How to Make Potpourri: 2 Methods, 1 Aromatic Result!

by | Apr 1, 2023 | House Cleaning

Aah! Potpourri, the scent-sational symphony of smells that tantalize the olfactory nerves year-round!

You can whip up a potpourri with fresh petals or dried blooms, fragrant spices and ingredients that tickle your fancy. So, listen up folks, in this blog post we’ll be talking about two ways to make this delightful elixir of aromas – the simmering method and the cold-process method. And we’ll also highlight the pros of each, plus some tips to create a potpourri that’ll have your abode smelling like a bouquet of roses!

Ahoy there, mateys! Are ye ready to set sail and sell that sea-faring vessel ye call home?

Well, before ye hoist the anchor and raise the mainsail, there be some preparations ye need to make. By tending to these details ahead of time, you’ll be more likely to fetch a hefty price for your home and avoid any stormy negotiations.

Arrrr, listen up ye scallywags, here be some tips on how to make yer abode ready to sell:

  • Clean, declutter, and personalize-no-more:

Before potential buyers set foot on deck, ye must make it a blank canvas that they can picture themselves callin’ home. This means taking down any personal items like family portraits and stowing away any clutter. A good rule of thumb is to declutter each room until ye can fit all the items in one swashbucklin’ Rubbermaid bin.

  • Fix any major shipwrecks:

If any big-ticket items need repairs, it’s best to take care of ’em before listing’ your home. This could be anything from a leaky roof to outdated appliances. Not only will this make yer home more seaworthy to buyers, but it’ll also help ye avoid any last-minute repairs that could eat into yer profits.

How do we whip up some sweet-smelling potpourri, you ask?

Well, buckle up your imagination, cuz we’re gonna take this aromatic journey!

First off, gather your dried plant materials:  (Essential oils)

  1. Fragrant roses
  2. Dreamy lavender
  3. Sultry jasmine
  4. Peaceful chamomile

Mix ’em together in the right ratio, depending on the aroma you want to achieve.

Some tips? Why sure, let me lay them down for you!

  • Spruce up the fragrance by adding a kaleidoscope of plants.
  • Harmonize scents that go well together to create a scent that’ll tickle your nose.
  • Get creative with the essential oils, try out different ones, until you find the one that sets your heart on fire.
  • Store your potpourri in a container that’ll keep it fresh and lock in the aroma, in a cool and dark place.
  • Revive the fragrance by adding fresh plant materials, or by giving it a scent refresh with more essential oils.
  • Show off your potpourri in a beautiful bowl or jar, so you can bask in its fragrance and visual appeal.
  • And last but not least, potpourri makes a fantastic gift! Wrap it up in a gorgeous jar or container, and voila!

Tip: Before making potpourri, search the Internet for interesting ideas of potpourri for inspiration.

And if you’re wondering what ingredients to use, let me enlighten you!

  • Dried flowers or leaves, like roses, lavender, jasmine, and chamomile.
  • Spices, like the warm and cozy cinnamon, the bold and fiery ground cloves, and the sweet and nutty nutmeg.
  • Herbs, like the woodsy rosemary, the minty thyme, and the refreshing mint.
  • Fruits, like the sunny oranges, the tangy lemons, and the juicy limes.
  • Essential oils, like the enchanting jasmine essential oil, the soothing lavender oil, the zesty orange oil, and the spicy cinnamon oil. By the way, essential oils have a lot of benefits for human health.

So, there you have it! Get creative, have fun, and let the aroma take you to the wildest of adventures!

The Cold-Process Method:

For those who prefer to avoid heat, the cold-process method is the way to go! This method involves mixing dried potpourri ingredients in a jar or container and adding essential oils.

The mixture is then allowed to sit for several weeks, so the oils can soak into the potpourri ingredients. This results in a beautifully fragrant potpourri that doesn’t require any heat or monitoring. The only downside is that it may take longer to prepare.

So, there you have it! Two totally different methods for making your own potpourri. You can choose the method that suits your needs and enjoy the beautiful fragrance that it brings to your home. Whether you prefer to simmer on the stovetop or wait for the cold-process to take effect, the end result will be a delightful blend of scents that will make you smile!

Let’s talk about the cold-process method for making some kickin’ potpourri!

Now, this method takes a bit more time, but it’s worth it. The cold-process method keeps the colors of your ingredients bright, and allows you to control the fragrance by adding essential oils at different times. And let’s not forget, cold-processed potpourri lasts longer than its simmering counterpart!

  • To start, mix your dried plant materials and essential oils in a bowl.

  • Then, store the mixture in a sealed container, and wait for several weeks for the fragrance to develop.

  • Once it’s ready, show it off in a pretty bowl or jar.

Remember, quality is key! Use fresh or dried herbs and flowers for best results, and add essential oils to enhance the scent. Experiment with different ingredients until you find a combination you love. And store your potpourri in a cool, dry place.

And here’s some tips for making the best potpourri:

  • Use fresh or dried herbs and flowers.

  • Add essential oils to boost the scent.

  • Choose fragrances that complement each other.

  • Experiment, have fun, and find the perfect combo!

  • Store your potpourri in a cool, dry place.

  • And most importantly, enjoy the process of creating your own unique potpourri!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your mix on, and let the fragrance take you on a wild and wonderful adventure!

Listen up, peeps! It’s time to unleash your inner Potpourri Master with these two methods! Are you ready? Here we go!

Dry Method:

The classic and slow-burnin’ way to make your potpourri mix! Let your ingredients soak up the sun and air, like a beach bum on a lazy day. Either spread ’em out on a baking sheet or toss ’em in a food dehydrator and let ’em dry out for a day or two. Then, toss your dried goodies into a jar or sachet, add some essential oils, shake it like a polaroid picture, and let it marinate for a few days.

Wet Method:

This is the express lane, baby! Fresh or dried ingredients, throw ’em in a jar or sachet, add some essential oils, shake it like a Polaroid picture, let it sit for 24 hours, and you’re good to go! But remember, this one’s got a shorter shelf life, so use it fast!

  • Both methods will leave your house smelling like a field of flowers on a sunny day! Just don’t leave your potpourri in direct sunlight or heat, or you’ll have a potpourri party without any guests!

Making potpourri is a fun and funky adventure, matey!

And let me tell you, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, or make a potpourri, as the case may be!

  • Fresh or dried flowers, herbs, and spices, or essential oils and fragrance oils, can be the buccaneers of your potpourri quest.
  • You’ll need a clean, dry bowl or jar, a piece of cheesecloth or muslin cloth, and a rubber band or string.
  • And if you’re feeling extra saucy, add a drop or two of essential oil for a delightful fragrance.


  • Arrange your chosen flowers, herbs, spices, and oils in the bowl or jar. Mix everything well, like a pirate in a blender.
  • Cover the bowl or jar with cheesecloth or muslin cloth and secure it with a rubber band or string.
  • Let your potpourri sit and marinate for a few days, like a mermaid soaking in the sun.

And there you have it, me hearty! A beautiful, aromatic potpourri ready to fill your home with scents as sweet as a siren’s song. Ahoy!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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