9 Good Cleaning Habits That Will Keep Your Home Tidy

by | Feb 12, 2023 | Housekeeping

9 Good Cleaning Habits That Will Keep Your Home Tidy

Kicking dirt to the curb and keeping your abode spotless can be a chore, but with some mad cleaning skills, you can rock a tidy joint every day of the year! This post is gonna spill the tea on 9 killer cleaning habits that’ll keep your crib organized and looking fly. Follow these useful house cleaning tips, and you’ll maintain a spotless pad like a boss!


9 Eccentric Techniques to Make Your Pad Polished and Proper

Plump Your Pillows Every AM

A simple but savage move to keep your house spick and span, making your bed each day sets the vibe for the rest of your routine and keeps you on track for maintaining your space. Bonus: it’ll make your sleeping quarters look baller!

Do a Dose of Duds Daily

Allowing clothes to pile up leads to an unending hassle. To dodge this, make a custom of washing at least one set of clothes every day. This way, you’ll always have fresh threads and sheets, and your laundry station stays sorted.

Scrub Dinnerware Directly

Dishing cleaning is a task that can quickly get out of control if you slack off. To stay ahead of the curve, habituate yourself to washing all dishes immediately after each meal. That includes pots and pans, flatware, plates, glasses, and any other dishware you’ve dirtied.

Clean Countertops and Clutter Continuously

Throughout the day, your counters and other spaces will inevitably get messy. To keep them tidy, make a habit of wiping them down with a sanitizer wipe or cloth after each use. This prevents buildup and makes cleaning much easier in the long haul!

Suction Stuff Regularly

Suctioning is one of the killer ways to keep your home dust-free and spick and span. Make a ritual of suctioning all carpets and rugs at least once a week, and be sure to give high-traffic areas an extra suctioning if necessary.

Sweep Spaces Systematically

Along with suctioning, sweeping is another vital part of keeping your home tidy. Ensure you sweep all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, trinkets, and electronics, at least once a week.

De-clutter Diligently

One of the coolest ways to keep your home neat and organized is to de-clutter regularly. Ditch any items you no longer need or use, and find funky ways to store the stuff you do. This helps avoid clutter and makes cleaning much more manageable.

Leave Your Lugs at the Door

Bringing dirt and mud into your home will make cleaning much harder. To dodge this, impose a rule of leaving your shoes at the door so you don’t spread any unwanted mess.

Make a Maintenance Map

One of the coolest ways to stay on top of your cleaning is to draft a maintenance map. Determine which tasks need to be done daily, weekly, and monthly, and then add them to your calendar. This helps you stay organized and ensures all tasks are completed on time.


Importance of Good Cleaning Habits in Maintaining a Healthy Home

“Germ-Busting Habits for a Wholesome Hacienda”

Ain’t just ’bout appearances, homeslices. Cleaning’s ’bout banishing bacteria that bring sickness too. Essential to sport some righteous cleaning habits to keep yo’ domicile in tip-top health.

Number one on the list? Wash yo’ paws like they owe you money. Gets rid of any germs you mighta accumulated during the day. And don’t forget to sanitize all surfaces, countertops, doorknobs, light switches, the whole shebang. Keeps germs from spreading like wildfire.

Regular cleaning’s just the start, homeslice. Dust-busting and vacuuming regularly’ll keep dirt and dust from accumulating. And for the cherry on top, having a cleaning schedule’ll keep yo’ home spick-and-span in no time.

How to make your house a cleaning habit and maintain it?

Cleanliness in your casa may not be the most thrilling item on your task roster, but it’s crucial for keeping it fresh and fly. Not only does a spotless crib look impressive, but it’s also better for you and your crew’s well-being. Don’t worry, there are a few sly ways to make cleaning a ritual and keep your crib on point.

First off, it’s essential to set up a game plan. Determine what needs a scrub down every day, week, and month, and mark it down on your schedule. This helps you stay on top of things and complete every task in a timely manner

Next, make sure you got the right gear. Having the proper tools and supplies on deck ensures you ain’t got no excuses to avoid cleaning. Stock up on essentials like a vacuum cleaner, dust cloths, and cleaning solutions.

And finally, get everyone in the squad involved. Assign tasks to each family member to keep things equal. Cleaning as a team makes it a habit and keeps your crib spotless all year long!


Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break.

“Cleaning No-No’s for a Spotless Pad”

Yo, homeslice, you might be doing some cleaning habits that’s makin’ yo’ pad dirtier than a hog wallow. To keep things fresh, here’s what to avoid:

  • Don’t skip vacuuming just cuz the floor looks clean. Even if you can’t spot any dirt or dust, suck it up regularly to prevent buildup. If you’re a proud pet parent, vacuuming’s even more important to keep Fido’s fur from flyin’ around the joint.
  • Don’t use Pledge on wood furniture. Pledge’s a furniture polish that’s full of silicone, which’ll harm yo’ wood over time. Opt for a natural oil like olive oil instead, to protect and shine up yo’ wood furniture.
  • Don’t use Windex on granite countertops. Windex’s a glass cleaner that’s packed with ammonia, which’ll damage yo’ granite. Use a natural stone cleaner, warm water, and soap to keep yo’ counters clean instead.
  • Don’t use paper towels to clean up spills. Paper towels ain’t absorbent, they’ll just spread the spill around. Use a cloth towel or sponge instead to clean up spills fast and effectively.
  • Don’t use bleach to clean everything. Bleach’s a powerhouse cleaner, but use it sparingly, homeslice. It can harm some surfaces and fabrics. Always read the label and follow the instructions carefully when usin’ bleach.
  • Don’t use the same cleaning cloths for everything. Usin’ the same cloth for everything’ll spread dirt and bacteria. Use different cloths for different surfaces and wash ’em frequently.
  • Don’t forget to clean yo’ ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can collect dust and dirt, so clean ’em regularly. Use a long-handled duster or microfiber cloth to reach all the nooks and crannies.
  • Don’t neglect yo’ air filters. Air filters need to be changed regularly to improve indoor air quality. Depending on the type, they might need a change every few months or so.
  • Don’t wait until things are dirty to clean ’em. This is one of the worst cleaning habits, homeslice. Waitin’ until something’s visibly dirty’ll make the job harder and take longer. Instead, develop a cleaning schedule and stick to it as much as you can.


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