How to Revitalize a Funky-Smelling Dish

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Ah, the dishwasher – it’s supposed to jazz up your cleaning game, not leave your plates reeking of eau de unwashed. If your dishwasher is throwing a tantrum, give it some much-needed TLC with this spiffy guide to scrub-a-dub-dubbing and maintaining the ol’ dish doohickey. 

Tip: Before starting to deal with your dishwasher, we recommend you learn the biggest mistakes you’re making with your dishwasher.

Sprucing up the Dish Doodad

how to clean dishwasher

There’s a smorgasbord of commercial dishwasher cleaners out there. For most of ‘em, you plunk the whole bottle on the empty dishwasher’s rack and let ‘er rip with a regular cycle. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, but harsh detergents can wreak havoc on your pipes and Mother Nature. So, why not try an eco-friendly alternative? Plop a dishwasher-safe bowl filled with white vinegar on the bottom rack and run a hot cycle. Et voilà! Your dishwasher will sparkle without damaging your pipes or the environment. Pro Tip: Microwave next in line for some sprucing up? You betcha!

De-funk-ifying the Dish Contraption

how to clean dishwasher

If your dishwasher smells like a sewer, then it’s hollering for a good scrubbing. The stench likely stems from gunk in the trap or filter, or maybe a drain roadblock. Give the following methods a whirl, and if the funk lingers, phone a plumber.

Note: a complete guide to revitalizing your dishwasher and eliminating odours will help you make your dishwasher cleaner than it was when you bought it.

Scouring the Dish Doodad Filter

how to clean dishwasher

With its superhero powers, your dishwasher filter stops food debris from jamming the drains. But, it’s up to you to clean the filter at least once a month. Find it on the dishwasher floor under the spinny spray arm. Twist off the filter (following its printed guidance) and give it a good rinse. Then, dunk it in a mix of water and white vinegar or dish soap. Rinse the filter with hot water and pop it back in the dishwasher.

Purging the Dish Doodad Drain Hose

how to clean dishwasher

While the filter’s taking a bath, inspect the drain for blockages. Swipe around the filter casing with a damp microfiber cloth to grab any gunk. Don’t use your bare mitts; broken glass shards might be lurking. Sprinkle half a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. After 10-15 minutes, flush with hot water to clear the drain and hose.

As for the gazillion-dollar question: how often should you clean your dishwasher? It depends on the frequency and pre-rinse preference. The more often you use it, and the less you rinse beforehand, the more often you should clean the filter and trap. Look for gunk buildup on the filter to determine a cleaning schedule. Pro Tip: Ready for more cleaning? Glass-top stove, here we come!

Dish Doodad Cleaning FAQ

how to clean dishwasher

How can I revitalize and deodorize my dishwasher?
Our Pros go gaga for white vinegar. It’s a double-whammy of cleaning and deodorizing. The intense vinegar aroma dissipates quickly, taking yucky smells along for the ride. If vinegar isn’t your bag, opt for citric acid tabs or put 1-2 tablespoons of food-grade citric acid powder in the detergent holder during an empty hot cycle.

What’s the ultimate method for dishwasher interior spiffiness?

how to clean dishwasher

The best method is whichever one tickles your fancy. Use readily available cleaners to make dishwasher-cleaning a breeze – be it vinegar, baking soda, citric acid, or other cleaning tablets. Avoid using harsh detergents or chemicals – they can gum up the works over time.

Can I run an empty cycle to cleanse my dishwasher?

how to clean dishwasher

An empty cycle is better than nothing, but it packs more punch with a cleaning solution on board.

How can I de-clog my dishwasher?

how to clean dishwasher

Start by cleaning the filter and drain trap. Baking soda and vinegar might coax out the clog (although it could take several treatments). Flush hot water between each attempt. If your dishwasher’s still clogged, summon a plumber. Pro Tip: Give your other cleaning machines some love! See how to spiff up a washing machine.

Best Dish Doodad Cleaning Solutions & Techniques

how to clean dishwasher

From frugal fixes to chemical-free concoctions, numerous home cleaning potions can work wonders on dishwashers. Chances are, you’ve got the makings of a spectacular DIY cleaner in your pantry already.

Dishwasher Drain De-gunkin’ Masterclass: Baking Soda and Vinegar Edition

Hey there, we’ve all heard the ol’ vinegar trick, but did ya know that teaming up Mr. Baking Soda and Ms. Vinegar is like some kind of dirt-busting dream duo? Oh, it’s true, folks – this chemical love affair is harmless to us, but it’s a doomsday disaster for grime!

So, what’s the plan? Get that bottom rack outta the way and liberally sprinkle a cup of the ol’ baking soda on the dishwasher floor. Then pop 1 shiny cup of white vinegar into a bowl, set that up on the top rack, and get that hot water cycle goin’. It’s like a little soap opera in there, folks, with a happy ending for your dishwasher.

No Vinegar? No Problem!

Okay, so maybe you’re a vinegar-free household. No probs! You can still whip up a DIY dishwasher cleaner. What’s the secret? Citric acid granules, or even a packet of lemonade mix for those last-minute situations (but skip the sugar, unless you’re looking for a gooey catastrophe). Just strew the citric acid around the dishwasher floor and get that hot cycle runnin’. Baking soda also works solo, ’cause it’s already a cleaning powerhouse! Vinegar just amplifies the process.

how to clean dishwasher

Vinegar: Friend or Foe?

Vinegar might have a lil’ acidic attitude, but no need to worry about it ruining your dishwasher’s life. Just pop the vinegar in a bowl, keep the exposure minimal, and you’ll keep the risk of any damage real low.

how to clean dishwasher

Got Bleach, Time to Clean

Now, bleach can be a germ-zapping, grime-obliterating hero, but watch out for stainless steel parts. They’re not too friendly with bleach. Otherwise, just plop a cup of bleach in a melamine bowl on the top rack and let hot water work its magic.

how to clean dishwasher

Pro Tip: Keep that kitchen shimmerin’ — learn to maintain and polish granite countertops!

The Cleaning Crusaders

We’ve got lots of options here:

– 1 cup white vinegar
– 1 cup white vinegar + 1 cup baking soda
– 1-2 tablespoons citric acid
– 1 packet unsweetened lemonade mix
– 1 cup bleach
– Your favorite store-bought dishwasher cleaner

Homebrew Dishwasher Delight

Feeling thrifty? Make your own dishwasher tabs! It’s as easy as a Sunday drive.

You’ll need:
– 1 tablespoon borax
– 1 tablespoon washing soda (different from baking soda!)
– ½ tablespoon salt
– ½ Tablespoon food-grade citric acid

Mix and pop it into your dishwasher’s detergent compartment. Scale up the recipe if you need more, just keep the ratios right. Look for washing soda next to the laundry detergents in big grocery stores!

Keep that Dishwasher Detritus-Free

Read up on these sage tips to make your dishwasher work smarter, not harder. Rinse your dishes before stacking ’em, run the garbage disposal before the dishwasher, don’t pack your dishwasher too tightly (or too loosely), and run hot water to get the cycle steamin’ right away.

how to clean dishwasher

The Bottom Line

A clean dishwasher makes for some sparklin’, fresh dishes, and banishes those dish blockage and stinky odors to the past where they belong. So keep it clean, my friends!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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