Best Ways to Clean and Maintain Quartz Countertops for a Spectacular Shine

by | Jun 2, 2023 | Kitchen Cleaning

Spectacular Techniques for Scrubbing Quartz Counters

Upscale counter slabs of rock, like marble, can snatch the breath, but alas, they swallow the wallet too. Fear not, mes amis, other glam choices like Quartz can shimmy and shine just as divinely. Mind you, folks tend to muddle up Quartz with its cousin Quartzantine— they hail from the same clan and their visages do mirror closely. The vital point? Cleaning Quartz needs a different tango than Quartzantine and most other such surfaces.

So, I hear you ask, which is the grooviest cleaner to charm your Quartz countertops? And more importantly, once we master what potion wields the magic, how in heavens do we ensure our Quartz is spick and span? Yes, my dear friends, they resist stains but don’t think they’re impervious. So, buckle up for the ultimate odyssey rich with Quartz cleaning wisdom!

Shedding Light on the Perfect Tools

Cleaning quartz countertops

Distinct countertops call for distinct cleaning allies. Some remedies just don’t tango well with certain materials. Stick to what you know—shelf cleaners can sometimes hide abrasive, toxic ingredients.

Here’s your A-list of safe cleansers:

– A dash of soft soap or detergent
– Poultice
– Mighty Isopropyl Alcohol
– Good ol’ Vinegar

We could wax lyrical about myriad homemade concoctions that do a splendid job. But sometimes, you need to kick it up a notch to claim victory over relentless stains.

Let’s explore these prized materials and decode the curious riddles of when to use them:

  • Swirling mild soap or detergent with warm aqua remains the crème de la crème for dislodging sticky remains or debris from your counters. This celestial combo also sends bacteria packing, hence a fantastic choice after countertop culinary adventures.

  • Enter the Poultice – a star for tackling the forgotten, set-in stains. Poultice works its magic by siphoning the offending stains up and out of your precious Quartz. Just scout your local Home Depot for this wondrous white powder.

DIY Poultice in Your Lair:

1. Dread not, fine folk, drop that $10 to $30 on a store-bought Poultice if you wish, but creating it in your own castle calls for common ingredients. Just marry water and baking soda into a paste, and voila, you have a liquid form rather than powder.

2. For peskier stains that resist usual dish soap, Isopropyl Alcohol enters the fray! Combine a ¼ cup of this powerful elixir with water and spritz it into a bottle. Ta-da! Spritz it onto a cloth then onto surfaces to make them sparkle and sanitize.

3. And fie upon all others, here comes the valiant Vinegar! A ubiquitous kitchen hero, Vinegar tackles stains, rust, and other countertop calamities without a drop of harmful shenanigans.

The Noble Art of Cleaning Quartz Countertops

Different tasks call for varying stratagems, whether it be mopping up stray spills, plucking out stubborn stains, or the customary Quartz TLC. Just remember: roughness is a Quartz-destroying adversary. Fortunately, we’ve assembled our finest Quartz cleaning counsel for your perusal.

Cleaning quartz countertops

Your Usual Sprucing Up

Every cooking session on countertops merits a thorough cleansing. Don’t feel compelled to scrub daily if their majesties haven’t graced your kitchen; bi-weekly spiffing with your chosen cleaning sprays or wipes should suffice.

Golden Rules to Heed:

[1] Trivets and coasters can thwart nasty water rings and stains
[2] Beware of sticky fruit remnants on unguarded counters
[3] Clear countertops post-meat-prep— always!

A Vinegar potion checks all the boxes for the everyday Quartz cleaner— natural, gentle on the counter, wallet-friendly, and eco-conscious.

Sworn Enemy Stains

Should your countertop catch a rogue spill, attend to it without delay. Liquids or other warm nasties can embed themselves, so gather a soft washcloth or dishtowel for a swift extraction. Follow these cinchy steps to refresh your Quartz slabs.

1. Use paper towels, washcloth, or dishtowel to absorb sizable spills gently. Aggressive wiping could exacerbate the problem.
2. Next, spritz your homemade or store-bought Quartz concoction onto a fresh cloth or sponge to erase the mess.
3. Drying— don’t skimp! Wipe with a dry cloth in circles for a lustrous, streak-free shine. Bravo!

The Inglorious Dried Rebel

Alas, some denizens of our abodes pay no heed to the remnants they leave behind. It’s challenging to rectify these dried transgressors, but fear not, there is a way. First, vanquish liquid stains with your Vinegar truncheon. For the more robust intruders (e.g., nail polish), tread lightly, for aggressive measures risk chipping your quartz slabs. Arm yourself with a rubber putty knife, a top-tier cleaner, and raise that dried polish off the counter with finesse.

Begone, Greasetastrophe!

Dealing with grease is like wrangling slime-guzzling gremlins after making a scrumptiously nummy meal. That gooey gunk clings to life like Linda Blair and just won’t vanish into the ether. Giving those unctuous stains the heave-ho usually requires summoning the forces of a formidable product like Krud Kutter. But before you unleash a new magical ointment, make sure you check for unhelpful, devious ingredients that might cause countertop calamity. It might banish the grease, but it could take your pristine finish along on its fabcabulous journey!

Cleaning quartz countertops

So buckle up, buttercup, here’s your step-by-strutting-step guide:

1. Decipher the manufacturer’s instructions of your grease-ousting potion, usually creeping on the side or lurking on the back under “How to Use” or “Instructions”.

2. Once you’ve cast your degreasing spell, it’s safe to practice a little aftercare by giving the area a gentle rub down with some mild soap and a cloth, then pat it dry like you’re swaddling a newborn.

Dunk’N Soak Soiree

Don’t be afraid to frolic in the deep end when your quartz countertops need some extra TLC! Exuberantly spritz your solution all over those surfaces and let it bask in a 10-minute timeout to infiltrate the grime-ridden trenches.

To Seal, or Not To Seal – The Great Debate

So, what is this mysterious “sealing” anyway? It’s the act of layering your counter like a protective lasagna so spills and splatters can’t set up camp or infiltrate your porous materials. This leads to thoughts of sealing one’s fave quartz countertops.

Cleaning quartz countertops

Alas! Fret not, for quartz’s got your back, sporting a built-in superhero sealant shield! You see, while quartz may come from Mother Nature, it’s also slightly engineered, unlike some of its rock relatives on the countertop family tree. In fact, some unfortunate souls who’ve experimented with sealing quartz have found themselves out of luck, out of money, and stuck with countertops gone awry!

Quartz countertops reign as the darlings of durability and ease, no extra armor needed. Just make sure you treat them well with safe cleaning products and avoid laying down hot pots and pans.

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When in doubt, consult the countertop whisperers installing your new piece of rocky real estate to see if some sealing is in order.

Cleaning Conundrums & Solutions

Embarking on the stained quartz countertop quest requires several strategies at your disposal. From harnessing sacred vinegar to enlisting the aid of store-bought saviors, ensure your ingredients are formidable friends, not foes. This is your first strike on your quest for cleaning victory!

Cleaning quartz countertops
  • Cleaning quartz is smooth sailing, considering it’s a mighty material birthed from mostly natural stone origins.
  • Its built-in seal safeguards against nefarious staining and damage.
  • However, when enemies like stains rear their ugly heads, half the battle lies in knowing the right battle plan.
  • Usually, a single spellbinding swish is all it takes to put things right.
  • If that doesn’t do the trick, flex your muscles and reach for a brawnier cleansing brew, or batten down the hatches and let it marinate on your stain for a solid 10 minutes.
  • Give that icky gloop an eviction notice, and enjoy your resplendent, squeaky clean countertops!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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