Tips For Cleaning Your House in a Hurry

by | Apr 5, 2023 | House Cleaning

Listen up, you wolves of Wall Street, let me lay it on you straight. Why the hell is our crib always a hot mess? Time, my friend, time is the culprit. Us workaholic daddies and mammas, we try to play catch up on the weekends with some Sydney house cleaning, but let’s face it, by Saturday night we’re too damn tired to lift a finger. And those college brats, juggling school and partying, cleaning their apartment is the last thing on their mind. I get it, I really do.

Importance of Cleaning

But let me tell you, the consequences of a cluttered home ain’t pretty.

  1. Pests, illnesses, and accidents lurk around every corner.
  2. And the longer you let the mess fester, the bigger it gets.

So, how do we tackle this beast? Enter Jane Hunt, the professional house cleaner from Down Under, with the secret weapon – speed cleaning. Hunt lays down the law on how to keep your joint tidy before it takes over your life.

Listen up, my fellow Sharks, let me school you on the significance of cleaning.

  • It’s not just about wiping down the counters and mopping the floor, it’s about maintaining your health and well-being.

  • Dust, dirt, and allergens be gone! If you or a member of your pack suffers from allergies, cleaning is non-negotiable.

  • And don’t forget, a clean home means better air quality, and who doesn’t want to breathe in freshness?

And let’s not forget about making a lasting impression on your guests. When your homies come over, you want them to feel at ease, to kick back and relax. A clean and organized crib is the key to making that happen.

But I know what you’re thinking, cleaning takes forever, and your weekend is precious. Well, let me tell you, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can clean that joint like a boss, and still have plenty of time to hang with the crew. And if you’re crunched for time, just remember, every journey starts with a single step.

Here are a few tips for cleaning your home quickly and efficiently.

Clean like a boss with these 5 straight-shooting tips for a pristine pad.

Go for the jugular – attack the most prominent spots first. If you’ve got a limited window for cleaning, hone in on the areas that’ll give you the biggest bang for your buck. Maybe that means giving the living room rug a once-over with the vacuum, or wiping down the kitchen counters with a cloth. But whatever you do, don’t try to clean the whole house in one go – you’ll feel like a cat in a washing machine.

Use fast and not complicated methods of cleaning, it will save your time. For example, you can clean windows without water, it’ll be much easier and faster.

Plot your course – make a game plan before you start cleaning. This’ll keep you on target and prevent you from wasting time. Decide which rooms you’re going to focus on, what needs to be done in each, and create a timeline for yourself. If you’ve only got 30 minutes to clean, allocate 15 for the living room and 15 for the kitchen.

Set the clock – once you’ve got your battle plan, set a timer to keep distractions at bay. Working for a specific amount of time will keep you focused and driven. If you find yourself getting sidetracked, remember the clock is ticking and get back to work.

Get the troops on board – if time is of the essence, get everyone in the house involved. Assign specific tasks to each family member or roommate, and make sure they know the time limit. This’ll keep things running smoothly and help you get the job done in record time.

Take a timeout – cleaning can be a stress fest, so don’t be afraid to take a break if you need one. Step away from the task at hand, grab a snack or drink, and take some deep breaths. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your cleaning list with gusto.

Don’t sweat it, with some planning and elbow grease, you can clean your house like a pro and relax in your spick-and-span home in no time.

“Get Your House in Order” Tips:

  1. Establish a routine, daily or weekly, and stick to it like a pit bull. Make a daily cleaning schedule, if you clean daily, you would not be so tired.
  2. Begin with the high-visibility zones in your pad and make a killing impression.
  3. Attack from the top to the bottom, left to right, like a shark.
  4. Keep a “trash dump” bin in each room for items that don’t belong and don’t waste a second.
  5. Dominate one room at a time and make it yours.
  6. When short on time, hit the key spots to make your crib look sharp:

The entryway: Wipe down surfaces, organize shoes and coats, add a touch of class with flowers or key dish.

The living room: Declutter surfaces, dust, vacuum/sweep, use a lint roller for a quick shine.

The kitchen: Wipe down all surfaces, scrub the sink and fridge, sweep/mop the floor.

The bathroom: Clean toilet, sink and tub, wipe down surfaces, sweep/mop the floor.

Steps for Whipping Your House into Shape in Record Time

1. First things first, grab all the cleaning weaponry you’ll need. This includes things like a vacuum, towels, and some chemical warfare. Make sure you’re ready for battle.

2. Attack the areas most likely to be seen by guests first. This means storming the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Dust the battlefield, suck up debris from the floor, and wipe down counters like they’re your enemies. These are the zones that your squad will be inspecting, so make sure they’re spotless!

3. Next, infiltrate the bedrooms. Ensure every bed is fitted with fresh sheets and sweep the floors. If you’ve got some extra time, dust surfaces and polish mirrors like a pro.

4. Last but not least, don’t neglect the bathroom! Scrub the sink, toilet, and shower. You can also wipe down the walls and floors if you’ve got any time to spare.

Take a step back and bask in the glory of your victory! Your home is now a palace and ready for your squad to invade.

Clean your House in 30 minutes.

Listen up, you wanna clean your joint in half an hour? That’s a tall order but I got your back.

Here’s how you do it, lean in and take notes:

  • Bust out the gloves and start picking up any dead presidents lying around. This way you’ll have a blank canvas to work with, and you’ll cruise through the cleaning like a boss.

  • Take control of one room at a time, don’t try to tackle the whole dump at once or you’ll be diving headfirst into chaos.

  • Smoke the dirtiest surfaces first, ya know like kitchen counters, desks, the usual suspects. Then sweep the floors like a pro, vacuum the carpets if you got time.

  • Finish strong, take a look around for any dust bunnies, give them the boot, and you’re done.

By following these moves, you’ll clean your house in 30 minutes or less, easy peasy. So go ahead, show the dirt who’s boss!

Deep Clean your House in Two Hours

Alrighty my friend, if you’re looking to give your joint a deep clean in two hours, then listen up!

Here’s how to get it done like a boss:

  • Sweep up all the junk and trash littering your living space. This’ll make room for your cleaning operation to run smooth.

  • Take on one room at a time and conquer that space like a champion. Don’t even attempt to clean everything at once or you’ll be drowning in a sea of mess.

  • Start with the areas that need to be wiped down, such as kitchen counters and coffee tables. Then move on to hoovering or sweeping the floors.

  • If you got some time left, polish up any surfaces that might have been overlooked.

Your home is one of your prized possessions and keeping it spick and span is critical. But who’s got the time to deep clean every week? Not many of us, that’s for sure. That’s where Ukraine Cleaners comes in to save the day!

Ukraine Cleaners offers an array of cleaning services to meet your unique needs and schedule. Whether you’re looking for a one-time deep clean or regular cleaning, we got you covered. Get in touch with us today and let’s make sure your home is always spotless and comfortable!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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