How To Choose Electronic Disinfection

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Ahoy, mateys! Gather ’round while Captain Clean shares the inside scoop on selecting the primo disinfection service for your humble abode or swanky business. At Pro Housekeepers, we be the wizards of spick ‘n span, and we’re here to take ye on a mystic journey through the labyrinth of industrial and commercial disinfection, ensuring you snag the perfect germ-zapping choice for your treasure trove.

Let’s dish about decontamination versus disinfection, shall we? It’s easy to mix them up like a barrel of grog, but their differences be subtle yet important, especially when you’re dealing with spaces requiring the cleanliness of a ship’s gleaming sails, like laboratories or sterile environments.

Picture this:

Decontamination is all about whipping a space into tip-top shape by lowering the number of pesky microbial invaders. Whether it be a cozy hospital room or a bustling veterinary clinic, when an area be decontaminated, it’s smooth sailing for the next landlubber to come aboard without fear of infection.

  • On the other hand, disinfection be the process of purging nearly all pathogenic critters from surfaces—think chemical magic potions.

  • Disinfecting be one way to decontaminate the space but there be others, like sterilization (thorough elimination of microorganisms using heat or gas), and antisepsis (applying antimicrobial elixirs to the skin or living tissue).

  • In this yarn, we’ll jump into the popular disinfection methods, from home-based sprucing services to industrial foggers and powerful UVC lights.

  • Choosing the proper germ-obliterating technique depends on a groovy mix of factors, including the reason for disinfection, the pesky microbes you want to eliminate, and the surfaces they be lurking on.

Let’s chat about keeping our nests clean, shall we?

  • The disinfection we be most familiar with is the stuff we do at home using our trusty household cleaners.

  • For most tasks, wiping down surfaces, such as faucets, countertops, and door handles, is plenty effective in maintaining a jolly and secure environment.

  • Now, disinfection be the act of eliminating pathogens (usually through chemicals) while cleaning focuses on clearing away dirt and germs.

  • We spruce up our houses by sucking up the floor crumbs, sweeping dust bunnies away, and shining coffee tables.

  • Disinfection be the process of applying antibacterial power potions like bleach or ammonia-based products made by swanky brands like Clorox and Lysol.

  • We usually reserve this for nonporous, high-risk zones like those in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • For many a commercial establishment, chemical disinfection with household goods is the cat’s meow. Office desks, computers, switches, and handles can all be disinfected to safe levels lickety-split.


  • However, some workplaces, like factories, laboratories, and commercial kitchens may need heavier, specialized disinfection cannons at their disposal.

Enter the electrostatic disinfection!

These nifty electrostatic sprayers are a groovy way to distribute an even blanket of disinfectant juju across a vast area, outperforming manual methods. These gizmos coat disinfectant droplets with an electric charge, causing them to repel each other, and voilĂ ! Instead of clumping on surfaces or missing spots, these particles create a smooth, even layer.

Electrostatic disinfection can be used in a variety of settings:

– Public restrooms
– Locker rooms
– Gymnasiums
– Medical offices and facilities
– Schools
– Assisted living centers
– Airports
– …and more!

Fancier electrostatic sprayers even create positively charged particles, which is a lucky coincidence since most bacteria happen to be negatively charged. Positive and negative attract like magnets, and the disinfectant spreads further and wider, including those sneaky, hard-to-reach nooks and crannies you might miss with manual methods or traditional sprayers.

These electrostatic contraptions can de-germ your workspace in a snap, providing more coverage in less time. Since they apply a thin, even layer of disinfectant, these sprayers are less wasteful and don’t overspray, making them cost-effective compared to the elbow grease of manual cleaning.

Now, like any fancy-schmancy invention, there be pros and cons of electrostatic disinfection.

– Less waste, no overspraying
– Environmentally friendly, uses less product
– Cost-effective

– No long-term protective barrier
– Reduced effectivity on porous materials
– Irritant cleaning chemicals

So, me hearties, consider these groovy tidbits and weigh the pros and cons when choosing the ultimate weapon against germs in your quest for swashbuckling cleanliness!

Now, me lads ‘n lasses, let’s jig to Ultraviolet light disinfection 

UVC or as some rascals call it, far-UVC.

  • The downside to electrostatic sprayin’ be its trust in disinfectant solution, akin to our dear ol’ house cleaners. Though mighty powerful, these solutions can cause a ruckus for us humans where they be used, rendering ’em unsuitable for some duties, like keepin’ the galley clean.

  • To trump that, some use ultraviolet (UV) light to keep their ship’s quarters safe from unwanted guests. UVC light be germ-slayin’ without leavin’ an aroma or a trace behind. It sweeps out a vast space in a blink of an eye, making UV light a thrifty and efficient manner to keep yer bilge rat-free.

Hold yer horses, what be this UV light disinfection sorcery?

  • Brace yerselves – the UV light befall ‘tween visible light and X-rays and be a form of electromagnetic radiation that disarms those sneaky microorganisms, argh! No quarter for ye filthy microbes! Waves of UVC light be the top choice for disinfection, and behold, ye might’ve seen it work when ye hang ye laundry out to dry.

Tip : notice the advantages and disadvantages of UV disinfection

Heard of the notorious far-UVC light?

  • Found at the center of the UVC spectrum, with wavelength of 207-222nm, this wavelength tames even the wildest microorganisms, but nary a harm to us seadogs! Nay, it p’rhaps be the key for our dilemma with the usual UV light be not safe for humans. Avast! The future may hold a constant stream of UVC light, cleansin’ spaces like the surgeon’s quarters and ye hook sharpenin’ bench in real time.

Moving along to Fogger disinfection, ye have ye thermal foggers and ULV foggers.

  • Many types of these mystical fog machines be afloat, but all share the same mission: fill up our vessels and air with disinfectant ’til it be brimmin’. Foggin’ sure gives surfaces a good cleanin’, but be wary as it can stow dangers and disruptions.

  • Arr, we got choices for foggin’: Chemical foggin’, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide, and Ionization. Some bringin’ heavy fog, some requirin’ pretreatment, and some need no port clearance whilst busy fightin’ our invisible enemies. Each type be havin’ its merits and drawbacks, so best to measure yer compass and consult our informative Captain’s Log.

  • Turnin’ to Air scrubber disinfection, a gentler way of cleanin’ a broad space. Air scrubbers are dandy standalone units while air purifiers be built into yer ducts helpin’ clean the ocean breeze. If ye want to create a vacuum to fend off contaminants, welcome aboard the Negat’ve Air Machines! These mates work well as second mates in the fight against germs but shouldn’t be the Captain of the cleanin’ team.

    So ye see, fine folks, ye got plenty options to keep ye vessel spiffy ‘n sparklin’. Choose wisely and let the winds take ye to a clean ‘n healthy voyage!

Germ-Fiesta Crashers: Do the COVID-19 Boogie

Ever since that wonky new star COVID-19 entered the scene, folks have been rain-dancing for a disinfectant soiree to save the day. Host a bubble rave bash, we say! SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t stand a chance against something as simple as good, ol’ fashioned soap – those sudsy groove-meisters break down the virus like it’s last decade’s dance craze.

Never fear, the EPA (aka, The Clean Dream Team) created List N as your germ-demolishing cheat sheet. It’s chock-full of household cleaners you need to get the no-germ fiesta going, like:

– Lysol Boogie Bopper Spray
– Lysol Groovy Grime Gripper Wipes
– Clorox Jammin’ Jazz Swipes
– Clorox Bacterium Banishing Bleach
– Hydrogen peroxide (aka, Bacterium’s Kryptonite)
– Sodium hypochlorite (you can call it “bleach”)

Pro tip:Before disinfection find out what is the best – Clorox vs. Lysol: The Showdown of the COVID-19 Clean-a-Thon!

Fun fact: Clashing the cymbals of Clorox and Lysol, wondering which riffs best? We’ve got the lowdown, my rhythm and blues compadre!

Disinfection doubloons expenditures

  • The price tag be of great import when choosing a service to swab the deck. Sure, we all yearn for a bonny deal, but the culmination of ridding yer lodgings or workplace of muck will be anchored in the measurement and magnitude of the job, and the tactics employed. Alas, vast industrial remedies such as the fog of war tend to lighten yer purse more than the less intrusive alternatives, particularly if they be a single escapade.

  • Incorporating a fresh-air siren within the confines of the office HVAC or recruiting a band of allies for regular jolts of electric dew shall yield the best doubloons-for-results ratio in the days ahead. Though, industries in need of a unique de-gunking procedure, like apothecary’s huts and surgeon’s galleries, should put their focus on the strength of the disinfection strategy and how hastily the turf can be repopulated once treated.

Which disinfection sorcery be right for ye?
Before ye pledge to a cleaning service, contemplate these enigmas:

– Scallywags and pathogens be present? A knowledge seekers’ den will have different cleansing demands than a hidden office lair. Aye, envision realistically which tiny foes be lurking nearby and the best strategy to vanquish them.

– How long can ye abandon ship? If pieces of eight are lost each moment a cabin be empty, a five or six-hour fogging voyage may result in a hefty toll. Ye must search for the balance between the required solution and the time it takes to enact the dispelling.

– Can the chosen ritual be performed? How often must the exorcism be invoked, and how will it fit around your current undertakings? Ponder on the scheduled down-times when the cleaning crew can dock and get busy with their work.

– Avast, be the disinfectant inoffensive? Alas, some establishments must bear limitations on the cleaning rituals they perform. There be potions unfit for feasting surfaces, thus inappropriate for merchant taverns. Many a concoction may cause harm and shouldn’t be utilized in caretaking residences or medicinal chambers where susceptible folks might encounter them.

Discovering a magical cleansing solution to suit yer needs may require walking the plank to find the perfect alchemy, but by understanding thy options, ye can make the savviest decision for yer swashbuckling trade. For all yer cleaning desires, Pro Housekeepers be offering expert aid and service. So, book yer first meeting with a housekeeping maven anon!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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