The Best Way to Hand Wash Your Dishes

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Cleaning Services, Kitchen Cleaning

Are you irked by the toil of dish-toiling? Not alone, my friend! This mundane endeavor vexes many. But what if, dare we say, there exists a more delightful, less grunt-work path? Dare we jest dishwashing a whiff of a breeze rather than a hurricane of a chore? Well, buckle up, buttercup, because this blog post intends to enlighten you on the optimal methods of scrubbing your porcelain treasures!

So why the hullabaloo around hand washing utensils?

A few hard-hitting reasons lie nestled within this seemingly trivial choice.

1). Primarily, it’s a brilliant tactic to banish those nasty bacteria loitering about. Unrinsed crockery is a springboard for bacteria. A dollop of food residue can transform a cup into a Petri dish. Clean dishes post-hand wash mean a fortress against sickness for your kin!

2). Secondly, giving your dishes an up-close-and-personal bath could extend their lifespan. Dishwashers are notorious for their intense methods that can cause delicate items to yield over time. Embrace the mantra: treat your dishes with respect, and they’ll respect you back!

3). Lastly, nothing quite thrills like handwashing dishes. It’s not just a grind – it’s therapeutic, a splash of Zen in your daily routine. The satisfaction derived is akin to finding Waldo on the page – pure, unadulterated joy!

But does this seemingly primitive practice truly cleanse those dishes?

Positively! In fact, it may trump the mighty dishwasher. Scrubbing by hand permits you to attend to every crevice, every speck. Dishwashers, while hi-tech, may sometimes overlook and underperform, leading to a disappointing presentation of grubby plates.

Hot water and dishwashing – any connection?

Hot water is your comrade-in-soapy-arms. It efficiently extricates grease and stubborn food particles compared to its cold counterpart. Moreover, it functions as a germ assassination squad, maintaining a pristine environment. So, rev up that hot tap when embarking on this dishwashing quest!

Sponge or dishcloth – which steed should you mount?

This tug of war solely depends on personal choice. Some folks swear by sponges, citing their superior scrubbing power, while others advocate for dishcloths, hailing their supreme absorbency and spot-reduction prowess. Wield your weapon as you please!

What about the elixir of life aka soap?

Practically any soap could suffice for dishwashing, but our endorsement leans towards those concocted exclusively for handwashing dishes. These milder, more benign potions refrain from stripping off essential oils from the dishes whilst generating abundant froth to aid scrubbing.

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Remember, comrades, the devil is in the dish-washing details. Proper preparation is paramount – soap, scrub brush, clean towel, and piping hot water. Scrub, rinse (hot water, mind you!), and pat dry your culinary canvas with a pristine towel.

Bonus Tip: Use combos like vinegar and water or baking soda and water for the more stubborn blemishes. If push comes to shove, cut the chase and attack with a lemon, whose acidic properties deliver a knock-out punch to adamant stains!

The silver lining may surprise you too – measured use of water and soap can bring down your bills without compromising the quality of cleaning. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals gnawing at your cherished dishware. Follow these steps, and you’ll be greeting cleaner, safer dishes!

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