands on a treasure like a marble table, ye’d best listen close ’cause I be spillin’ the beans on keepin’ that precious gem glistenin’ and scratch-free for many moons to come!

Before we set sail, know that these gorgeous marble islands are a tad more tender than your average surface. Harsh chemicals and scrubbers will harm my hearties of marble, so be gentle and tread carefully! So, it’s vital before cleaning  to learn which materials to avoid when cleaning marble.

  • First things first, dust the table – the dancing with the broom kind not the waltz with the vacuum, as the latter could scrape the marble. You need a gentle tool like a microfiber cloth or a duster to sweep away the dirt without chipping or scratching’. Keeping’ up this cursory cleaning chore every couple of days will help save your table from aging’ prematurely.

  • Next, concoct a gentle, anti-abrasion elixir for your table. Most store-bought solutions contain the villainous bleach, so instead opt for a mild detergent, or use some warm water or all-natural cleaner. Oh, and the gentle rag shall be yer sidekick in this adventure. Dampen the rag with the solution (don’t pour it directly on the table) and use circular motions to wipe away any stubborn residue. Once you’ve circled the surface, switch to a dry cloth, and continue the spiral journey to leave your table in pristine condition!

Now, to tackle the issue of sealin’ up that porous marble! Arr, if your facin’ the plaguing water rings or stains, then sealin’ the marble be the solution, matey! Find yerself a trusty sealant such as Tuff Duck (ay, the name’s no joke) and prepare for the grand sealing ceremony!

Here’s what ye be needin’:

– A marble-appropriate natural stone sealer, like our fine-waterfowl-to-be-named friend
– A soft-hearted sponge
– A gentle, caring rag or cloth
– Old ratty sheets and towels to guard your domain

Before commencing:

1. Swipe a clean, dry rag over the table to vanquish any lingering dust, and surround your workspace with protective sheets or towels.

2. Spray the chosen ocean of sealant generously onto the table, ensuring even coverage and maintaining moistness for 15 minutes.

3. After the table hath revealed in its glistening glory for the allotted time, have an absorbent cloth on hand to banish the excess sealant, and no harm shall come to the floor nor other furnishings.

4. If you’ll be particularly cautious, let the table rest for 30 minutes and repeat the process.

For more information, you can learn the definitive marble cleaning guide.

But remember: 24 hours must pass before the sealing spell is fully cast – so no suppers, grog, or carousin’ on the newly blessed table till then.

Now, with your table protected against the trials and tribulations of stains, you’ll be ready to set sail on many years of pristine marble-top bliss. Just be mindful of your cleaning potions, seal that treasure when needed, and always be gentle to preserve its beauty for generations to come. 

Rockin’ Stone Scrubbers
-Whisking away spillages lickety-split not only saves your glossy stone but also helps you dodge those potent concoctions that wreak havoc on its porous nature. 
-Things to nix when scrubbing marble tables
-Tart Cleaners like Lemons and Vinegar 
-Chemical-laden merch

The secret sauce on how to buff and shine marble table tops: go easy-peasy on product selection.

Revamping and Shining Antique Marble Table Tops

Even if you’re wrangling with an old-school marble table top, opt for a pH-neutral cleaner to fend off pesky acids that could wreck the finish. Juggling with non-ionic detergents? Groovy option! 

Some seasoned marble table tops might need rescuing from deep, stubborn stains that necessitate going medieval— tread lightly! Mix a watered-down spray with a teensy-weensy shot of ammonia, then gently scrub with a soft-bristle brush or toothbrush. 
Spritz the villainous spot and scrub-a-dub gently. Keep your peepers peeled for how the marble table top responds because if any erosion, etching, or scratching pops up, hit the brakes stat to save your table from peril. 

Restoring marble table tops

Wanna bring a marble table top back to life?

-Hitch a ride to a pro to tackle the porous stone instead of DIY-ing. That’s because deep-seated stains might become more monstrous if you mess with them. Got a real toughie? Present it to an expert who can grind down the top layer and slim down the marble if feasible.

Cradling Your Marble Table Top

The crucial skinny: marble might look mighty, but it craves some tender lovin’ care. Its soft, porous core lures in stains like bees to honey. Bummer when deep discoloration digs in and you’re clueless on scrubbing tips! 

  • Swiftly lifting stains using au naturale soap and H2O is your best bet.
  • Dust-busting regularly and daily wipe-downs with a damp cloth keeps things shipshape.
  • If you’ve yet to seal your marble table top, hop to it! This adds a safeguard for when boo-boos happen. 

In a pickle with a deeply-rooted stain?

-Professional cavalry might be needed. As a last resort, try a smidgen of ammonium in a highly diluted water spray bottle, as mentioned yonder. Spritz it and wield a gentle brush— perhaps a toothbrush— to chip away at it, but remember— easy does it!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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