How To Clean and Disinfect a Mattress Like a Pro

by | May 22, 2023 | Housekeeping

Procedures for Scouring and Fumigating a Snoozery Slab Like a Virtuoso
Decontaminating your siesta surface may daunt but fear not, intrepid sleepers! At times we must morph into tidying titans and the masters of mattress maintenance for assorted reasons, be it infant intervention, geriatric guardianship, or the hallowed springtime spruce-up. At Ukraine Cleaners, we’re bountiful with mattress makeover know-how and ready to impart our wisdom of sanitary slumbering spaces.

The rousing revelation is this: no need for an arsenal of high-priced potions or gadgets to achieve a spotless sleep sanctuary. Behold the humble triad of household gods: baking soda, vinegar, and everyday laundering liquid!

Should you find yourself perusing this post-incident, remember: procuring a water-resistant mattress shield shall undoubtedly thwart future adversity from seepage and splatters.

Decoding the enigma of the mattress guardian

How To Clean and Disinfect a Mattress Like a Pro

Pillow protectors, be they mystical or mundane, can usually surrender to the maw of the washing machine. Ensure you heed the sacred label, lest you diverge from the maker’s will. To prolong the life of the water-resistant coat, select a chill or lukewarm setting, permitting your trusty protector to dry through the whispers of the air, eschewing the heat of the tumble.

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The art of mattress purification

How To Clean and Disinfect a Mattress Like a Pro

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, requires a tailored approach depending on your mattress’s identity, as well as the culprit behind the contamination. Cast your gaze upon these classifications and stain nemeses!

Bed varieties:

  • Memory froth
  • Coil cushion
  • Gel slumber surface
  • Latex sleeper
  • Hybrid snooze station

Familiar foes:

  • Crimson plasma
  • Golden stream
  • Night sweats
  • Hurl
  • Nourishment and potion

Most chameleon-like cushions can be readily rid of residue, but beware of excessive dampness! H2O deluges can plunge mattresses into uncharted depths, resulting in the proliferation of spore-producers and microscopic fiends.

The sole outlier: memory foam mattresses.

Tending to memory foam realms

How To Clean and Disinfect a Mattress Like a Pro
  • Their petroleum heritage renders memory foam vulnerable to unanticipated reactions with chemical concoctions. As an alternative, summon your own solution, or mix humble fluid-of-life with a dash of laundry potion or dish wizardry to dispel any blemishes adorning your memory foam kingdom.

  • Steam-cleaner enticement must be rebuffed and strongly discouraged for memory foam. On encountering an urgent spill situation, however, employ a hair-charmer on its most humble setting.

Whichever noble cushion you possess, in cases of accidental tribulation, blot with fervor before proceeding. No spillage? Desiring a fragrant sleep surface? Odor-neutralizing incantations, repeated with gusto, shall yield optimal results.

Ritualized mattress maintenance

How To Clean and Disinfect a Mattress Like a Pro

A pristine rest oasis not only pleases the senses but also prolongs your mattress’s vitality, banishing allergens and irritants. To bring about slumbering bliss:

Acquire these mighty instruments:

  • Vacuum totem
  • Dish sorcery or enzyme elixir
  • Baking draught
  • Microfiber relics
  • Azure aqua

1. Commence by stripping the bed of its finery and thrusting it into the laundromat’s fiery embrace. A hot cycle casts out the nefarious mite army. Take the opportunity to rejuvenate your beloved head-rests as well.

2. Unleash your vacuum totem (with upholstery attachment) upon your mattress to expel all fugitive debris, from mite legions to the infiltrating forces of dust and desiccated epidermis. Investigate every nook and cranny and eradicate the grime.

3. Lastly, vanquish any remaining blemishes with the swift application of dish sorcery and chilled water, or seek an enzyme champion. Apply masterful minimalism to avoid drenching your mattress. Consult the scroll denoting your mattress origin before commencing the onslaught.

Always remember to clean your mattress on time to not find a guide on how to remove bed bugs. As it’s a common challenge when you don’t clean your bed for a long period of time.

Wielding your chosen solution, anoint a microfiber relic and dab it upon the stain with vigor, exorcising its presence. Appease stubborn contenders with a touch of cool water.

How To Clean and Disinfect a Mattress Like a Pro

Darlings, if your slumber-land has become tarnished with the unfathomable essence of perspiration, fret not! Render your mattress a sprinkling of the almighty baking soda and bid it adieu for a few hours, or perhaps invite that mystical sparkle’d one to a slumber party of its own. Accompanied by the sun’s rays dancin’ like maniacs through your window, they’ll scour away and vanquish any dirt lollygaggin’ in their path, darlin’!

Once this cosmic union subsides, it’s time to show the baking soda the door by vacuuming your mattress like an eager astronaut.

Now, if your sleep cocoon’s been a dweller of the unclean for a while, it may require some tender, love (of the platonic sort), and care! Get ready, my dears:

1. Blot, dab or dab-a-roonie any dirt, dampness, or uninvited moisture

2. Whip out that enzyme cleaner to wrestle stubborn stains, while keeping the mattress from gettin’ soaked

3. Mattress a bit wet? Grab that paper towel, or perhaps a cloth of the microfiber variety, to gulp up any lingering liquid with gentle persuasion

4. Embrace the power of cat litter! Layer it unscented and let those tender granules work their magic overnight, perfumes be damned

5. Summon your dear vacuum to bid adieu to that cat litter

6. Don’t forget to flip that mattress and redo these melodic steps, my cherubs

Shall we discuss how to address those risqué rendezvous with urine-stained mattresses, hmm?

How To Clean and Disinfect a Mattress Like a Pro

1. Absorb as much of that wild pee escapade as possible with dab-a-dab paper towels, microfiber cloths, or repurposed bath towels pressing into the mattress like a seasoned ballroom dancer. Scrubbing? No, darling, it only furthers the infiltration!

2. Mix yourself this at-home potion: 2 tablespoons laundry detergent, 1 cup white vinegar, and 2 cups cold water, best contained within a spray bottle. Fret not about adding moisture, dear – this mattress has seen it all by now.

3. Once concocted, drench your mattress with your newfound wizardry, granting it a 15-20 minute breath, like intermission. Now, an encore performance of kitty litter or baking soda to the stage, my loves! Let this finale sleep soundly overnight before vacuuming any remnants.

If odors persist, embrace an extended encore of cleaning potion sprinkling and drying until urine’s acidic scandal is no more.

Now, for those missteps involving already-evaporated urine, rehydration is key! This may momentarily cause a stink!

How To Clean and Disinfect a Mattress Like a Pro

1. Coat the area generously in your mystical vinegar, detergent, and water potion, then summon plastic wrap or a trash bag to cover it – allow it to steep for a full spin ’round the sun. Next, whisk away the plastic and air dry this ensemble for another half-day or so. Multiple encores may be necessary, my darlings.

2. For those memory foam temptresses, utilize a potion of 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to tenderly coax out the lingering urine, checking in on it after an hour or two, and air drying.

3. For dog or cat whiz incidents, swift action is necessary to thwart pet rebellion. Although animal urine is pungent, the tried and true cleaning methods outlined earlier will lead to victory in your battle against a territory-marked mattress. Rejoice, sweet slumberers!

4. Remember the most important thing in cleaning a mattress is to clean urine out of the mattress

How To Clean and Disinfect a Mattress Like a Pro

So cinch up your linguistic lumbago, folks, and prepare to dive headlong into a whirligig of widdershins and wonkyboomba, where the only thing for certain is that everything will be as jingly-jangle as a bucketful of gory-walluppers! Welcome to the uproarious, uprootaloo, where even the oddness of our verbose extravaganza takes a siesta and has some unusual concoctions!

Cheers, my saucy strumpets, and may we frolic in this fantastical fiesta like a bunch of jubilant jibber-jabberers!

Step Uno: Mop up that whiz without bed smearing — no stain embellishments here, folks.

Step Duo: Lavish that spot with a darn skippy load of baking (sody) pow (avoid tempting your feline with cat litter loo ideas!)

Step Tres: Sweep off the soggy sody pow and reestablish

Step Quad: Book ’em, Danno! Keep going back to step 3 until the baking soda stays Sahara-dry on its debut

Step 5: Tango on back to human tinkling protocol, starting with marinating that stain in a cleaning elixir

No baking soda? No problem-o!

How to clean mattress

Baking soda, that versatile trickster, isn’t just for mattress makeover miracles. Fear not, friend, should it be absent from your shelves, unscented kitty litter (no cats allowed!) can step in. Baby powder or talcum powder also moonlights as mattress stain soakers or pinch-hitters like ol’ reliable table salt.

Painting a bedroom rainbow? Barf on the mattress?

How to clean mattress

No shame in the mattress mishap game. Like a whiz, chucking can sink in and leave a party of an aroma behind. Let’s commence Operation Cleanup!

1. Start by nabbing up that technicolor yawn while avoiding a mattress massage. Fetch an old bath towel for the lion’s share, then switch to paper towels or a microfiber rag for moisture besieging.

2. Combine laundry detergent with two steaming cups of H2O. Use this sudsy combo to dissolve vom remnants and scrub that stain till it’s sparkling. Keep it damp, not drenched, dabbing instead of downpouring.

3. Now, mix 3 portions of white vinegar with one splash of water, and christen the stained grounds with a spray bottle. Fear not the vinegar’s pungent perfumes—soon, they’ll bid farewell!

4. Air dry that bad boy, rinse and repeat prior steps if need be. Once clean, unleash a mist of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to send any leftover germs packing. Lingering odors? Baking soda slumber party overnight, then vacuum it away come morning.

Pro-diddly-do-da-tip: For carpet hurl removal, follow suit.

Spilled some life juice (aka blood) on the mattress?

How to clean mattress

1. Pesky little oopsies indeed, and harder to vanquish once they settle in. Only use cold agua; hot H2O fastens that stain for good. Employ a microfiber cloth to soak, dab, and lift the blood.

2. Next, whip out some hydrogen peroxide, let it battle the stain, then blot it up once it’s done fizzling. Rinse and repeat as needed.

3. Pow-za! Mix a potion of baking soda paste (cold water or peroxide) and rub-a-dub on that stain. After 30 min, switch back to a damp cloth for rinsing.

Pro-diddly-blood-removal-tip: Grab the ol’ meat tenderizer—trust! Use it instead of baking soda in your paste.

Cleaning a wetted-up mattress?

How to clean mattress

Worried about what caused the drench-fest? Outside of actual bodily fluids (see above), get that mattress to dry land ASAP to avoid bacterial block parties.

If it’s a flood situation, it might be time to say adios, mattress. Flood waters tend to bring uninvited contaminants and can transform your mattress into a biohazard nightmare. A new mattress is the safest for the whole gang.

In summation,

No matter the mattress debacle, our Pro cleanup crew has got your back(side) with tried-and-true methods to scrub-a-dub and keep it sparkling!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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