How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Vinegar

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Kitchen Cleaning

Darlings, our humble jive juice machine is indeed the beating heart of many a home-sweet-home; where would we be without that morning trumpets-blowing cup of pep-in-your-step java? But, alas, like any hardworking fellow, a cuppa doodle do machine can become a bit of world-weary and grubby – not quite the conversation piece you had in mind, yes? That’s the moment when most folks contemplate forking out for a shiny new one. Hold the phone- there’s another way! You can perform nothing short of a miracle clean on your coffee contraption using (wait for it)… vinegar! Hop aboard this rollercoaster blog post if you’re in the mood for some wizardry!

Keen to know the ratio of the tangy elixir to water to work up this cleaning miracle, you ask? Allow me to spill the beans:

You need:
The elixir of life (water),

Sour stuff (vinegar),

A clean ragamuffin or paper doilies,

Good ol’ table salt,

A sprinkle-dunkle bowl.

Now then, let’s get cracking.

Step-by-step, left-foot-right-foot, here we go!

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1). Fire up your java-generating juggernaut with equal bits of water and that tangy elixir, let it bubble and boil. Time to hit the breaks! Pour out this solution (mind you, not down the sink – unless your pipes are sumo-wrestler strong). Disconnect the cord or flip off that power switch.

2). Wipe the inside of the coffee house with a clean cloth or paper towels. If you have mineral deposits playing hide-and-seek, invite some salt to the party.

3). Now, two parts vinegar to one part fresh water make a new potion into the coffee machine’s cavern. Then, like a regular day, let that cycle run only with water, no coffee yet. When it’s all done and dusted, toss out both mixtures.

4). Triple treat- repeat the process until all lingering remnants have been evicted from the building and you’re ready for an encore of superb coffee flavors!

5). Once you’ve run this show, pour fresh water and run one last encore to bid adieu to any vinegar still loitering around.

A word to the wise – this vinegar cleanse is no microwave minute process! But the payoff is a shiny like-new coffee maker. If somehow your stubborn stains resist the vigorous vinegar, don’t throw in the towel. Just call for reinforcements in the form of a specialist cleaner.


First, load the tank with about a thumb’s worth of white vinegar, plug in and hit ‘play’. In absence of coffee, let it brew vinegar. When done, stop-action, unplug and give the whole shebang a jolly good wipe-down while the grime is soft.

Next, use warm running water where you can and for those intricate bits use a toothbrush-turned-cleaning brush with a concoction of water and rubbing alcohol.

Finally, one more round of vinegar brewing, then dry it all out leaving no moisture behind. In about 24 hours, you’ve got a spanking new coffee doodad without residue marring your future cups of heavenly brew.

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