How To Clean Microfiber Cloths The Right Way

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Detailed Cleaning

The Fantabulous Art of Scrub-a-Dub-Dubbing Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths, my friends, are the bee’s knees of home cleansing magic! They’re silky smooth, super-absorbent, and impeccable for shining up all the nooks and crannies of your humble abode, whether it be floors, windows, or even your trusty automobile. It’s almost as if they have houses for dirt particles – no vacancy for those pesky germs! And, all you need is the element of water, and they’re ready to boogie!

However, but, and alas! These beauties can be a tad finicky to maintain their pristine condition, as you can’t simply toss them in the washing machine without giving them a bit of the VIP treatment first. Neglecting their proper washing process would result in a futile cleaning attempt, spreading dirt and debris all over your lovingly-tended surfaces. Fear not, scholarly readers! We shall embark upon a journey into the depths of microfiber cloth washing mastery, ensuring your cloths maintain their plush, absorbent, and fresh-as-a-daisy essence.

Why microfiber is a cleaning revolution, you may ask? Their mammoth surface area allows them to clutch onto even the tiniest speck of dirt, making them a hot commodity.

Additionally, they bear the marks of the cleaning elite:

  • They guzzle up messes like nobody’s business.

  • Their gentle touch is akin to the warmest of hugs, soothing even the most delicate surfaces.

  • They refrain from leaving pesky lint behind, rendering them impeccable for reflective surfaces.

  • Exuding strength, they’re durable enough to withstand life’s wear and tear.

    To acquire the most triumphant outcome, it is wiser than wise to launder your microfiber garments after each cleaning adventure. If such a task remains unchecked, your cloths will emit an olfactory offense reminiscent of the Black Lagoon due to moisture-trapped bacteria. Furthermore, you risk scratching your immaculate surfaces with villainous dirt. Avoid using a filthy microfiber cloth at all costs!
Washing microfiber

To manually bathe your microfiber cloth with skilled precision, follow these foolproof steps as carefully as an elegant waltz:


– A washing basin of your preference
– Unscented laundry soap or detergent

Here are the Steps:

1. Consult the tag on your microfiber cloth to determine its preferred method of cleaning. You may either rely on the age-old art of handwashing or venture into the realm of machine washing.

2. Vigorously shake out your cloth to free all unsuspecting dust particles.

3. Allow your cloth to luxuriate in a mixture of mild detergent and cold water for several minutes, avoiding fragrances or softeners. Too much detergent will cause a build-up and hinder the cloth’s absorbency.

4. Tenderly rub the fabric to eradicate stubborn debris and blemishes.

5. Thoroughly rinse the cloth in cold water, ensuring all soap remnants have vanished.

Washing machine microfiber

If you’re entrusting your cloth’s cleanliness to the mechanical powers of a washing machine, gather these crucial components:


– Washing Machine (of course!)
– Optional stain remover
vinegar (for particularly odorous cloths)
– Unscented laundry soap or detergent

Here are the Steps:

1. Separate your microfiber cloth from its laundry brethren to avoid the spreading of dirt or the collection of stray debris.

2. If necessary, pretreat your cloth with a stain-fighting concoction or a small dab of laundry detergent.

3. Proceed to wash your cloth in cold or warm water, keeping in mind potential temperature sensitivity. Consult your cloth’s manufacturer for proper guidance!

4. Pour a modest amount of detergent into the machine, ensuring you don’t smother its absorbency.

5. For particularly pungent cloths, a dash of white vinegar will refresh the fibers, restoring their delicate aroma.

6. Finally, ensure a thorough rinse and wringing out of excess water before drying!

Remember, my diligent friends, that a clean washing machine is a key component of the fabric cleansing endeavor!

Drying Microfiber Do-Dads: A Shazbot Guide

Drying microfiber cloth

When it comes to the act of drying those wacky, colorful microfiber cleaning buddies, you’d be wise to separate them from their fabric counterparts! This will help prevent those pesky hairs and lint bits from flocking to your microfibers like groupies to a rock star.

Listen up, my friends, because it’s time for some free advice:

1. Let your vibrant microfibers kick back and relax on a line dry. Sure, it’s not required, but it helps them stay lookin’ sharp and debris-free without a tumble in the dryer’s Wild West.

2. Now, if you’re still itching to machine dry those microthread miracles, be a gentle giant and set the thermostat to low or nonexistent heat levels.

3. So you’re wondering, “Can I reuse these magical dirt magnets?” The answer, is yes! Once lavished with a proper cleaning and sanitizing, your microfiber pals will be spiffy and germ-free, ready to rock the cleaning world again.

Perks of these wondrous looping loops?

  • They have a longer lifespan than a cat with nine lives! Over time, of course, they may lose their superhero powers and not pick up dirt, grime or debris quite as effectively.

  • But hey, as long as you keep ’em fresh and tidy regularly, your trusty microfiber buds have a solid two-year gig until retirement.

Here are Five Far-Out Tips for Washing Microfiber Masterpieces:

washing microfiber cloth

Here are the Steps:

1. Keep those loopy loops together, away from jealous laundry looking to invade their space.
2. Hold back on the detergent waterfall, so a thorough rinse can take place.
3. Skip the fabric softener spa treatment; it’ll just clog up those microfibers like rush-hour traffic.
4. Just say NO to bleach, fragrance boosters, and acidic elixirs that promise sweet-smelling lies.
5. Give dryer sheets the ol’ heave-ho, as they’ll smother and coat your microfibers into ineffective oblivion.

To Sum It Up:


Microfibers – those fantastical fabric concoctions full of teeny, tiny fibers – make top-notch household cleaners. They can be kind to surfaces, guzzle liquids and dirt pronto, and even perform with a dry or damp swagger. Plus, these eco-friendly superheroes won’t break Mother Earth’s heart. So treat your groovy microfiber cleaning pals with care, and let them work their mojo all over your fabulous abode!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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