How To Get Rid of Gnat

by | Apr 23, 2023 | House Cleaning

Zippity-Doo-Dah! You thought a measly fly slipped in through an open portal, but lo and behold, these tiny buzzing pests seem to have multiplied! Eureka! You’ve discovered you’re hosting a gnat party, my friend. So, what are these teeny critters, where do they hail from, and how the didgeridoo do you show them the exit? Fear not, for our Pro housekeeping wizards have tackled this conundrum before and shall unveil the secret to evicting gnats forevermore!

Hark! “Gnat” is not a singular creature, but a bewitching term encompassing a variety of winged beasties. In the realm of domestic abodes, you’ll likely encounter fungus gnats, fruit flies, and drain flies. Each species has its own peculiarities, and deducing which critters have besieged your home shall aid in their expulsion.

First: Fungus gnats:

The hexagonal troupe from the far-off land of Sciaroidea. These dark, leggy beings feast mostly on fungi hidden within the earth. Weak as fledgling birds, they may circle mere humans with an ominous buzz. But fret not, for they are hardy against the chill and pose no threat to Homo sapiens or thriving foliage, save the vulnerable seedlings. Drawn to fungi, these gnats can sneak inside via friendly houseplants or slip through doors, windows, and the minutest of apertures. Rather than flit and flutter, you’re more likely to spy them strolling nonchalantly across your terrain.

To oust these gnats, cease the overhydration of your potted flora, for dampness beckons fungus gnats. Anoint your plants’ pots with a sandy or mulchy elixir to thwart the gnats’ attempts at soil invasion.

Next, The infamous fruit fly:

The round, brown-bodied denizens of Drosophila. These humble beings are less interested in fresh or unripe fruits and more concerned with overripe produce turned to vinegar. The secret to fruit fly banishment is quite simple—eschew displaying aged produce, secure your refuse, and employ chilled storage for fruits when feasible.

Finally, behold the perplexing drain fly:

The moth-like, hairy-bodied inhabitants of the Psychodidae family. These denizens of the damp harbor a predilection for aquatic abodes where their spawn may feast upon bacterium. Though they typically roam the night, they can be lured by the seductive glow of light. Beware, for some brethren of the drain fly are drawn to blood and wounds, potentially triggering infection or asthmatic bouts caused by inhaling shattered fly remnants.

Get rid your residence of these gnarly gnats

-Direct your efforts to the drain-dwelling larvae.

-Douse the drains with scalding water thrice weekly for a trio of weeks—this shall vanquish larvae, pupae, and grown flies, terminating the infestation.

-For added potency, mingle a capful of bleach with the water to slay larvae and cleanse the pipe residue that invited such visitors.

If bleach offends your sensibilities, fret not: Simply pour a dose of baking soda down the drain, chase it with white vinegar, and watch the chemical reaction cleanse your pipes and obliterate the fly larvae. Let it marinate for half an hour, then flush the concoction away with boiling water.

A Pro Tip for thee: mold may emerge where drain flies have roamed, so arm yourself with our comprehensive guide and banish mold from your abode!

Now, go forth and identify these pesky interlopers:

– Fungus gnats: found wandering ’round houseplants and soil, most active in daylight.
– Fruit flies: seek indulgence in fruit and sugar.
– Drain flies: linger near sinks and drains.

Banishing those pesky midge-monsters from your abode

Alright, listen up Earthlings, we’re zappin’ away those gnats that dare invade our private space station. Get your dancing shoes on ’cause we’re gonna do the gnat-exterminating shuffle!

Step 1: Set the scene – create a “no-gnat zone” by sending all those yum-yum niblets they can’t resist straight into the slammer (aka sealed storage or trash cans). No leftovers, no party crashers.

Step 2: Combat their grocery store hide-and-seek game by giving your store-bought treasures a rinse. Pillage those potted plants, scrub that succulent fruit, and show them there’s no room on this ship for uninvited freeloaders.

Step 3: Show those drain-dwelling fly-terrestrials who’s boss by cleaning your drains on the regular. Don’t let the smelly slime buildup be the welcome mat they’re looking for.

Step 4: Get clever like MacGyver and trap ’em in your yard with a diabolical mixture of apple cider vinegar and a dash of dish soap in a shallow bowl. They’ll be belly-flopping into their doom in no time.

Step 5: Don’t let your plant pals suffer. Take out those fungus gnats, tar and feather ’em with flypaper, then zap their larvae with a hydrogen peroxide/water cocktail. Add a dash of diatomaceous earth or a sprinkle of cinnamon to keep ’em from coming back for seconds.

Step 6: In the land of the Kitchen Keep, be a merciless ruler. Make your kingdom crumb-free and keep those sugar-craving buggers at bay. Set up booby traps if needed (bonus points for homemade vinegar/soap traps).

Step 7: Out of apple cider vinegar? No problemo! Try red wine, white vinegar, overripe fruit, mashed bananas, sugar, or honey mixes. These are gnat honey-traps to die for!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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