7 Simple Ways to Clean a Microwave

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Ding-dang-doodle, those beep-bop boxes of warm-me-ups that we fondly call microwaves, they’re a key player in most of our cooking realms. But boy, can they morph into a funky gunky carnival faster than one can say ‘nuked cheese’. In this jazzy chat we’re engaging in, we’re gonna spin out seven zippy ways to spruce up your microwave. Roll up your sleeve, let’s tango with the filth!

Why is it Imperative to Spiffy up your Microwave?

A nice and shiny microwave, now that’s a sight for sore eyes. Not only is it easier on the gaze, but it heats treats with more uniformity. Blast-ridden sauce and spills can cause hot spots, thereby cooking your grub unevenly. Plus, let’s just come out with it, a dirty microwave is a horror show. Who wants their lunch sitting in some else’s yucky splatter sauce?

How often are you running to your microwave?

Chances are, you are hugging it multiple times a day. If you ain’t giving it a clean whirl often, you are probably breeding a miniature zoo of germs in there.

Steps to Sayonara a Grubby Microwave 

Cleaning a microwave can seem like the Twelve labors of Hercules. But listen up folks, give these nifty tips a whirl, and you’ll never have to tussle with a grimy microwave again.

1). First things first, be quick on your feet. Swiftly wipe up spills before they harden and become old, gnarly fossil relics. Doing this with a damp cloth should do the trick.

2). Second, don’t skip out on washing the plate. A frenzied scrub down with soapy water should work like a charm.

3). Third, for those stubborn splatters, a tangy vinegar solution might be your best ally. A 50-50 vinegar-water concoction, microwaved for a couple of minutes should make it easy to boot out the crud.

4). Next, bestow an intensive cleaning session upon your microwave every few months. This ensures any tenacious grease and grime never gets too cozy.

5). Make sure you pull the plug on your microwave before you dive in for a clean. You don’t want to accidentally share an electric shock with your appliance, now would you?

6). Last but certainly not least, it’s crucial to pay heed to the guidelines laid out by the chaps who assembled your microwave. Anything offbeat might just lead to a microwave mutiny.

Seven Spectacular Ways To Scrub A Microwave

Baking soda:
Baking soda ain’t just for pastries and pretzels. This white powdery wonder can clean up microwave funk like nobody’s business. Mix it with water, slather the glorious goo inside and wipe it clean for a sparkling microwave.

Vinegar and Water Fusion:

An equal parts vinegar and water blend can sort out most microwave messes. Heat this concoction in your guilty microwave for two minutes, remove with care, and send the grime packing with a damp cloth.

Lemon-infused magic:

The citrus power of lemons can perform cleaning miracles. Squeeze some juice into a bowl of water, microwave it for a couple of minutes, and voila! Wipe away to a shiny clean microwave without breaking a sweat!

Dish soap:

When life doesn’t hand you lemons, reach for the next best thing- dish soap. A few droplets in warm water and a thorough wipe down later, your microwave is ready to take on the world!

Baking soda and vinegar dream team:

For the relentless dirt and grime, bring out the cleaning big guns. A blend of equal parts baking soda and vinegar. Microwave this mix for a couple of minutes before wiping it down to reveal a grand spanking new looking microwave.

Showstopper hydrogen peroxide and baking soda:

For the big league cleaning, a cocktail of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is your superpower. Alas! Now you can finally see the sparkles in your once filthy microwave.

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What Not to Do While Cleaning A Microwave?

Now, here’s what’s NOT to use – abrasive cleaners, soap and metal scrubbers. Gosh no. They’re your biggest foes in this battle against grime. Follow our tips, and you’ll be the Elvis Presley of microwave cleaning, promise.

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