The Effective Disinfectant Against COVID-19

by | May 10, 2023 | House Cleaning

The world of commerce is rethinking its cleaning and health shenanigans so that we can all safely scurry back to the daily grind amidst this dastardly virus outbreak. Disinfectant foggers have been cast into the spotlight and a whole new crowd of industries are getting curious. But what in tarnation are they, how do they tick, and will they be the bee’s knees for your biz? Search no further, dear friends!

The skinny on disinfectant cloud-making:

Whipping up a disinfectant fog means dousing a room in a germ-busting concoction that scrubs the air clean and evicts pathogens from surfaces. This grand-scale hygiene hoo-ha is usually reserved for spaces where things get ultra-grimy, on account of the potential for inhaling the germ-fighting brew and the added drag of the lengthy decontamination process. Yet despite these hitches, this disinfectant fogging has many benefits, especially against sneaky airborne invaders or those hitching a ride in our respiratory droplets, like the flu or COVID-19.

So, how do these magical germ-fighting fog machines work?

Each one of these mist-spraying contraptions lathers a space with a solution that packs an antimicrobial wallop. With a whole kit and caboodle of foggers on the market, a variety of fog-tastic treatments are up for grabs. To match the right one to your venue, keep in mind its function, potential germ risk, and surfaces getting the deep-clean. Here are some popular approaches to fogging:

Chemical fogging

Imagine a purpose-built, fog-billowing behemoth in a factory or, perhaps, a mobile mist maestro rolled into a workplace when duty calls. These chemical foggers launch a fine spray of the disinfectant elixir until the air is thick with germ-fighting goodness, providing an even coat on every surface (along with air purification). The clock ticks on for 30-60 minutes, just long enough for the fog to settle, and still another hour for the room to start smelling like daisies.

disinfectant fogger

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP)

Picture state-of-the-art medical facilities, sterile labs, and cleanrooms all abuzz with the VHP dance. Suck out the damp, spend 2-4 hours fogging, and then blast in the fresh air to make the room usable. The downside, you ask? These foggers can’t touch organic goop, so not all bacteria and pathogens will be ousted. Plus, you need a pre-clean to pack a proper punch.

disinfectant fogger

Ozone fogging

This space-age approach involves zapping air with UV light to crank out ozone on the spot. Make things a bit muggy, generate ozone, and then flush the room with fresh air—all within 30-90 minutes. But beware, my metallic friends! Ozone doesn’t play nice with metals like aluminum, zinc, copper, and iron. Also, these human lungs of ours might not particularly fancy the residue, so give things a thorough airing afterward.

disinfectant fogger

Chlorine dioxide fogging

This method breaks down gas into friendly salts, but it’s a bit finicky about temperature and humidity. It’s brewed on the spot with sodium chlorite and chlorine gas, which has its own hazardous hiccups. Only let the pros take this one for a spin.

disinfectant fogger

Ionization fogging

Here’s an air-purifying marvel that zaps ions to neutralize airborne baddies. If you fancy ongoing germ warfare, set up an ion buffet that dishes out an endless supply of ionized soldiers to keep the environment fresh and funky.

disinfectant fogger


Foggers come in all shapes and sizes

From warehouse-sized sanitizer goliaths to dainty medical gadgets, fogging machines have something for every industry and locale. Permanently fused with HVAC systems or standing tall and looming in the corner, the foggers can be hired for a one-time gig or make a lifelong commitment to safeguard your airways from nasty germs. Whatever twist you choose, keep it foggy, my friends!

Alakazam! If you desire a topsy-turvy ride through the world of foggers, hold onto your hats and let’s get down to antimicrobial town:

Foggers: Diverse Doodads with Divergent Tactics:

-Wet wanderers (including misty magicians and electrifying elixirs)
-Low-key volume fog-blasting
-Dry and dashing fog heroes

disinfection fogging

To wet, or not to wet:

Fogger fandangos are your go-to, whether it’s dealing with delicate droplets or dry and dashing vapors. Enter the realm of dry fogging, our mystical elysium, where smaller particles reign supreme! Less liquid botheration with condensation and erosion ensure an extravagant experience.

disinfection fogging

To decide between the wet dream or dry delights, one must weigh the situation and let the professionals conjure up that magical formula tailored to your decontamination dance.

Disinfectant fog-fighting versus misty enchantments:

Misters delight us with a wet fog workout, as they shower the atmosphere with charming droplets, giving no heed to gas and vapors. The misty magic may be a lighter load on your purse, but beware! Precision might be lacking, leaving some surfaces untouched by its caress.

disinfection fogging

The electrostatic sprayer: disinfectant fogger’s instrumental ally:

Just like their wet fog siblings, electrostatic sprayers bid for the title of antimicrobial master. Yet, as they charge particles positively, they waltz gracefully in unison with the negatively charged surfaces, providing a wholesome embrace of disinfection.

disinfection fogging

Whispers of ULV fogging wonders (Ultra Low Volume):

ULV foggers entice with their petite particles, ensuring that their dance is delicate and well-distributed. Gravity struggles to bring these tiniest droplets crashing back to Earth.

disinfection fogging

Safety in the foggy unknown:

Chemical cleaners beckon us into their alluring embrace, but caution should always be present. Discovery of the perfect solution and appropriate PPE should be a priority for those venturing into the uncharted fog.

disinfection fogging

Foggers for everyone! They’ve traveled from the mystical land of industrial and medical settings to the homes, offices, and vehicles of everyday folk. Still, strict rules must apply to ensure their enchanting powers remain potent and effective.

The diminutive fogger finds its place among small businesses, gracing public restrooms, locker rooms, gyms, and more with disinfecting delights. This, however, should only be a complement to the daily dance of cleaning routines.

From food processing to animal husbandry, these fogging wonders touch myriad industries to keep a clean groove going.

Yet, when it comes to the infamous adversary COVID-19, fogging alone remains insufficient. As an add-on to the CDC’s guidelines, consult the EPA’s “List N” for the virus-conquering wizards within the world of cleaners.

To sum it up, the enchanting fogging dance can be a mesmerizing way to cover a vast battleground of germs. But remember, the technique should never overshadow the importance of pristine cleaning practices and the guidance of the cleanliness choreographers.

Fancy an EPA-approved disinfectant? Don’t miss out and grab your BioCide 100!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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