Facts about Dirty Houses

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Zounds! Those constant alerts about the perilous pitfalls of unkempt habitats got you pondering what’s so atrocious about a little clutter and dirt? Well, I shall enlighten you! The most glaring menace would be the toll they take on your health, chap! A chaotic cave can beget conditions as diverse as respiratory setbacks and deli-counter-dread – yes, food poisoning! But it’s far from the whole catastrophe– these homes, blanketed in filth present a dizzying array of structural conundrums, and that’s just skimming the surface of the safety fiascos! 

Here’s a sampler of the plague wrought by your refuse-riddled residence:

A bedroom befouled with trash can transform into a veritable petri dish for pathogens, ushering in ailments like salmonella and aggravating pre-existing conditions like asthma. It can also turn into a fertile breeding ground for bacteria in the mouth, causing bad breath. And, let’s not forget how this environment can stir up allergies aplenty.

Bathrooms, constantly suffering the onslaught of daily use, metamorphose into ideal incubators for germs, mold, bacteria and the motley. Research has revealed that toilets in hotel rooms can harbor approximately 200 times more fecal contaminants than home commodes. Microbes have also been demonstrated to traverse from one body part to another, courtesy of your hands!

Living rooms brimming with unwanted knick-knacks can be the perfect springboard for stress, invoking feelings of discomfort and laziness. These sites can also foster rampant mold growth, resulting in potential asthma attacks or allergies.

Kitchens, littered with filth and refuse, can lead to widespread gastronomic misery, courtesy of food poisoning, while putting you at an increased risk for respiratory problems if molds have found a home within the walls.

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Did you know that much of the bacterial brigade within your household originates from your own skin? Humans – we are a generous tribe – shed an astounding 30,000 particles every minute, and much of that comes from sweat, saliva and mucus. So, if living in dirt means making acquaintances with these pathogenic guests, I shan’t be late to that house-cleaning party!

Dust mites favorite haunts are untidy homes that see human activity, as skin cells are their meal ticket. So the cleaner your home, the lesser the chance of dust mites staging a coup. Overpopulation of these tiny tormentors can ramp up histamine production in your body, resulting in unattractive fits of sneezing and wheezing.

Allowing dust to accumulate in corners, not just gives dust mites a hidey-hole, but invites potential attack from external parasites like ticks that can transmit horrific diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Ticks latch onto their victims, numb them with their saliva and slurp up their delectable blood.

Every organ can fall foul of these dastardly molds, for they generate toxins that affect vital body systems. Symptoms range from allergies to respiratory infections and can even damage the liver. Children are particularly vulnerable to these menaces as their immune defense systems are not as sturdy as adults.

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So, unless this account of the potential onslaught of microscopic monsters hasn’t thoroughly deterred you yet, pick up that feather duster and mop and show this unsanitary horde the door!

And if you’re struggling with where to start – oh, boy, have I got news for you! When all else fails, you can call upon the cleaning cavalry, the professionals who can battle this menace with their arsenal of cleaning tools and techniques. Your house, once a poster-child for grime, will metamorphose into a paragon of cleanliness by the time they’re through! And, of course, in the process, they’d happily follow any instructions you issue.

However, if you fancy yourself the hero of this tale, be kind to your health and eschew harsh cleaning chemicals. Trusty companions in this crusade against grime are vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and natural oils like olive and coconut.

The importance of a squeaky-clean ambience is an invaluable asset to wellbeing and an enhanced standard of living. Be it seeking professional help or making additions to your arsenal of cleaning supplies, remember, continuous upkeep is the only way to halt the march of germs!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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