How to Wash your Blanket

by | May 18, 2023 | Housekeeping

A Guide to Scrub-a-Dubbin’ That Cozy Cuddle Companion: The Weighted Blanket!

Hark! The era of weighted blankets has arrived, bringing with it slumber so serene, you’ll think you’ve melted into a pool of marshmallow fluff. No more tossing and turning in the great abyss of insomnia, anxiety, and stress! Nay, the weighted blanket shall be your knight in comfy, fluffy armor.

But lo and behold! The unfortunate smears and smudges that mar your beloved blanket’s surface after many a cozy night! Fear not, weary sleepers, for we have gathered the wisest of wits to guide you through the mystical art of cleaning your cushy companion.

The Washing Wonders!

These hefty snooze soothers come in an array of weights and fabrics. Hence, a sprinkle of thought must be put into their laundering endeavors.

For instance, the sacred wrappings of linen, wool, rayon, or silk shall not be touched by the cold steel jaws of a washing machine. Ponder these factors before embarking on your washing waltz.

How to wash your blankets

Consider the blanket’s weight: Can your washing contraption bear the burden of your blanket? If not, opt for hand cleaning or voyage to a magical laundromat realm.

Examine the fillers:

The blanket’s innards also dictate the washings. Hand wash, machine wash, or spot clean depending on what narbles (beans, rice, sand) fill your blanket.

Acknowledge the material:

Different blanket materials have their own washing whims. Bamboo, cotton, or flannel can dance with the machine, but linen, wool, or silk shall not.

Related: wool blankets are the most difficult in cleaning, so it would be useful to find out how to clean and care for wool blankets.

The Fine Art of Hand washing a Weighted Blanket

A cozy blanket cradling smooth pebbles or steel shot beads covets a hand-wash pampering. Or if your machine despairs such weight upon its shoulders, hand washing is your savior. The blanket’s birthmark shall reveal its heft.

How to wash your blankets
  • Weight thresholds creep from 5 to 20 pounds.

  • If yours has chubber of 20 pounds or more, seek out a laundromat’s commercial-sized washer, lest you wash the world with your hands.

  • Two paths stand before you – spot clean those smudges or wash the whole darn thing. The soiled state of your blanket shall steer your choice.

  • Only a smattering of stains? A spot washing shall suffice.

I.) Spot Treat Your Sleeptime Buddy

Tools of the Trade

  • – Dishwashing potions
  • – A soft-bristle brušzang (brush or ancient toothbrush)
  • – A loyal cloth
How to wash your blankets

II.) Choreographing the Cleaning

1. Blend dishwashing potion with warm water.

2. Plunge the brušzang or cloth into the soapy waters and scrub-a-dub the stain.

3. A frigid rinse for the now pristine patch.

4. A noble air-drying finale.

How to wash your blankets

III.) Hand Wash the Whole Blankened Wonder

When your blanket’s muck has graduated from minor splotches to unseemly filth, a thorough hand or machine wash is needed. Over 20 pounds of pure blanket joy? Hand washing is a must.

Summon the following:

  • – Detergent
  • – Bath or mighty washtub
How to wash your blankets

Now a cleaning saga unfolds:

1. Vanquish any lingering dirt from your washtub or bath.

2. Water and mild detergent dance in the half-filled tub.

3. Massage the detergent into the H2O until fully absorbed.

4. Blanket submerges then bathes in the cleansing goo.

5. Soak a few minutes, then hand-surf the blanket’s waves. Gloved mitts may be needed for sensitive paws.

6. Evacuate the water.

7. A clean water waltz with your blanket to rinse.

8. Drain and re-fill the tub for a second rinse, banishing all trace of detergent.

9. Spread your blanket flat in all its glory.

10. Fold in half, then roll the water away. But don’t wring it like Aunt Mabel’s dishcloth!

11. Air dry that colossal cozy cover, and it’s good as new!

Behold: The secret knowledge of mattress cleaning and disinfection like a pro!

How to Swirl a Weighty Blankie in the Spin-Cyclone Contraption

Before you commit your chunky coverlet to the aquatic soiree of the whirling device, do take a gander at the fanciful label lest the contraption be deemed unsuitable for your snuggly quilt.

How to wash your blankets

And let us be kind and gentle to our blankets – like a soothing waltz of water and suds.

Items Required: Cleansing Sauce and Swirly-Vortex Gizmo

Step Uno: Be gone, vile splotches! Dish soap and temperate H2O shall rid thee of these unsightly speckles.

Step Zwei: Don’t be a hot-head! Keep the waters icy to preserve thy vibrant hues.

Step III: Elect a dainty spinning dance for your prized possession’s longevity.

Step Quatro: Set your load size to gargantuan, colossal or Godzilla-sized, as necessary.

Step Cinco: Into the vortex chamber gently place thy coverlet, ensuring an even distribution of fluff.

Step 6: Apply a soft touch of moderate detergent sans whitening agents. And nay, holdeth thy fabric tenderizer to prolong the magic of thy blankie.

Step Sept: If thou art so inclined, perform an encore cycle with chilly currents.

Pro Tippery: While Sir Blanket takes a bubbly bath, take a moment’s pause to refresh thy swirling apparatus!

How to Lavish Love on a Goliath Chunky Quilt

For these cozy behemoths, weighing 20 pounds or more, the company of a laundromat’s industrial sized twirling tub would be most advantageous.

How to wash your blankets

How to Dry Thy Blankie Dearest

Again, consult the oracle – reference thy label! Some blanket manufacturers condone mechanical drying, while others deny it. In any case, be certain you care for your blankie without causing harm.

How to wash your blankets

Machine drying

Mild or temperate winds are your friend, dear blankie. Employ the use of cosmic dryer spheres to ensure a balanced and stable distribution of weight.

How to wash your blankets

Air drying

Bask in the sun’s embrace by laying your quilt upon a level plane. Rotate on occasion for even weight and filler arrangement. Avoid line tension for it causes imbalance! And finally, remember – thy blankie shall not endure the trials of the iron. Too much heat can damage the heavens.

How to wash your blankets

The Finale

Two or three times a year, revel in the art of quilt cleansing. Choose the delicate art of spot cleaning for minor smudges and accidental spills, that your blankie may remain a beloved companion.

How to wash your blankets

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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