What to Expect from a House Cleaner?

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Maid Service

Imagine, if you will, the last round of fisticuffs you had with your household dust. You perhaps fought tooth and nail, scrubbing, shining and vacuuming all those pesky dust bunnies lurking in every nook and cranny. All that scrubbing and rubbing might have left you as worn out as a two-dollar bill and as grumpy as a hungover troll. Hence, the appeal of throwing open your doors and welcoming in those svelte professional cleaners to wave their magic scrub-brushes in today’s harried hurly burly! Here’s a peek into the thrill of hiring these proficient dust busters and how you too can sign them up for a dazzling shine session!

What’s in it for You?

Undertaking a house cleaning expedition is a chore. The savvy option might be to delegate this burden when life’s frenzied flurry becomes too much, or you need an extra pair of hands for those humongous cleaning exploits. Here’s the intel on what to anticipate from your local house-cleaner providing the clean-up services. Brace yourself for:

Comprehensive Cleaning: The cleaners you hire will go over your entire home with a fine-tooth comb. They’ll come ready, packing their professional equipment and using tried and trusted supplies that ensure your home is purged thoroughly. You want their cleaning crew to have some elbow room to wrap up the job in a day or within the agreed-upon timeline. Make sure you spell out your expectations clearly, including travel time from their headquarters as well as the work duration.

Clued-in cleaners: The key is in the cleaning staples used and their pet-safety. If your chosen crew has previously dealt with pet blunders, the chances are they’ll waltz through the challenge. But sometimes, failings can overshadow tall claims. Therein lie the cautionary tales of hiring folks who talk the talk but when faced with a ground reality, drop the ball and leave an even bigger mess to mop up.

Sharp Organisers: Cleaners aren’t just dab hands at surface tidying. They’re trained in the nuances of their craft and will leave every room in your house spick and span. Their drill starts with vacuuming floors, extra focus on high-traffic areas, dusting surfaces, wiping counters, buffing furniture as needed, de-griming bathrooms, polishing mirrors or windowsills, and then moving on to bedrooms. A cleaner’s ultimate goal is leaving your space shipshape and organized.

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How to Roll out the Welcome Mat for Cleaners?

A cleaner will come ready to dive into their tasks, so don’t sweat over pitching in with supplies. However, make sure your personal belongings haven’t wandered off before their arrival and jot down the extra tasks at hand. The more organized your home, the easier their job, but if your furniture is on the grubbier side, that ain’t a deal-breaker.

Tip: it’s vital to learn how to prepare for a home cleaning service before cleaning. 

  • Prep your house for the cleaner by decluttering. A colossal mess only means more time spent cleansing, so do your best to purge before the professional cleaner makes an appearance. Stack away items that cannot be moved or thrown out neatly out of sight, ideally, tucked away in closets, away from prying eyes.

  • Between cleaner visits, take a leaf out of their book and initiate some cleaning tasks yourself. Regularly wipe down kitchen appliances, sinks, and taps with anti-bacterial spray to curtail dirt build-up and bacteria growth. This goes a step beyond what even a professional service can prevent.
  • Cleaners are diligent about dusting all surfaces, cleaning windows and sanitizing walls with disinfectant. They’ll mop floors, give wooden floorboards a shiny finish, and even shampoo rugs. The rugs need to be rinsed outside post-cleaning, so ensure that water’s available.

Cleaners’ Gameplan:

  • 20-foot view of the Living Room: It’s all about dusting, vacuuming and freshening your upholstered furniture, with floor edges added to their to-do list. All in a bid to elevate the aesthetics of your home’s most-visited spot.


  • The Kitchen Capers: The focus shifts to wiping down all countertops, appliances, and floors. The sink might get a cleaning too if needed. Sometimes, cleaners might surprise you by volunteering to scour your cupboards as well, winning them brownie points for future commissions!


  • Dining Room Duties: Cleaners might dust and vacuum delicate features like chandeliers and wall art here. The routine doesn’t vary much, so expect a sweep or vacuum routine and tidying up of furniture surfaces.


  • Bathroom Blues: Durations may vary based on your cleaning preferences, but sinks, mirrors and toilet seats will typically be given a thorough clean. Floors might require a mop or vacuum treatment as well.

How Cleaners Brighten up Your Days

Cleaners respect your belongings as though they were theirs. From leather couches to dining chairs, they know what treatment suits what material. With well-trained staff at their helm, they won’t need your constant supervision. They’ll exceed expectations by ensuring your home is routinely dusted inside and out, with periodic, specialized sanitizing in bathrooms.


You can locate these cleaning services both online and offline. Google Maps or neighbor recommendations are routes to explore. Booking a slot might be a bit tricky with a busy cleaning company, but keep an open mind. Often cancellations might open up a window.

Ukraine Cleaners offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly renditions of their cleaning services. Their charges fluctuate based on your home size. They deliver an exhaustive clean with dusting, mopping, polishing all surfaces, washing dishes left in the sink, and tidying up all trashcans. They even have a ‘green cleaning’ option that uses eco-friendly products.

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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