6 Design Tips for Setting Up Your Baby’s Nursery

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Activities, Cleaning Services

When should you design a nursery?

So, when do you go wild with the paintbrushes and start creating a haven for your baby-to-be? Well, it’s all about personal rhythm, my friend! Some folks like to know the gender of their bundle of joy before they begin their nursery revamp. Others, however, are eager beavers and like to have the joint ready for the big debut before the baby’s arrival.

If you fall into the latter tribe, you may ponder the optimal moment to unleash your inner interior designer. Let me tell you, there ain’t no correct or incorrect answer. It’s all about your individual flair and how much time you got before the arrival of your little miracle. Many parents consider designing the nursery a whimsical and exhilarating way to gear up for their new arrival.

Guide Before Starting Out

Ahoy mateys! ‘Tis time to set sail on a journey of creating a nursery fit for your little buccaneer!

But wait, don’t hoist the anchor just yet! Ye must have a clear map in your mind, me hearties. Know what colors, style, and vibe ye desire, or else ye’ll be lost in a sea of confusion.

If ye need a compass, search the web, gaze upon magazines, or ask ye trusted friends and family.

Avast! Once ye have a vision, ’tis time to jot down a list of all the treasures ye seek in the nursery. Furniture, bedding, curtains, art and more, make sure ye have it all on your parchment.

Arrange them in order of importance, so ye can weigh anchor within your budget.

Measure ye space and chart a floor plan, so ye can dock yer furniture in the right port.

And now, hoist the sails! Let’s embark on creating a nursery worthy of yer little adventurer!

Paint a serene landscape

Transform the baby’s boudoir into a tranquil oasis, where they can slumber and frolic. Pick hues that soothe, such as tranquil turquoises, verdant greens, or delicate pinks. Consider cream or white for a neutral touch.

Furnish for the future

Invest in robust furnishings that will last the test of time, like a crib that transforms into a daybed or a dresser with interchangeable drawers.


Babies bring a bounty of belongings – clothes, toys, blankets, and more. Ensure you have a place to keep it all by installing storage options, like shelves, bins, or dressers.

Illuminate with intention

Lighting is vital in a baby’s quarters, but you don’t want it to be too harsh. Pick softer, diffused light to keep an eye on your baby while they’re at rest or play.

Seat for snuggles

Spend quality time in the nursery with seating that’s comfortable for you and the baby. A rocking chair, glider, or ottoman will be perfect for those cuddle sessions and feedings.

Touch up with flair

Once the big pieces are in place, it’s time to add some personality. Look for wall art, window treatments, or rugs that fit the theme you’ve chosen. You can also add personal touches, like photos or your baby’s name.

For top-notch baby nursery design and layout services, I recommend checking out Houzz

The Dont’s of Baby Nursery Design

Don’t dim the lamps! – Lighting is key, especially for a kiddo’s kennel. Ensure a radiant room with a blend of ceiling illumination and spotlighting for changin’ diapers and nighttime noshin’.

Don’t overlook the jumble! – A baby’s boudoir can rapidly become cluttered with all the necessary nick-nacks. Make sure to include ample storage arrangements like dressers, shelves, and boxes.

Don’t paint like a clown! – A baby’s boudoir should be a serene sanctuary, so keep the chromatic choices chill. Stick to a couple of calming colors and apply throughout the arena.

Don’t forget the fortress! – Safety should be your top priority when designing your baby’s boudoir. Opt for furniture and products that abide by safety regulations.

Don’t neglect the panes! – Windows are a necessity in any room, but they’re vital in a baby’s boudoir. Install curtains or blinds to block the light during nap time or beddy-bye.

Don’t skip the special stuff! – The little touches make the baby’s boudoir unique. Add personal trinkets like snaps, art, and mementos.

When it comes to building your baby’s boudoir, keep these reminders in mind and aim for a functional and fashionable space. And if you don’t have time for daily dusting, call in a pro cleaner. Get in touch with housecleaning in Shoreline.  Ukraine Cleaners can keep your baby’s boudoir spick-and-span. Get in touch today!

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