Whacking the ‘Rona On Your Doodads: A Jolly Guide to Tidying, Sprucing, and Blasting Your Den and Job Hive, oh my!

by | Aug 3, 2023 | Cleaning Services, Detailed Cleaning

In this whirlwind of chitchat about the ol’ Covid-19 pandemonium, it’s a puzzle knowing what’s real, and how to shield your fine self and fellow work bees. At Ukraine cleaners, we’re hip to the groove of a spick-and-span, hale and hearty space at your abode and labor lair. Thus, we whipped up this nifty handbook to school you on the Covid-19 lowdown, all from solid and up-to-snuff corners of the info-verse. Get in the know, kind folk!

Quick Handy Hint: We cooked up this guide with the sturdiest sources and freshest intel, but we’re unmasking more ’bout this nasty bugger daily. Keep your peepers on the CDC and WHO websites for the hottest news and guidance.

What’s this Corona jazz?

The ‘ronavirus, or CoV, is the whole shebang label for a virus clan causing quite the ruckus in our human air pipes. Most of these buggers are gentlefolk, serving up modest sniffles as common cold’s culprits. But beware, some nefarious ‘rona cousins are wicked fiends, dishing out dire damage and even the big sleep. Those dastardly sorts include MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV.

Today’s big headline-stealer?

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), that surfaced in Wuhan, China on New Year’s Eve 2019. Its sickness dance goes by Covid-19.

Why’s this Covid-19 fella so ghastly?

At the pandemic’s kickoff, SARS-CoV-2 strutted its stuff as a brand spankin’ new ‘rona in human town. With no prior immune system fan club, every Tom, Dick, and Harriet could fall prey to this mischief-making guest.At this jamboree, 237 million confirmed Covid-19 kids painted the globe red, and 4.85 million folks took their final curtain call.

A Handy Hack: Scuttlebutt about morts, morbs, and fah-tales of the ‘rona might’ve crossed your radar. Morbidity’s the folksy count that’ll mingle with the bug, and fatality tallies the infected souls bidding adieu. Mortality mulches the whole populace (yay or nay to infection) destined for that last waltz.

Three Covid-19 brews scored a nod for use:

Elixir №1 :

Name: Pfizer-BioNTech.

Variety: mRNA.

For Whom: Age 12+ (12-15 on EUA).

Delivery: 2 shots, 21 days apart (3 shots for the majorly immuno-crunched).

Boost Tonic: Boosts for some after 6 moons.

Elixir №2 :

Name: Moderna.

Variety: mRNA.

For Whom: 18+ (EUA).

Delivery: 2 shots, 28 days apart.

Boost Tonic: No boost on the menu.

Elixir №3 :

Name: Johnson & Johnson.

Variety: Viral vaudevillian.

For Whom: 18+ (EUA).

Delivery: 1 shot.

Boost Tonic: No boost on the menu.

You see, these magical potions give your body the blueprint to throw together their very own viral imposter – a protein spike peculiar to the rogue Covid villain. Your immune system rejects this strange fellow, concocting antibodies to evict the uninvited guest. Voila! With these antibodies now in your toolkit, you’re prepared to vanquish the Covid-19 enemy.

So far, our trusty vaccines appear to shield us from known Covid-19 mutations, making it crucial for us all to join the vaccine party! But remember, immunity is a fickle mistress – infection is still possible, but your body’s defenses spring into action like a spry ninja!

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On to the pesky symptoms of our viral adversary, Covid-19 usually plays it coy with mild fevers and coughs. In more severe circumstances, it conjures respiratory mayhem, pneumonia, and, for a tragic few, the grim reaper’s embrace. Among its early tell-tale signs are the mysterious loss of taste and smell.

This elusive wicked gremlin could plague you for up to 14 days before you even notice. Be wary of the coughing, fever, and mystical sensory losses, for the presence of Covid-19 may be near!

Refer to the oracle of the CDC for a complete symptom list, though distinguishing Covid-19 from common maladies may perplex even the wisest among us. Fear not, for the majority of you brave souls will recover without issue, while a small percentage must battle valiantly for survival.

The wise and elderly, or those with pre-existing ailments, tread carefully, for you are susceptible to our nefarious viral nemesis. Numbers from the CDC’s secret scrolls reveal that the over-45 crowd accounts for a whopping 95% of fatal Covid-19 encounters!

Alas, there’s another twist in the tale – the enigmatic long Covid. A most peculiar after-effect plagues some with lingering symptoms like

  • chronic weariness,
  • breathlessness,
  • clouded thoughts.

A haunting reminder of the battle endured, long Covid lingers like a stubborn house guest, leaving 10-20% of recovered warriors weary and spent.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, may the power of immunity be with you, and may your battles with the Covid-19 foe be swift and triumphant!

Greetings, Earthlings! A little birdie told me that casa de you is where you’re most likely to tango with pesky Covid-19, with those indoor transmission rates shimmying up to 30%. In other roundup barrels of contagious fun, we’ve got the big house, homes for the venerable elderly, and where our grub gets churned out – but don’t forget the exhilarating chaos of in-house dining establishments, too.

How to keep your home from SARS-CoV-2:

1. Gyrate those digits with soap and aqua for a solid 20 count.

2. Embrace the sani-juice rocking 60-95% of the good.

alcohol vibes when your standard sudsy duo is MIA.

3. Put those paws in a no-fly zone around the face department – masks on, amigos.

4. Pretend like you’re a mime stuck in a bubble, keeping distance from the coughing and sneezing fellas out there!

The low-down on why soap is the hero we need (and deserve): that dastardly COVID critter has a double-hulled fat exterior. It’s no match for soap’s slick moves, turning those greasy layers into a harmless cosmic slurry.

After hand jiving with every public doorknob, railing, cart, pen, and swiper known to humankind it’s supreme washing time. Viruses like this don’t survive too long without a dance partner, but better safe than sorry, right?

Can’t find that sweet, sweet soap? Reach for the nearest sanitizer bottle, but double-check that it’s 60% alcohol or above.

Fair warning: the CDC says it doesn’t hold a candle to a proper lathering. It’s just a temporary boogie until you reunite with your favorite cleaning partner.

Heard about the DIY sanitizer craze?

Sure, it seems fun when the store shelves go bare, but without lab-perfect measurements, you could create a sludge that’s more Hulk-smash than helpful. The WHO has a recipe, but it’s meant for those medical wiz kids with all the fancy measuring tools. Save yourself the trouble and tango with good ol’ soap and water instead.

Tip : if you want to spend time with children usefully and funny- make the sanitizer.

Now, let’s perfect that hand washing dance routine:

1. Douse both hands in water.

2. Soap it up – one pump for foam or two pumps for liquid.

3. Setting the rhythm with intertwined palms going left, right, left again.

4. Shifting the beat with back of hands rubbing (repeat).

5. Fist bump, rub, and switch (keep that tempo!).

6. Crisscross and slide your thumbs in.

7. Water shower to get rid of the evidence.

8. Grab a towel to take a bow!

(P.S. want to ditch the sappy Happy Birthday song? Serenade your cells with a round of “Jolene,” “Lose Yourself,” or “Love on Top.”)

Time for your house.

Disinfecting around the casa, there’s a star-studded line-up of cleaners eager to dance with, and ultimately kick out, the viral fat layers. The EPA’s A-list features Clorox, Lysol, Purell, and Sani-Prime-ready to work their magic, just read the labels and jump into the groove.

Tip: find out Clorox vs. Lysol: the showdown of the COVID-19 clean-a-thon!

So break a leg out there and wash away the Covid blues. Stay groovy, dear earthlings!

Ahoy, mateys! Get ready for a wild ride through the magical realm of Coronavirus-Killin’! Let’s buckle up and learn some nifty tricks on how to sanitize our beloved habitats against the COVID-19 critters.

Now don’t forget to snoop around the EPA’s little ol’ website for some EPA-approved cleaning brigadiers to help you in this battle. These marvelous potions have been certified for combat against the Coronavirus.

If you want to go old-school, you can whip up a bleach cocktail by combining 5 tablespoons of bleach with 1 gallon of water. But first, do-si-do with a pair of disposable rubber gloves and clean any visible grime on your surfaces. Then, give your surfaces a thorough baptism with your bleachy elixir, rinse with water, and dab it dry. Toss those used gloves and cleaning supplies and give your hands a 20-second hand-jiving soap party to celebrate your victory!

When it comes to those soft and comfy surfaces, SARS-CoV-2 may not party for long, but it’s best to crash their shindig anyways. Time to moonwalk over to your curtains, carpets, and clothes and give ’em a good ol’ rub-a-dub-dub with your favorite cleaning solution, as per the manufacturer’s jibber-jabber. Remember to crank up that heat when washing, dry ’em right up, and cleanse your washing machine as a final showdown.

If you’re cleaning laundry potentially tainted by the COVID-19 culprit, protect yourself by wearing disposable gloves, avoiding any funky dance moves with the clothes (don’t shake ’em!), and launder in your trusty detergent with hot, hot water. After ensuring complete dryness, launder any hampers that may have been part of the crime scene, or simply use plastic bags and toss ’em after their mission is complete. Dispose of your gloves, and treat yourself to another hand-washing soiree.

Remember, hygiene is happiness, so keep on top of those high-touch zones like door handles, light switches, and sinks. In these trying times, you’re gonna want to make surface cleaning a daily extravaganza, and be especially vigilant after stepping out into the wild outdoors.

Bear in mind, compadres, that the most perilous territories for infection are out in the great unknown. So dodge those densely populated areas and do the distancing dance.

Face coverings can be your fashionable superhero masks – wear’em to help keep everyone safe!

Let’s start disinfecting and cleaning everything we interact with. 

Combat zone 1: The entrance to the realm.

1. Beware! The gateway to your groovy workspace is swarming with unseen baddies. Disinfect doorknobs like it’s your mission, using potions endorsed by the EPA. Keep an eye on the neighboring surfaces; they might be plotting a devious viral invasion.

2. The reception desk, where visitors intrude upon our germ-free bubble, deserves special attention. Be discreet but diligent in stopping the filth from spreading across the once-pristine land.

3. And pens! Sweet mercy, the pens! Offer them graciously, but sanitize before each noble re-use. Same goes for business cards, lest your visitors carry the contagion through the realm.

4. Point-of-sale devices and waiting areas are ground zero for microbial mischief. Follow the wizards’ advice, use the proper spells, and keep the pathogens at bay.

5. Eliminate unnecessary germ breeding grounds – magazines, toys, and magical distractions: begone! A workplace free of invisible critters may yet prevail!

6. Telephonic transgressions are a darker foe, with shared devices being the most insidious. Clean with the vigor of a thousand germaphobes, especially handsets and dial pads. And maybe reconsider the communal telephone, lest the company fall under the shadow of viral doom.

Combat zone 2: Desks and conference rooms

Assign territory! Having staff members reign over their personal office kingdoms is a fortress against viral invasion. If it’s not feasible, have a strict regime of disinfection at the changing of the guard.

Food consumption invites microbial merrymaking. Defend thy desk from their nefarious feasts with EPA-approved concoctions.

Tip: find out Clorox vs. Lysol: the showdown of the COVID-19 clean-a-thon!

Encourage your valiant coworkers to keep their tools of communication and clicking free of filth, through shifts and changing of hands.

Combat zone 3: Break rooms and kitchens

Close contact heralds the downfall of the realm! Encourage conscious consumption, with each table and chair wiped down pre- and post-banqueting.

Shared eating apparatus must be cleansed with hot, soapy elixirs and thoroughly dried using disposable sorcery (paper towels!). Exercise caution with grubby fingers on shared appliances, and appoint a worthy office knight to oversee sanitary button interactions.

Combat zone 4: Bathrooms

‘Tis not the responsibility of the workforce to maintain these chambers, but preventative precautions are mighty. Avoid touching fixtures with your noble skin, and sing a tune worthy of bardic recital whilst scrubbing thy hands.

A well-stocked supply of soap, paper towelettes, and a vigilant cleaning company shall shield the latrines from wicked intruders at night.

Your humble abode is truly a haven from the snarling SARS-CoV-2. Religiously wiping high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, TV remotes and faucets will secure your palace’s immaculate state.

The clean home is a healthy home, where the mind, body, and soul may frolic without fear. Follow the teachings of the Pro Housekeeping gurus, and safeguard your fortress of tranquility.

Hold fast, dear friends, to your sanity.

A calamitous wind blows, no doubt, but cling to your buckets and mops as your talismans. They are the best defense against the unseen perils lurking around each corner.

Call upon the mighty pro housekeepers, who shall vanquish the insidious germs both at home and in the workplace. Together, we shall emerge as victorious champions in the battle against Covid-19!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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