How to Clean Cabinets Inside?

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Cleaning Services, Detailed Cleaning

Attention to this, my comical cohorts! The great closets of culinary secret stuff, those dark and dusty recesses deep beyond your cabinet doors, likely go unnoticed by your keen eye. Why be this, I hear you ask? Who would willingly plunge their hands into the silent depths only to be assaulted by the fetid aroma of old paprika and forgotten tinned peas?

But fear not! Wiping down your cabinets need not be akin to battling the Cyclops. Today, we saddled kitchen knights shall embark of an epic cleaning quest, one that allows your cupboards to be rejigged for their pristine debut in the upcoming year! May your selves be pervaded with mirth and motivation. Cleanliness breeds positive spirit. And possibly, a welcoming sanctuary for that hidden cookie jar.

So, why embark on such domestic spelunking? The reason is as simple as it is practical – the cloisters of your cabinets are fertile ground for dirt, dust, and debris! If your cupboard doors are as disobedient as an untamed mule, then that’s your first sign to smarten up those insides.

How often you choose to trim your cabinet’s hairy corners depends on how frequently you pay them a visit. If they are your daily delve, giving them a quick once-over weekly is judicious – before spills obstinately adhere and become architectural features within the cabinet-scape.

Moreover, keeping a beady eye on those food particles that have had the audacity to slither into the nooks and crannies is elementary for any germ-busting kitchen avenger. Failing to do so could invoke an insect jamboree or spore showdown.

So, my merry friends, allow me to unveil the magical procedure to vivify your kitchen cabinets and it’s as akin to external refurbishing. For this Herculean task, you need a unique arsenal of tools and ingredients. Here, I present a ceremonious list:

Grab your cloth or sponge, fresh and new, like a kitten just out of the box. You see, the last thing you want to do is stir the pot of germs, inadvertently by employing a rag that could summon old smelly Marley’s ghost. As for the washing technique? Think salsa dance – small circles that will reach even the most remote, grimy corners.

A creature of the domestic jungle, the vacuum cleaner, too can be your companion. Coupled with its brush attachment, it will help brush off the unwanted clumps of dust lolling around in the crevices and also keep at bay, the cobwebs, having a family reunion in your cabinets.

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Take aid from white vinegar, the commoner’s champion, to abolish greasy deposits and grime accumulation. However, if you have a blossoming garden outside, watch out! Vinegar does not distinguish friend from foe.

Afraid, of the stubborn moldy marks that show their monstrous faces from time to time, bring out the mighty bleach. Now remember, the bleach is a rowdy fellow and needs to be handled with care. Once its job is done, it sews itself into saltwater, leaving no residue of its dark past.


Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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