Washing Machine Cleaning Guide Front Load or Top Load

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Cleaning Services, Detailed Cleaning

Get ready for a rollicking ride as we delve into the washing machine cleaning malarkey! Front load, top load, loop-de-loop, it’s all on the agenda.
Pondering the necessity of scrubbing your washer? After all, it’s awash in suds and water throughout its life. Perceptibly clean, no? False!

Lamentably, your trusty washer becomes a receptacle of detergent residue, fabric softener build-up, minerals from hard water and even unmentionable garments! The result? A less efficient machine, malodorous laundry, and the ever loathsome mold. So, let’s get that washer to sparkle, shall we?

The frequency of your machine’s spa day depends on factors like the hardness of your water and geography, with landscapes inundated with grit and pollen demanding more frequent cleaning.

The mantra for front loaders is once a month, whilst top loaders rejoice with a scrub every quarter.

– Multiple paths lead to a pristine washer! Commercial cleaners, white vinegar, or even baking soda. The key is to remember to rinse out your machine afterward with a hot water cycle (no soap!)

– Front loading aficionados, kick start the cleaning jig with vinegar and hot water. Follow this up by wiping the door seal and gasket, and finally clean that detergent dispenser till it gleams. Remember to wipe down the machine innards post-cycle.

Top-loader lovers, never fear!

The same routine follows – hot vinegar, a wipe of the agitator and tub, cleaning the detergent dispenser, and a rub-down of the washer drum. Give the exterior of the machine a good ol’ wipe down once the cycle ends.

Now comes the great debate – commercial cleaners vs. vinegar vs. baking soda. Fancy store-bought products do a bang-up job, but they’re a little heavy on the purse strings. Vinegar, the sassy domestic diva, packs a punch and is pretty economical while baking soda shines your machine without slicing your budget. However, both may struggle with stubborn grime.

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Other tips to keep your washing machine shine bright like a diamond:  wipe the door seal after each spin, let the door stay ajar to prevent bacterial bacchanals, clean out the detergent dispenser monthly, and for front loaders, attend to the filter regularly.

A well-maintained washing machine is more than a squeaky-clean luxury. It can prolong the lifespan of your clothes, economize detergent use, and even help curb illnesses. So, grab those cleaning supplies and let’s give your loyal washing machine the cleaning performance it deserves.

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