What do maids clean?

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Howdy folks! Who among us doesn’t get that fancy tickle when we prance into a spotless haven? The unrestrained joy when we saunter back from the battlefield of work or classroom and find our abode transformed into a sanctuary of order, floors swept, the dish war horribly ended, everything tucked snuggly in it’s dedicated corner. Have you ever wondered, “how can I get my home to morph into such a paradise?” Well I’ve got just the antidote- call in the Maid Brigade! Let’s delve further into this mysterious realm of dust-busting daredevils.

What kinds of delirious Dirt-Off Magic the Maids spin:

These magical maids give a thorough dust-off to homes, offices and far beyond your expectations. They pop in with their toolkit of wizardry or use yours, always opting for the latter to protect your space from unnecessary bio-chemical warfare. Their repertoire includes – mimicking a tornado with their mops, sending dirt to oblivion with their vacuums, making your bathrooms rival a 5 star hotel, wiping clean your windowsills, baseboards, counter-tops, and cabinets, initiating world peace by settling the dish-pot-pan disputes and sometimes even undertaking the arduous task of emptying your stubborn trash cans, if they dare resist.

The scale of the mess determines the challenge for these domestic superheroes. Some can even make mountains of laundry disappear for a few extra copper coins. However, it’s crucial to be well-equipped and ready for their arrival. Wondering what a raid from these maids might entail in your home? Don your reading glasses:


Their magic touch can make your bathroom feel as if it just stepped out of a spa! Tub/Shower areas are scrubbed with determination, counters are polished, sinks sanitized, and floors are brought back from the slippery edge of doom. They may even replace funky towels or bath mats!


These magical beings kick-off by granting your bed the touch of Midas. Alongside, they clean and organize the entire room- banishing dirty dishes from tables, evicting empty bottles from trash cans, dusting picture frames, bringing back the furniture from a dusty afterlife, and driving away cobwebs from the ceilings.

Living room/ Dining room

They sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, and conjure every surface back to life. This includes tables, coffee table tops, shelves of entertainment centers..and they even clean the lamp shades from the inside, showing the poor light bulbs their true potential.


Your kitchen may just find itself in a fairy tale after they’re done working their magic. Counters are wiped clean with surgical precision possibly even with bleach to keep germs at bay, cabinet are sanitized, floors are squeaky clean after a much-needed mopping. If they’re feeling generous, they go above and beyond by performing some kitchen appliance acrobatics such as vacuuming behind the refrigerator and washing your dishes.

Extra Items: 

They might dust around furniture, windows, blinds/shades, light fixtures, and ceiling fans, and any baseboards that’s been playing hide-and-seek with the mop for a while. Remember, if something isn’t mentioned here and needs some TLC, don’t shy away from mentioning it to your cleaner!

How the Maid Brigade Morphs Your Space:

  • Clean Rooms

Our dedicated domestic daredevils take over your home for a thorough rigamarole. They navigate from room to room, transforming the space with their determined cleaning crusade. They dive headfirst in the depths of dirt until your expectations are met and surpassed. They don’t shy away from exploring every cranny and getting it sparkling clean. They insist on using eco-friendly shields and disposable gloves to avoid any cross-contamination.

  • Banish Dirt and Grime

The maids make it their personal mission to chase dirt and grime into oblivion. They bravely navigate through the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room and ensure no trace of dirt survives their onslaught. Their tools of the trade- mops, rags and more ensure a sparkling aftermath. They even give your windows a thorough once-over so you can glean the outside world with unprecedented clarity.

  • Maintaining Home as a Sanctuary

Regardless of how much clean up one does, there’s always a need for extra attention. If your space hasn’t seen a professional cleaner’s hand for some time, it’s high time for the maids to work their magic! They march from room to room until their mission is accomplished. No room gets overlooked, they ensure the house gets the attention it deserves.

  • Picking Up After You:

Enlisting maid services is essentially delegating the dirty work, literally. Whether you’re fatigued by cleaning or your schedule resembles a battlefield, why shoulder the burden when you can have a knight in shining armor – the maid! You can rest easy while the professionals give your space a facelift.

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Find your Maid Crusader:

Choosing a maid is akin to casting your favorite superhero. Some might give you a quote telepathically (over the phone). Understand what suits your needs the most before you call them into service. Factors such as square footage, special requests like appliance cleaning might determine your choice. Plenty of maid services offer curated packages, some might swing by weekly for a flat rate while others might translate to a per visit cost. An online search might get you a step closer to hiring your personal cleaning superhero. Compare prices, maybe even haggle a bit because why not? Once you reach a decision, give them a heads-up for future cleanings. This helps these busy bees plan their schedule better, and you evade any cleaning crisis!

And remeber Ukraine Cleaners always helps you!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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