7 Rules to Keep Your Bedroom Cleaner and Neater

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Housekeeping

Importance of Having a Clean Bedroom

Listen up folks, ya wanna know the deal with havin’ a clean bedroom? It’s essential, baby! A cluttered room is like tryin’ to navigate a maze blindfolded, ya can’t keep up with your chores or find your stuff. Plus, it’s a breeding ground for dust bunnies, mites, and other allergy triggers. But a tidy room, now that’s like a sanctuary, man. It’s like a peaceful oasis in a sea of chaos.

And it ain’t just good for you, it sets a damn good example for the kiddos and teens living with ya. Seeing their parents keepin’ their rooms clean, teaches ’em responsibility and how to properly manage their space.

Bottom line, a clean bedroom is crucial for both practical and emotional reasons. Keepin’ it tidy helps create an efficient, organized system that promotes better hygiene and clears the mind. A clutter-free environment also serves as a place of calmness and relaxation where you can spend quality time with your loved ones or escape the daily grind. So, make a habit of declutterin’ your bedroom, and watch the benefits roll in.


What are the 7 Rules?

Alright, listen up, the path to a clean and organized bedroom is like a journey, ya know? And it all starts with stickin’ to a set of basic principles, like a code of conduct. And these seven rules, they’re like the foundation, man, the foundation of order and serenity, know what I mean? But don’t think of them as restrictive, no way, they’re just guidelines, a roadmap to a clean and organized space, ya know? Like the foundation of a temple, they’re there to support, not to hinder.

1. Make your bed every morning. 

Yo, listen up peeps! Makin’ your bed in the morning, is like takin’ the first step to conquerin’ the world! It may seem like a small and insignificant task, but let me tell ya, it can make a huge impact on yer day. Just two minutes of straightening up yer blankets and pillows, can give ya a psychological boost and set the tone for a productive day. Plus, it helps you stick to other good habits, like keepin’ your space clean and tidy, which can lead to better sleep and overall mental well-being. So don’t be fooled by its smallness, makin’ your bed every morning is a key to success, my friends! From time to time clean and disinfect a mattress.

2. Wash yer sheets regular, man.

Dirty sheets is a breeding ground for germs and mites and whatnot, which can make ya sneeze and cough and itchy eyes and all that jazz. Wash em regularly to keep em clean and reduce the allergens in your bedroom. Try to wash em every week or two (or more often if you’re a sweaty boi). Plus, it helps extend the life of your sheets and sleepin on fresh sheets is a great way to relax after a long day!

3. Keep a laundry basket in your room so you can immediately put dirty clothes in it.

Listen up peeps! Keepin’ a laundry basket in yer room is like hittin’ the jackpot for organization and cleanliness. Whenever you change clothes or realize your wearin’ something dirty, toss it straight in the basket instead of leavin’ it lyin’ around. This way you don’t have to go huntin’ for dirty clothes when it’s washin’ time and ya got a much tidier space. Plus, dependin’ on the size of yer basket, ya can even keep all those clean clothes that need hangin’ up, neatly tucked away until ya have time to hang em. Keepin’ a designated spot for dirty and clean clothes is a game changer for anyone lookin’ for peace of mind and organization in their home.

4. Only have a little furniture in your bedroom – only what you need.

Yo, listen up! You wanna make your bedroom a chillaxin’ paradise? Then you gotta keep it simple, my friend. Don’t go crammin’ that room with all kinda furniture, it’s jus’ gonna make ya feel all cluttered and whatnot. Keep it minimal, like only what ya need, ya dig? A couple of comfy pieces, maybe one or two with some multifunctional action, and some nice looks, and boom! You got yourself a sanctuary of serenity, a place where you can kick back and relax, meditate, or just take it easy. Less is more, my friend. Keep it minimal and you’ll have a Zen-like bedroom in no time, baby!

5. Keep surfaces clean – dust regularly and wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth.

Yo, listen up peeps! Keepin’ your surfaces clean is like hittin’ the jackpot for a healthy and organized living or work space. Dustin’ regularly is a must, as dust can pile up quickly, makin’ the environment unhealthy and makin’ the space lookin’ like a mess. Wipin’ down surfaces with a damp cloth is a no brainer, killin’ germs and bacteria, keepin’ the area spotless clean. Not only that, it also prevents further build up of dust by cleanin’ off dirt and particles that might otherwise stick around. Regular cleanin’ your surfaces has numerous benefits that should not be overlooked when lookin’ for ways to keep yer living or work areas neat and tidy!

6. Always put away items immediately after using them.

Always puttin’ away them items ya use, it’s a game changer for sure! Ya don’t wanna be searchin’ for stuff like a crazy person later on, trust me. Plus, havin’ a tidy room is like therapy for ya brain, it makes ya feel like ya got ya life together. And who doesn’t want that, am I right? It’s not hard, jus’ take a sec to put it back where it belongs and poof! Clutter gone, peace restored. Make it a habit, my friend, and watch as you transform your space into a Zen paradise.

7. Declutter Periodically

Yo, lemme tell ya, declutterin’ that bedroom of yours is crucial, like essential to the nth degree, know what I mean? Like, take some time outta yer day, go through all yer stuff, and sort it out, ya know? Like whatcha need, whatcha don’t, and whatcha can give away or throw out. Then, like group all your things into categories, and put ’em away where they belong. That way, it’ll be easier to find whatcha need and clean up after. Trust me, an organized space means a calmer mind!

But don’t stop there, man! Like, add some decorations, like plants, art, photos, and all that jazz, ya know? Like plants, they add life and purify the air, makin’ the whole room healthier. And art and photos, they create an atmosphere of calm and peace, like a sanctuary. And don’t forget, like pillows and blankets, they make the room cozier and more inviting. Like, a well-decorated bedroom is like a tranquil oasis, perfect for relaxation and peace.

So, like, finding the right balance between organization and comfort, that’s key, man. Like declutterin’, keeping surfaces clean, puttin’ things away, and addin’ decorative touches, it all goes a long way in makin’ that bedroom of yours look great and peaceful. And doin’ it regularly, well, that’ll lead to greater relaxation and more harmony, and that’s one step closer to livin’ a more organized and stress-free life! Cleaning your bedroom is very important as its pure directly impacts our mood and health. 

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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