3-Step Approach to Organize Your Home

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The more time one spends within the walls of their abode, the more it transforms into a labyrinthine collection of knick-knacks, doodads, and detritus. The bygone years bring forth offerings, mementos, cherished trinkets, vestiges of offspring’s former duds and playthings, as well as all those jettisoned items, pledged to be of use “on a morrow yet unseen”.

This aggregation of tchotchkes engenders a disorderly household, particularly if one shares their domicile with individuals who possess the irksome propensity of disregarding cleanliness. Yet, one must resist the allure of succumbing to the chaos, for if left unattended, it shall soon encumber the inhabitant’s psyche. Additionally, maintaining organization within one’s home is imperative for its ease of management, and the health and well-being of its denizens, for an orderly household is oft a clean household.

Importance of Organizing

For many different reasons, the act of systematization is highly valuable. It first helps to calm frazzled nerves and reduce stress. A cluttered and disorganized home can be a constant source of unease and annoyance, but when everything has a place and can be found when needed, the atmosphere is peaceful and content.

Additionally, organization can result in time and money savings. One is less likely to make unnecessary purchases of things they already own if they are aware of where everything is. Less time is wasted in frustration and haste when essentials are quickly discovered.

And lastly, living in a home that is well-organized is a pleasure. Living in peace and poise in one’s home makes it much easier to enjoy life and the company of loved ones.

So, keep in mind to start with a blueprint if you’re ready to conquer the clutter in your home. A little bit of organization can do wonders for creating a peaceful, enjoyable haven in your home.



Decide on a goal before you start your journey. Once you have identified your goal, write it down and post it in a location where it will be seen by you every day. This will serve to boost your motivation and ensure that you are persistent in your pursuit. Specify what you hope to achieve through the organization of your home, such as a surplus of space, the elimination of clutter, or the ability to locate possessions with ease.


Create a plan to move on to the next junction. You must now choose the strategies needed to achieve your goal. Make sure your plan is realistic and doable; trying to do too much in one go will only cause frustration. Identify the necessary steps and stages to be taken.


Lastly, start taking action. Step by step, start carrying out your plan. Bringing order to your household is the primary goal, not having it perfected in a flash, so don’t get discouraged if progress takes longer than you’d like. With patience and perseverance, you will eventually succeed in achieving your goal.


Step 1: Plan and purge

  • Start off by mentioning the unimportant.¬†

 Jill Yesko, president of Discover Organizing Inc. In Pittsburgh, advises not to let the size of the task at hand intimidate you; instead, start with a modest area, such as the garage, pantry, or hall closet. By making room for items that need a more appropriate location than the kitchen counter or foyer, this will allow you to refine your system before moving on to more labyrinthine areas and position you for success in the future. 

  • ¬†Give Enough Time.¬†

 Purging and organizing typically take more planning and time than anticipated, like any home improvement project. Treat it like any other task, and allow an extra hour or so at the end of each task to return the space to its original state. This is especially important in areas with high utility, like the kitchen or bathroom. 

  • ¬†Systematically move forward.¬†

¬†If you don’t have a plan to control the chaos, the thought of organizing a disorganized basement or crammed closet can make you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. Yesko works from left to right, top to bottom, and places each item in a box or spot on the floor marked with a K, T, S, or D. This method allows her to categorize items for retention, discarding, selling, or donating. Creating a “relocate” pile is another tip offered by Susan Layden of Susan’s Organizing Solutions in Tampa Bay to avoid getting sidetracked by everything that needs a new home.¬†

  • ¬†The Organized Kitchen’s Drawer Organizers.¬†

¬†Avoid having a “Some Day” mentality.¬†

¬†When going through clothing, kitchenware, or cosmetic accessories, only keep the things you like and use. There is no room for ambiguity. Though it might be difficult, resist the urge to save something for “some day” when you might miss it. For example, it might be difficult to say goodbye to a beloved pair of jeans that no longer fit or a well-intended gift that doesn’t suit your tastes. Think about how upsetting it would be if that unlikely day did come, on a scale of 1 to 10, to gain perspective.

One of the key methods of organizing your home is to declutter it.

Step 2: Create solutions

  • ¬†Locate Housing for All.¬†

Allocate a home for each item and a function for each precinct. This is the most important, yet frequently ignored, step in fostering lasting organization. 

Items with the highest priority and frequent use should be placed in the most convenient areas. 

  • ¬†Become one with nature.¬†

¬†For best results, clutter-busting tactics should be in line with your family’s natural tendencies. All of your tribe’s members must leave their shoes at the front door otherwise the storage compartments in the back will be useless. Similarly, Yesko suggests not trying to get rid of paperwork if your dining area doubles as a desk. Instead, create a mobile workspace that is simple to store, using a file box with handles or even just a set of folders arranged in a basket.¬†

  • ¬†Impression-making Imprints.¬†

Labeling storage bins, shelves, and other places where items have “homes” can be a vital organization tool in large households. For example, there are specific shelves in the pantry for cereal, soup, baking ingredients, etc. , makes it possible to quickly ascertain what is available for a last-minute meal and what needs to be replenished.¬†

Even young children can develop the habit of keeping their toys and games in their proper places if you use pictures instead of words to label the location. 

  • ¬†Adapt to Expansion.¬†

 Make sure that 25% of the space is left empty when using a closet or choosing between a 72-quart or 100-quart bin for Halloween decorations, advises Yesko. As you add to your collection of possessions or move items from different rooms in your home, this is a crucial part of keeping your system functioning. 

Step 3: Maintain

  • ¬†Put it in sync.¬†

 Not just a stack of boxes and bins, organizing is a dance, a symphony of routine. 

A rhythmic pick-up right before dinner or bedtime can be helpful for the busy families. Sorting, purging, and filing mail and paperwork on a set day and location can help to solve the issue. 

Yesko advises setting aside a weekly cadenza of 10 to 15 minutes to review everyone’s schedule and assign responsibilities for maintaining the house. This proactive step synchronizes meal preparation and carpool schedules in addition to helping to maintain order.¬†

  • ¬†Implement preventative measures.¬†

Julie Riber, owner of Transformare Organizing Services and president of the Ohio Chapter of NAPO, advises creating rules for what endures and when to get things under control permanently. For instance, “I will not hold on to newspapers older than a week or magazines longer than two months,” “Any non-perishable item in my pantry older than a year will be donated,” or “Any item worn, torn, stained, or broken will be discarded.”.¬†

¬†Take a cue from Layden, who displays signs to clients that read “Less is more” or “Enough is enough” for those who are prone to retail therapy or can’t say no to a good deal. “.¬†

  • ¬†Make necessary adjustments.¬†

 In the absence of professional assistance, adjustments must be made as your system copes with the challenges of daily life. The chances to discuss problems and develop a strategy to bring the home back together are provided by these weekly meetings.

Start Cleaning and Organizing Your Home Today

 A home, a maze of the everyday, frequently turns into the source of distress as clutter builds up like the tide. But fear not; with our wacky tips to organize your home and keep it organized, you will cope with the mess and make your home be royal. 

-Start with a Small Area: Cleaning a house that has turned into a cluttered chasm may appear to be an impossible task, but the key to opening the door to a clean and organized home is to start with a small area, such as a desk, counter, or dresser. 

-Set Aside Some Time: Organizing and decluttering your home should take no less than 30 minutes per day. Naturally, more time is always appreciated, but even a short period of time can result in a significant change. 

¬†-Create a system that works for you: There is no standard method for organizing your home because each person’s needs are as unique as a snowflake. Instead, choose a system that fits your personality. Decide what works best for you and your family, whether it’s purchasing a storage container or designating a specific location for each item. The most crucial thing is to make sure it is a system you can sustain over time.



Stay away from these dangers while pursuing a wholesome order. On your journey to bring harmony into your home, be on the lookout for some traps. 

 -Avoid covering too much ground at once. You will feel defeated and as though nothing was accomplished after such endeavors. 

¬†-Prevent postponing the task’s start. The longer one waits, the more difficult it is to start.¬†

¬†-Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Admitting that you need help setting up your home is not a sign of shame. The journey will be easier and less stressful if you enlist the help of a friend or relative.¬†

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