How to Keep Floors Clean with Dogs

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Who can eschew a splendid hound? They’re our unswerving buddies, guardian angels in paw shoes, and a font of joy-filled licks, always by our side. Yet, acquiring a pooch also shackles you to fretting about the grime that’s trailed inside your cozy crib on their fuzzy paws. The outcome? More often than not, you end up buffing filthy floors until you’re blue in the face. In this blog post, we’ll embark on a little doodling around “how to keep your floor gleaming while owning a pooch?” Hold your horses, and let me unveil the most dandy, pet-friendly flooring options we got!

Not all flooring solutions are as congenial to pets as spaghetti to meatballs. Some floors are matchless for homes paws and claws, others could potentially be a Pandora’s box! Much will hang on your personal picks, but you’re bound to have heard hair-raising tales of genteel parlors turning into sties, due to poor cleaning shenanigans. We ensure you won’t be stepping into that landmine, though! Now, brace yourself for an enchanting carpet ride into the realm where paws meet floors.

Dog-Proofing Floors

For carpets

Grab that rubber glove, slip it on, and play a fugue on your carpet, ensuring you’re not left gloveless! It’ll save you, vacuum-cowering hours. However, note that this hack is as much use on a rug as a fart in a spacesuit. For non-fabric floors, try an old pair of tights turned inside out!

For rugs

Give them a good soak in a cocktail of water and baking soda; here’s the kicker, this magic potion is usable on furniture too! Just be sure to don your rubber gloves and follow the instructions to a T.

For hardwood floors

Delight in the vacuum-cleaning magic of baking soda, followed by a nice, vinegar-water spritz to tackle those stubborn stains.

For tiles

A good ole suction with the vacuum is your port of call, followed by an Eastwood-like showdown with the trusty vinegar solution if your pup’s had a bout of queasy tummy.

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Cleaning Pooch Messes Like a Pro

These hacks have been dog-tested and approved! They’re handy insights into the enormous playbook of dealing with life on paws, provided your flooring type doesn’t appreciate homemade cleaners. Remember, the DIY cleaning approach can sometimes be detrimental to the protective finish of your floors if not executed correctly. And finally, crate training for your pooch can be an absolute game-changer to nip any potential potty accidents in the bud.

Vinegar alone can be your household’s cleaning genie. However, suppose you’re not feeling too homely about your cleaning effort. In that case, there are plenty of professional soldiers on standby to battle against pet messes, ranging from carpet cleaners and tile maids. Don’t fret; there’s plenty of stain-fighting ammo in the cleaning arsenal!

Daily Checklist for a Pooch-Proof Home

For Floors:

A quick sweep will keep those floorboards gleaming. Invest in durable brooms or a handheld vacuum for an extra springy result.

Zip through your floors with a mop to tackle any furry offenders. The right tools are your lifeboat in the sea of cleaning chaos!

Vacuum those carpets for a lush, grime-free experience. Remember to shuffle your furniture around for no dirt pockets left forgotten.

If multi-level living is your game, sweeping those stairs is a must.

For Dogs:

Ensure your cuddly K9’s bed is well laundered. For that refreshing slumber, use eco-friendly detergents, gentle to your pooch’s fuzzy buttons.

Give those chewed up toys a good scrub once a week, laundry-safe and loved by your pooch.

Never forget the mecca of all cleaning, the pet’s bed. A daily cleaning ritual will ensure your pets sleep on a cloud.

Lastly, keep those food and water bowls gleaming. Remember, natural detergents are safest for both pets and humans.

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Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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