Removing and Keeping Away Clutter from Your Home

by | Feb 7, 2023 | House Cleaning

Removing Clutter Tips

Alright, now dat you’re pumped ’bout declutterin, let’s dive into some tips for gittin’ started, bro:

Go slow – Take it one step at a time! Only focus on a single room or zone till it’s all tidied up, then move on to the next.

Trash duplicates – Have a look through yer stuff and say goodbye to any doubles ya got lyin’ around. Chances are, you only need one of each!

Stash ’em away – If ya gotta keep some things, but don’t wanna show ’em off, grab some bins or storage solutions to help keep ’em organized and outta sight.

Outdoor makeover – Don’t forget ’bout the outside of yer house! Keep the yard lookin’ tidy by clearin’ up leaves, sticks, and any other mess.

Stay clutter-free – Make a routine and stick to it. Set aside time each week to go through the mail and get rid of what ya don’t need, and put a filin’ system in place for important papers.

Divide n’ conquer – If ya got lots of small things that tend to wander, use drawer dividers to keep ’em organized. For clothes, socks, and other junk, try usin’ bins or boxes to give ’em a proper home.

Clean up yer desk – Don’t forget ’bout yer work space! Get a desktop organizer to keep everything in check.


The Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Declutterin’ ya home is one of the smartest moves you can make, investin’ time and energy. Check it:

Stress reduced– Livin’ in an organized and clutter-free joint will bring ya stress levels down and make ya feel relaxed.

Productivity boosted- Gettin’ things done is a breeze when your surroundings ain’t cluttered and distracting.

More room to roam– With everything in order, you’ll have an easier time findin’ what you need and openin’ up more space.

Mood and focus improved- A decluttered pad will bring you peace and let ya concentrate on the important stuff.

Quick findin‘- No more searchin’ for what you need, everything’ll be in its designated spot.

Cash saved– Declutterin’ means no more wastin’ money on junk you don’t need or already got.

How to Get Started with Decluttering

Alright, so if ya wanna tackle declutterin, here’s some tips to help ya get goin’:

Start big – Declutter the most noticeable and often used spots in yer crib, like the livin’ room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Map it out – Break big tasks into smaller and more manageable ones, and make a timeline so ya stay on track.

Bye bye to no joy – If an item doesn’t make ya happy or serve a purpose in yer life, time to say goodbye to it!

Dispose with a plan – Decide how ya wanna get rid of unwanted items by either donatin’ ’em or sellin’ ’em online.

Use what ya got – Before splurgin’ on storage solutions, try usin’ things around the house like baskets, boxes, and drawers to stash yer stuff.

Keep pushin’ – Once ya start, don’t stop till the entire space is clutter-free!

Remember, the more ya plan out yer declutterin’ process, the better the outcome. Lastly, think ’bout how ya’ll use all this newfound space to max out efficiency – organizin’ knick-knacks or installin’ cosmetic shelves or drawers! The possibilities are endless, as long as it brings positive change to yer life.

Tip: We’ve also prepared a guide on 5 ways to declutter your home without turning minimal, visit it to make your house tidy.

What do you do with the items you declutter?

What to Do With Unwanted Stuff You Have Decluttered?

Alright, so ya done declutterin’, now what? Time to figure out what to do with all the stuff ya don’t want or need. If ya feelin’ kind, chuckin’ em to a local charity shop is a righteous move, passin’ em on to someone who might make use of em. Puttin’ em up on Craigslist or recyclin’ em are other ways to give em away and find em a new home. If they can’t be used no more, hit up the nearest recyclin’ center so they don’t harm the environment when they get chucked.


What is the 20/20 rule for decluttering?

The 20/20 rule fer declutterin’s a killer! Y’all should give it a try. The jist is, keep what ya love or need, an’ pitch the rest. Dedicate 20 min’s to rummagin’ through one room an’ identify any junk that don’t bring ya no joy. Then ask yerself, do I use this thang at least once every 20 days? If the answer’s a big fat no, say bye-bye to it! This lil’ trick can be applied all over yer home, an’ with some gumption, yer space will be clutter-free an’ organized in no time!

How to Keep Your Home Clutter-free?

Keepin’ Yer Home Free of Clutter

Git ya’ regular cleanup day goin’ – Pick a day each week to go thru yer belongings, donate or chuck what ya don’t need, n’ tidy up any mess.

Designate spaces fer all yer items – Make sure each item has its own place so ya know where to find it n’ where to stash it when ya done.

Git some storage solushuns – Buy furniture, shelves, and containers to keep yer stuff neat and organized.

Adopt the one-in, one-out rule – When ya bring in somethin’ new, git rid of somethin’ ya don’t need. This’ll stop clutter from stackin’ up.

Be mindful when shoppin’ – Ask yerself if ya really need that item. Use wish lists and price alerts to only buy when it’s cheap.

Store seasonal items – Keep clothes, decorations, and other seasonal items in separate bins. Saves space and keeps everything organized.

Cleaning is key – Don’t let dirt and dust take over. Set aside time every day or week to clean and organize yer space.

Put it back where it belongs – As soon as ya done usin’ somethin’, put it back where it belongs. No more piles of stuff on the floor or countertop!


Folks, these tips will help keep yer home clutter-free for a peaceful living space. With patience and dedication, ya can git an organized environment that fits yer lifestyle! Good luck!

Tips for Preventing Clutter in the Future

Keepin’ Yer Home Clutter-Free in the Future

Make sure everythin’ got its own spot – Every item, shelf, closet, or car trunk should have its place.

Think before ya buy – Ask yerself if ya really need it and if there’s room for it.

Do regular purges – Toss items ya don’t need or use to keep clutter low.

Donate or sell – Help others and make some cash off items someone else can use.

Declutterin’ improves order and peace – Goin’ item-by-item and decidin’ what’s essential and not will stress less and help ya find things faster.

Sort new items – Prevent clutter from stackin’ up by sortin’ new items as they come in.

Enjoy a peaceful, clutter-free life – These steps will bring joy instead of chaos. Get organized, give yerself a break, and enjoy the freedom!


Declutterin’ yer home is key to gettin’ that sense of order n’ peace. So take time to go through each item n’ figure out what’s essential n’ what ain’t. Ya can stress less ’bout everyday tasks if ya know where everything is. Then make a plan to prevent clutter from stackin’ up again, by sortin’ in-comin’ items right away. By followin’ these steps, ya can finally enjoy a peaceful, clutter-free space that brings joy instead of confusion. So take a break, get organized n’ soak in that sweet, sweet freedom!

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