How To Remove Bed Bugs

by | May 13, 2023 | House Cleaning

Begone, Boudoir Buggers: A DIY Guide

Ah, bed bugs — Satan’s mattress minions. Once these icky insects make themselves comfy inside your snooze pad and furnishings, the ordeal of evicting them for good can be a real noggin-scratcher. Enlisting the aid of an eradicator may nip these critters in the bud, but it’ll cost you an arm and a leg, and there’s no time to waste. So strap in and buckle up, dear sleeper, and allow us to unravel the mysteries of exiling bed bugs overnight.

Coochie-coo, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover on this warp-speed quest to vanquish bed bugs in a jiffy. Consider this your crash course in the fine art of de-bugging. So, let’s get down and dirty.

What’s a Bed Bug’s Kryptonite?

how to remove bed bugs
  • First things first. We’re not here to dilly-dally, so let’s talk action. Rubbing alcohol: it’s the stuff of bed bug nightmares. Mind you, don’t go splashing gallons of it willy-nilly on your beloved possessions. If it’s got acetone in it, you may inadvertently zombify the dye in your furniture.

  • For a more considered approach to rubbing alcohol deployment, have at it with a spray bottle, targeting the invasion hotspots to halt their nefarious spread. If it’s too late to salvage your furniture, spray away to keep the rest of your fortress bug-free. 
how to remove bed bugs

The bed bug blame game has plenty of players: second-hand furnishings, flea-ridden suitcases from skeevy hotels, or just a sorry state of disrepair. Whichever way you slice it, bed bugs are opportunistic buggers that spread easily. Let’s break it down.

  • Jet-setting types are prone to picking up pesky hitchhikers in the motley sub-standard abodes they frequent. Infested furniture is the perfect breeding ground and transit for these nomadic nasties. Rendezvous with dirty duds, and you’ve got a first-class ticket back to your pad!

  • Likewise, snagging bargain vintage furnishings is akin to playing dastardly decorator with bed bugs tap-dancing through your home. It might look classy, but it could be seething with ick.

Then there’s the home-grown variety: bed bugs that blossom in unkempt abodes. Combating them begins with giving your quarters a thorough sprucing up. Can’t fight fire with fire, after all!

What’s the Timeline for Bouncing Bed Bugs?

how to remove bed bugs
  • Stamping out these mattress munchers can take a few arduous weeks, multiple treatments, and heaps of patience, depending on the scale of the infestation. Sure, rubbing alcohol can whack-a-mole those critters on contact, but a complete purge requires a methodical approach. Don’t skimp on the persistence. 

A Penny-Pincher’s Guide to De-bugging Sans Exterminator

how to remove bed bugs

Erasing bed bugs on a shoestring? Sounds like a pickle.

  • But hear us out: while exterminators don’t come cheap, going it alone doesn’t mean scrounging on treatments. Remember, a half-hearted attempt is as good as doing nothing — these bloodsuckers will keep staging comebacks if they’re not totally blitzed. Sometimes, biting the bullet (and coughing up the dough) for a professional is the best way to banish your unwelcome guests once and for all.

Zap Those Pesky Beddy-Bye Critters: A Wild and Wonderful Guide to Bug-Bustin’ at Home

Hey there, my lovely human friend! Buckle up because we’re about to embark on a wacky adventure to exterminate those dastardly, blood-sucking bed bugs that have invaded your sacred sleep space. Are you ready?!

1. Sleuth Out Those Sneaky Little Vampires

Ah, those pesky bites and itch-spots on your delicate epidermis! That’s right – bed bugs are the culprits. Time to slather those nuisances with some cortisone itch cream and antibacterial goo, my friend!

preventing bed bugs

Now, channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and pinpoint where those mini-monsters are hiding. Scoop up a few and hand them over to a pest agent (a.k.a. bed bug detective) or call upon your local pest control squad to do the dirty work. Remember, apartment-dwellers: Your landlord must bear the bed bug burden, so give them a holler!

2. Catalog Your Combat Chronicles

Grab your quill, dear friend, and mark down the dreaded day your life became a bed bug bonanza. Tracking your anti-bug efforts helps you gauge progress in kicking those critters to the curb!

preventing bed bugs

Jot down these gems of information:

  • The occupied territories of the bed bug brigade
  • Dates of your daring treatments and the tactics used
  • Any products you’ve employed and when to use them again

Keep these notes handy for continued vigilance, my valiant bed bug warrior!

3. Quarantine the Infested Realm

Now, you must act swiftly to contain the insidious invasion! It’s time for an all-out bug blockade.

preventing bed bugs

Seal up possible bug bunkers with caulk and wrap, forcing the tiny terrors to reveal themselves. Infested furniture must be removed and treated – or tossed out (don’t worry, a little spray paint will ward off dumpster-divers).

Can’t part with that beloved sofa? Pop a cover on it and banish it to storage until the bug bane has passed.

4. Initiate Operation De-Clutter

Time to wield your mighty cleaning powers and eliminate all unnecessary items from your besieged domain. But beware! Moving objects between the infested and pristine areas will only spread the scourge!

preventing bed bugs

Casually cast away cardboard, magazines, and unwanted bric-a-brac. Clothes can be saved (more on that later), but that bed needs to be isolated in the center of the room, stripped of its linens, and stuffed into trash bags. Labeling those bags is a savvy move, too!

5. Commence the Counter-Attack

Salvage your soft and snuggly belongings with some heat therapy. Toss them in the dryer on high for a satisfying 30-60 minutes of bug-boiling action. But remember: hold off on returning them to the infested area until victory is assured!

preventing bed bugs

Though some home bug-busting methods may land you in hot water (legally speaking), here are some tried-and-true approaches:

-Hot treatments: Using that trusty dryer or a bed bug heater to scorch those stowaways. Taking advantage of summer’s sweltering heat by leaving sealed bags of items in the blazing sun can work too, but steer clear of your car or risk a vehicular invasion.

-Cold treatments: Beware, as freezers must be set to sub-zero temps (which most household ones aren’t prepared for). Don’t accidentally turn your kitchen into a bug sanctuary!

-Steam cleaning: Steamers are where it’s at, my friend! Get the clouds billowing at 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and treat your carpets, baseboards, and furniture to a toasty vapor massage.

**And don’t forget! Persistence is a virtue in this mighty crusade against bed bugs. Repeat these steps every week until victory is sweetly tasted and well-earned!

6. Reassess the sitch

Loop back to your progress-o-meter and re-scrutinize each moment you dish out a treatment. And hey, don’t forget to reevaluate monthly to ensure that once you’ve yeeted those pesky bloodsuckers, they aren’t staging a comeback tour. How do you know if your space has become a bed bug haven? Keep an eye out for bite-y evidence and maybe have a pro come in to snoop around with their inspector gadget vibes.

Ways to ward off the buggy boogeymen:

Bed bugs are a mondo bummer, and even if you crack the code on “how do I eradicate these dudes from my humble abode forevermore?” dealing with the infestation is a whole kerfuffle! That’s why prevention is the gold standard of bed bug care.

  • Regularly wash your sleepy-time linens and scrub-a-dub your furniture. A messy nest is a bed bug fiesta!

  • If you’re a globetrotter, inspect your luggage before you bid adieu to your travel digs, and again upon your glorious homecoming. Promptly launder your duds and empty out the suitcase. Don’t leave your threads in suitcase city!

  • Procuring pre-loved furniture? Investigate thoroughly. Resist the urge to parade it into your abode at once, and instead treat it to a cleansing steam bath to make extra sure any hidden hitchhikers won’t be squatting in your personal space.

Show those bugs you care — a lot!

how to remove bed bugs

When bed bugs strike, there’s no denying it. If you have the luxury of vamoosing from your homestead, considering doing so. Fort Knox-ify the infested zone as best as you can to prevent the critters from throwing a housewarming party in the rest of your rooms. Calling in the pros may not be a hundred percent mandatory, but if your piggy bank allows for it, go for it!

Tackling the critter quandary solo is a Herculean task. You’ll be getting down and dirty, and you must prioritize your own well-being while you’re at it. Each time you perform a purging, ditch your duds to stop the bugs from hitching a ride. There’s no such thing as being overly cautious about this escapade!

Experiment with a smorgasbord of countermeasures—think scalding hot or arctic cold. The heat is where it’s at, ’cause subzero frostiness only works with freezers that can truly make like a polar vortex. But hey, if you’ve got the means to wage war on the bed bugs, dive right in! Hesitation is your foe. The longer you dawdle, the direr the situation!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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