How to Clean Windows and Window Screens

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Maid Service

Ahoy, home dwellers! Feast your peepers on the most magical and mystifying guide to de-gunkifying your windows and screens!

Gather ’round, wizardly wannabes, and behold the concoctions, contraptions, and incantations you’ll need to transform your dirty windows into sparkling spectacles!

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House windows (indoor)

House windows (outdoor)

Window screens

Car windows (outside)

Car windows (inside)

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Elixir of vinegar & water (see recipe)
Plain ol’ aqua
Ladder to the heavens
Extendable mop-wand
Sudsy potion/vinegar solution
Common H2O
Suction-goblin (ahem, vacuum cleaner)
Soapy broth/vinegar potion
Elementary agua
Microfiber pixie-towel
Vinegar and water sorcery
Papyrus scroll (aka newspaper)” _builder_version=”4.20.4″ _module_preset=”default” col_tcell_text_font_size=”20px” global_colors_info=”{}”][/dvmd_table_maker_item][/dvmd_table_maker]

Now, noble homeowners, let us venture forth on this quest to banish streaks and unveil the secret art of crystal clear window panes.

Fear not the mystifying streak! Blame the cleaning elixirs themselves, leaving filmy residue or evaporating in the blink of an eye, causing an uneven balance of wet and dry realms. Only the cleverest cleaning wizards can conquer these challenges, and so, dear reader, arm yourself with these Pro tips and prepare your trusty towels to ward off watery drippage and protect your fortress walls.

How to Clean Windows and Window Screens

1. Employ a concoction of ammonia or alcohol, the devious defoggers that won’t leave any marks behind. Alternatively, a potion of vinegar and water, or good old soap and water, will do the trick.

2. Wipe off the dust or grime with a dry, spotless microfiber cloth to eliminate a potential streaky aftermath.

3. Ascend the heights and wash the glass from the top down, using your cleaning potion most generously to save it from evaporating too hastily in desperate pursuit of dryness.

4. Engage with ornery stains by dabbing a touch of rubbing alcohol (your secret weapon!) on a microfiber cloth to softly caress them into submission, avoiding razors or sharpened objects that might leave nasty battle scars upon the glass.

5. Unleash the mighty squeegee (or lint-free cloth) to banish all cleaning liquid! And for the final spell, use the enchanted pages of a humble newspaper to buff away any remaining watery residue, harnessing its lint-free, thirst-quenching powers.

Let’s diverge a smidgen from the beaten path of verbiage and mosey on this journey of unorthodox cleaning, shall we? Now, let’s discuss dem newspapers, buttercups. Not all papyrus gobbledygook is crafted equal, you know. Some of ’em use soy-based inkaroo that won’t buzz off, while others frolic with petroleum-based companions that could leave an unsightly Rorschach test on your surfaces. So, put on your lab coats and run a little experiment: grab a chunk o’ paper with a chunky headline and let it cuddle your phalanges for 60 ticks. If it nibbles and nips, banish it from your glass kingdom!

How to Clean Windows and Window Screens

But wait! Glass isn’t captive to just windows, my sweet bambinos. Electronic gadgets have ’em too! Fear not, for your cleaning virtuosos have more tidbits of wisdom to share!

1. Waltzing into the realm of window elixirs, let me introduce you to our star – the versatile and spectacular white vinegar. A fan-favorite among cleaning maestros for its non-streaky results, affordability, embarrassingly simple usage, and earth-friendly nature. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of grime defense!

2. Ready to tango with this beautiful beast of a cleaner? Whip up a concoction of 50/50 hot H2O and white vinegar. Summon your trusty bucket or bowl, don your sponge or microfiber cloth, and douse it in the potion. Then, bring your windows to a shining utopia using tips only cleaning sorcerers can bestow unto you.

3. A spray bottle aficionado, are you? No worries! Just remember, our vinegar friend may be a bit cheeky with the spritzer’s innards. To avoid angry spray bottles, mix this rendition: 1 part vinegar to 2 parts hot aqua. After you’ve scrubbed the gunk away, give your dear spray bottle a freshwater baptism to rid as much vinegar as possible. This simple step aids in prolonging your spray buddy’s life, and perhaps even your sanity!

If you have an allergy to some detergents, find out, more about the proven non-toxic guide to cleaning windows effectively.

A zany elixir for scrubbing the ol’ viewy-holes!

Ahoy there, all you screen-swipers and glass-gazers! Ready to embark on a slapstick safari to resurrect the peepers on your humble abode or four-wheel stallion?

How to Clean Windows and Window Screens

Hold on to your dinglehoppers as we perform a magical clean-a-roo on these tough-to-tame screens! Just remember, any ol’ lint-napper or your trusty space-sucker machine can do the deed – but for a truly spick-n-span spectacle, follow these wacky screen-washing steps:

Step 1: Detach your sneaky screens

Step 2: Summon your vacuuming sidekick to inhale all that nasty shmutz! And don’t forget to smooch ’em on both cheeks.

Step 3: Brew up a piping-hot soapy stew and let your screens marinate for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Alternatively, engage in a screen-soaking sponge samba – make ’em nice n’ sudsy!

Step 5: Time for a microfiber cloth baptism! Use fresh water or your trusty water-spraying serpent (assuming it doesn’t yank the screen from its home, now).

Step 6: Recruit the towel army and newspaper platoon for one final drying hurrah before reinstalling!

Why is newspaper good for cleaning windows?

And should those glass-thrones be perched up high, enlist the ever-looming hose or a nifty telescope brush.

Ready to jazz up your windows?

  • Use a mop with a telescopic handle or (very carefully) frolic on a ladder!

  • Dust off with a microfiber cloth, slather on your homemade vinegar potion, and enchant the dirt away.

  • Don’t forget, squeegees are your best mates in this tango of the glass panes!

Cleaning car windows?

  • Bust out the vinegar mix again! Just watch out for bleach and ammonia fumes!

Keep learning and shimmy shakin’ with our Pro guide to buff up window blinds and high-touch surfaces, and give your home that kooky-clean sparkle!

Ahoy there, me hearties! Let’s talk squeegees galore! It’s a wibbly-wobbly, swish-swooshy kinda thing, ya see? When simply swashbuckling with a squeegee, hop on top of the window, spaceman-style, and shimmy that baby from north pole to south pole. Do the twistaroo, side by side, till the whole windy-win is polished to a tee. And don’t forget about mixin’ up those lines, lettin’ ’em snuggle just enough to ditch the soapy-dopey puddles.

How to Clean Windows and Window Screens

Now, if you wanna go pro, fan dancin’ with the squeegee is the method to master. Foil the fiendish streaks at every swirly-whirly turn! Scoot and wiggle from east to west, till ye reach the bottom of the glassy sea. Might feel like swingin’ in the moonlight at first, but practice makes funky-perfect!

  • Remember lads and lassies, straight and shiny is how the squeegee blade should roll. Got a wiggly, wriggly squiggly blade? Time to switcheroo! Blades be changin’ more often than the chameleon in a crayon factory, just about 4-6 hours of swashbucklin’.

  • When slappin’ in a new blade, let that rubbery gem stick out farther than the metal’s fierce edges. Ye don’t want any bumpy-bumpin’ on the window frame, aye?

  • And for the love of unicorns, take it easy on the glass, will ya? No need to wrestle your weight in gold with the squeegee. Light as a feather, be the touch! Let the little fella glide through the skies!

  • Just a little side-note, earthlings: Squeegees are the bee’s knees, not just for window-wizzing! Test ’em on shower doors, bumpy tiles, stove tops with a view, or those doppelganger mirrors!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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