What Does it Cost to Have Professional House Cleaning?

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Cleaning Services, Maid Service

Whether the cock is crowing over a spring sunrise, or the frost is claiming the winter windowpanes, there’s a Truffula tree’s worth of benefits to keeping your personal castle and its outer territories, like the garage, as pristine as Veruca Salt likes her things. Not only do you put the kibosh on sneaky little stowaway, like dirt, germs, mold, and dust bunnies, which could take a jab at your physical health, but you also open the door to good ol’ creativity and relaxation. Let your imagination roll on the metaphysical massage table and get a good tension squeeze, effectively bolstering your mental wellbeing.

Now, who’s got time to tackle all that necessary, albeit mundane cleaning? Enter stage right: Ukraine Cleaners. Playing the fairy godmother to the Pacific Northwest states, we make it our mission to keep the crème de la crème of cleaning houses in the winning circle. We’ll give you the lowdown on why you should consider capturing our professional cleaners in action in your nest. We’ll also do a few mental cartwheels to give you an accurate picture of the cost projection.

A client new to our family or someone making their maiden voyage into professional cleaning often throws the first question, “What’s the going rate for summoning the professional cleaning brigade to my home?” While there’s a potpourri of factors that might hiccup the actual pennies tied to each service, the silver lining is this: most home cleaning outfits bake affordability right into their recipe for service.

Consider this: a city’s got only so many Downton Abbeys, no? While those affluent customers might shell out a pretty penny for round-the-clock cleaning, that pool of gold isn’t enough to keep the ocean of house cleaners afloat. And if you’re playing in the average income’s ballpark, charging the moon and stars for your service won’t cut it, eh?

So, here’s the deal: a typical two-bedroom, one-bath house can be spruced up for about $165. A couple of hours, and voila! You’ve got a home that’s spotless, rivaling Mary Poppins’ tidiness standards. Now, if your humble abode doesn’t quite fit the cookie-cutter model, fear not! Ukraine Cleaners lets you wave your magic wand, with you choosing the number of chambers, bathing rooms, and any extras you desire.

Remember, we’re crazy about your business. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to ensure our services are as affordable as we can make them.

Fancy a Bargain on Cleaning? Come back, Over & Over!

For any business, a customer playing encores is priceless. With that in mind, we’ve cooked up a smorgasbord of discounts linked to the frequency of your engagement with our services. These price cuts can be a lifeline for our super busy patrons or those with a higher-than-average need for our feather-dusting heroes, perhaps thanks to kids, pets, clutter, or the like.

  • 10% Off Cleanings – If you sign up for monthly or tri-weekly home makeovers, we’ll toss a 10% discount your way for the whole kit and caboodle. It’s a “set it and forget it” strategy to bestow upon your home the care it deserves, sans you lifting so much as a finger. Trust us, you’ll dig coming home to a space that’s clean down to an inch.

  • 15% Off Cleanings – A bi-monthly cleaning can fend off any allergy-inducing foe like mold or bacteria-friends. Plus, it shaves a hefty 15% off your bill. Ideal for cleanliness aficionados who simply can’t squeeze out the time.

  • 20% Off Cleanings – Opting for weekly spruce-ups can save you a whopping 20%. It’s the closest you can get to hosting a live-in maid. Over time, you’ll be so accustomed to your pristine place, you’ll forget what it was like pre-professional cleaning.

Add-Ons: The Cherry on Top!

Every homeowner has chores on their nemesis list. Some households need a little extra elbow grease to shine. Either way, tick the add-on box for more bang for your buck!

1). Deep Cleaning ($65) – If you want a thorough spelunking of the corners of your home where a mop’s a rare sight, we can make this happen for a meager add-on.

2). Fridge Cleaning ($25) – Topping the least-favorite chore list is un-cluttering the fridge. We can banish every stain, spill, and trace of stale food for a fraction of the cost of a brunch in downtown Portland.

3). Oven Cleaning ($25) – Give your oven the cold shoulder, and a smoky fiasco awaits. Worry not, we’ll use top-of-the-line products, giving your oven a shine rivaling Cinderella’s slipper.

4). Interior Windows ($65) – Want a clearer window to the world post-service? Consider our interior window cleaning add-on!

5). Cabinet Cleaning ($25) – Cabinets are often the unsung heroes in the cleaning saga. Just move your stuff, and we’ll get them sparkling anew.

6). Basement Cleaning ($80) – Basements can be breeding grounds for mold and bacteria, spelling potential disaster for your health and wallet. Solution? Our deep cleaning add-on for basements!

7). Laundry Services ($25) – With a time-deficient life, laundry tends to fall by the wayside. Have us wash, dry, and leave your laundry warm and ready for just a small fee!

8). Move In/Out Cleaning ($175) – The deep clean required when moving is a nightmare for many. Our highly experienced team can leave your new (or old) home impeccably presentable.

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Customize Your Service to Your Needs

Like other cleaning pros, Ukraine Cleaners aims for as little intrusion as possible in scheduling, payment, and cleaning. However, custom-tailored services are always on offer!

Whether it’s a single room, a thorough cleaning of your attic, or a rental property you’re showing prospective tenants, we’ve got you. Just connect with our team, and we’ll dance to your tune, crafting a package that complements your cleaning needs, budget, and schedule.

The pros of using pros

Many of our new clients confess they never thought they’d use professional cleaning. However, once they’ve dipped their toes in it, they’re all in. Why, you ask? They suddenly realize they have hours aplenty to spend on things they love!

Yes, pro cleaners cost money, but they buy you your invaluable time and other benefits like:

  • Employee Vetting – All our partner maids and cleaners have faced the litmus test of background and identity checks. It’s your leave pass to a prompt, precise, and polite service!


  • Payments are a breeze – Our customer portal simplifies choosing, scheduling, and paying. No need to worry about paying cash!


  • Total Protection – We, and our partners, are licensed and insured to the hilt. God forbid an accident occurs, but if it does, you can sleep easy knowing it’ll be handled.


  • Seamless Service – Professional cleaners buzz in the background, doing their thing efficiently, quickly, and quietly. Ideally, you can plan to come home to a spick-and-span house!

At Ukraine Cleaners, we’re on a mission to bring reliable, cost-effective home cleaning to the Pacific Northwest. As a link between you and top-notch cleaners across Washington, Oregon and more, we aim to show you how professional cleaning can sprinkle a pinch of magic onto your home and your life.

Spare a thought for the hours you spend each week cleaning. What could you do with those hours? Maybe some quality family time? A round of golf with pals? Cuddles with your pet? Our service ensures you can hold onto the charm and value of your home without having to short change the fun in life.

Ready to dip your toes into professional cleaning? Get in touch with the team who knows their way around quality service at a price you can swallow, and that’s Ukraine Cleaners.

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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