The Best Broom for Cleaning and How to Choose the Right One

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In the realm of home maintenance, a good whisk wielder could truly be your knight in shining armor. Be it the age-old fight with floor grime or an epic battle against the critters nestled in the eaves, a hearty broom aids in vanquishing these foes with little ado. Then again, the plethora of broom types and brands flooding the market could throw one in a conundrum. Much like choosing your weapon in an epic adventure!

Broadly, brooms fall into two categories: the push and pull. The push broom styles itself as a brusque warrior with stiff bristles, driving grime and debris headfirst. The pull broom, on the other hand, with its gentle bristles, morphs into a passionate collector of dirt and debris. And within these categories, we’ve got brooms moonlighting as angle brooms, corn brooms, deck brushes, garage sweepers, and street brooms. Your average pull broom could whip itself up in plastic, metal, or wood, prepping for its mission against ceiling cobwebs and sidewalk leaf piles.

In the broom arsenal, we’ve got the push broom, whisk broom, and the dynamic duo of the dustpan and brush. The push broom lords over sweeping large territories like driveways and sidewalks. The smaller whisk broom expertly navigates cramped spaces like counters and shelves. The dustpan and brush, they’re your run-of-the-mill grime and dust cleaners.

The push broom, don’t let its bristly demeanor scare you. Its stiff handles easily infiltrate dirt-filled corners and crevices. The tricky part is mastering the back-and-forth movement of the handle. A perfect sweeping motion of balletic grace. The whisk broom with its soft bristles and small frame is a master of tight spaces. Along with cleaning tight spots, it’s a pro in cobweb denial! The dustpan and brush combo, while a classic dirt-busting team, they do take time as intricate corners and edges demand careful, repeated action.

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Choosing your broom is a matter of personal preference and budget, much like choosing your favorite cup of joe. If you’ve got large spaces that demand regular sweeping, a more premium push or whisk broom could be worth the investment. Folks looking for an affordable, portable, and nifty cleaning companion, hello dustpan and brush! Don’t forget your broom needs love too, so remember to sweep-clean your broom and store it in a dry spot, think drier than dry British humor, to avoid a mold-made brunch for warping!

Broom material plays a villain or hero in this tale too!

You’ve got your plastic brooms, good ole foam brooms, straw, and even corn husk brooms:

The plastic brooms are the reliable Clark Kents, here, there, and everywhere, solid, and low maintenance.

Foam brooms are a softer touch, gentle on surfaces but a bit of a taskmaster when it comes to cleaning them.

Straw and corn husk brooms, meet the organic club.

Biodegradable and eco-friendly, but long-lasting?

Well, that’s up for debate!

The size of the broom could range from an 18-inch weapon of mini-destructive cleanliness or a 30-inch broad cleaning knight. Tiny brooms for the tight spaces, and you got the big ones sweeping up the messes in large areas.

The head of your broom also decides your cleaning fate! Round or rectangular, each has its strengths. Roundheads, great grime busters. A rectangular-headed broom excels at channeling water and snow.

Think of the broom handle as your magic wand! Straight or curved, each is designed for a unique role. Straight handles, reaching high-up places is their game! The curved ones, getting under furniture and into tight corners is their claim to fame.

Finally, my friend, price does play a role in the broom you choose! Ranging from $20 to $50, the most expensive ones are made from high-quality materials, and like any high-end product, they come with extra features. Think telescoping handle or the nifty rotating head.

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Sure, the Stanley FatMax Xtreme pushes broom or the O-Cedar ProPlus push broom, both top-notch for their durability and great cleaning abilities. Also, in the plastic hall of fame! Craving for a touch of nature to clean? BroomStick Corn Broom, biodegradable and compost-friendly. Looking for an extendable broomstick, the Casabella Adjustable Angle Broom makes the deal! Adjustable angle, soft-grip handle, it does indeed have a lot going for it.

So, are you ready to become a pro whisk wielder?

Done mopping the floor, go ahead, dust your car’s dashboard with these brooms. Remember, the key to premier broom performance is a properly cleaned and conducted broom. Let the sweeping adventure commence!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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