The Ultimate Green Cleaning Process Revealed

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Cleaning Services, Green Cleaning

Pray, do tell how one might valet our verdant abode in the proper manner, do our sage consultants hold counsel? Oh, what a Elysian vision, the prospect of sanitization sans the noxious potions.

A contemporary missive recently alights upon the public stage, bearing valuable enlightenment about a full decalogue of methodologies that can be seamlessly woven into your domestic maintenance regimen, maintaining all its verdancy. Yes, indeed, a feat far more achievable and efficacious than you ever conjured in your reveries! (What, ’tis beyond imagination? Summon forth the allusions to the Princess Bride!)

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Without much ado, let’s delve into this roster of ten facile stratagems to keep your hearth ever so spotless and fresh, all in harmony with Mother Earth!

1) Procure thy environment-friendly sanitization arsenal.

In your elemental kit, you must possess Baking Soda, Borax, White Vinegar, Lemon, Castile Soap, and a curious element known as Washing Soda, none other than sodium carbonate, I say! Mindfully keep these elixirs away from the younglings and animal companions, despite their relative innocence compared to the usual chemistry-laden alternatives. You might also venture to explore other brands like Mrs. Meyers and Method for a hearty dose of eco-friendly cleanliness.

2) Dodge ill indoor ether.

Invite the breeze in! Assure your home, a haven of open air and robust ventilation; as you evict the toxins, you wouldn’t want to inhale the airborne aftermath.

3) Evade the siren call of antibacterial cleaners.

Alas! These concoctions, while promising sterility, rob our ecosystem of its friendly microbes, paving a path for the invasion of superbugs! (Let the eerie overtures start…)

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4) Hail the ubiquitous Baking Soda!

‘Tis a secret not so well kept – this humble powder lends its might to virtually every task at hand. Especially to resurrect your rugs and vanquish adamant stains, it’s quite a maestro!

5) Purify your indoor air in a nature-approved manner.

Why not populate your living quarters with some leafy comrades? These delightful companions consume your polluted air and return breezes fresh as a daisy.

6) Dispose of your toxin-ridden cleaners judiciously.

To quote a cleaning service in Vancouver, Canada: “Most conventional cleaners must be deposited appropriately in recycling facilities, not in common waste, to lend a helping hand to our environments. It’s the least we can do to return the favor.” Mind you, if you’re sending off the old containers to their fate, make sure you’re not adding to environmental woes!


7) Steer clear of traditional dry cleaners.

They’re toxic! That’s the abridged version of war & peace.




8) Engage a green cleaning service.

Self-publicity alert: If you find yourself around the vicinity of Seattle, WA and in want of a green cleaning service, give us a buzz!

9) Do take off thy shoes!

One of life’s little things – not dragging in unseen toxins from the outdoors into your sanctuary. Spare an ‘airlock’ area where you can divest yourself of shoes and others contaminated by dirt or toxins. For example, oil, antifreeze, street debris, etc.

10) Fashion your abode to be neat and nature-loving.

Let your habitat echo the principles outlined above for the sheer bliss of maintaining a clean and green vortex. Should you be needing an iota of advice, our digital communication channels are always at the ready!


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Thank you for lending us your eyes and ears and do share a tale or two about how these nuggets of wisdom have been of service to you!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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