How to Clean your Hairbrush

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How to Scrub-a-Dub Your Tress Tamer (An Outrageous Odyssey)

Gadzooks! If de-gunkifying that tangled nest tamer isn’t dancing to a beat on the tip-top of your chore-do list, fear not, for you are hardly alone, oh kindred spirit. By getting jiggy with a regular brush-cleaning jamboree, you can successively evict lingering tufts of hair, deceptive debris, prodigious product remnants, and secretive scalp secretions that have sneakily setup shop on your bushy-bristle brigade.

Once purified to the heavens, your magical mane-bristle hybrid shall recapture the essence of serenity for your locks, freeing them to shine, sparkle, and sashay like a disco queen. 

You see, curious compatriot, our scalps can be veritable cesspools of oily concoctions, product gunk, discarded hair-bits, and infestations of creepy-crawly micro-critters all clamoring for real estate on the hallowed halls of our brushes. The deeper we dive through these tress tunnels, the funkier our formerly fabulous fuzz-fluffers become. Ergo, cleaning these marvelous mane multitaskers is of pivotal importance.

With that said, one might ponder, “Just how can I de-funkify my beloved bristle machine?” Worry not, weary warrior, for forthcoming are some simply stupendo.

Tip: before reading this article, we totally recommend finding out why you should be cleaning your hairbrushes.

How Often to Unsmirch Thy Hairbrush

Whilst a twice-monthly cleansing ritual might suffice for general maintenance, the frequency of brush-bathing will, of course, vary depending on such factors as hair shedding tendencies and penchant for hair potion application.

How to clean hairbrush

To keep things simple, once your brush begins to take on a gunky complexion or sprout fuzz, it’s time to take action, noble brush guardian.

Acquire Your Arsenal:

Before embarking on this exhilarating hairbrush hygiene soiree, gather up the proper weaponry:

– A cast-off toothbrush
– A generously-sized basin or sink
Vinegar of the common variety
– Baking soda
– A canister of disinfectant sudsiness 
– A trusty towel

– Liquid soap or shampoo (perchance, a sulfate-free offering depending upon the delicacy of your hairbrush bristles)
– A handy-dandy pintail comb
– Tweezers, for those hard-to-reach brush bristle nooks

The Great Brush-Cleaning Crusade

Indeed, various techniques exist for slaying the brush demons, dictated by the type of hairbrush and the tools at your disposal. Fear not! The wondrous ways to cleanse a plastic hairbrush differ from the mystical methods for liberating a brush with natural bristles.

Ahoy, hair-taming aficionados! Prepare for a whimsical whirlwind of brush-sprucing guidance.

How to Tidy Up Your Plastic Tress-Tamers

How to clean hairbrush

No matter the type – paddle or cushioned – the following steps will transform your plastic hairbrush from gnarly to glorious:

Step 1: Ditch the Hair Hitchhikers

It’s time to evict those stubborn strands from the bristle jungle. Reach for your pintail comb, fingers, or even your trusty tweezers, and yank out those clingy fibers of follicular rebellion! Remember, regular hairbrush grooming is the key to happy head pampering.

how to clean hairbrush

Step 2: Dive into Soapy Splish-Splash

Fill a bowl or sink with warm aqua goodness, and squirt in some shampoo or dish soap. Let your brush do the backstroke through the frothy sea, soaking up sudsy serenity. A bit of swishy-swashy action should knock the gunk right out of those bristles! Oh, and your sink may get jiggy with grime during this process; never fear, there’s a guide on how to clean a sink for that.

how to clean hairbrush

Step 3: Turbo-Charge with Toothbrush TLC

Time to bring in your tooth-scrubbing buddy! Armed with either this bristly hero or your trusty digits, dislodge the lingering grime between the rows and handle of your hairbrush. Feel the need for extra cleansing power? Dip it in baking soda and scrub away – it’s like an exfoliating facial for your brush!

how to clean hairbrush

Step 4: Give it a Rinse & Radiate with Airy Freshness

Bidding farewell to soapy suds, rinse your brush in lukewarm water, ensuring no residue remains. Remember, your tress-tamer’s cleanliness transfers to your ‘do! If your brush is cushioned, give it a little hug to release any trapped H2O – but if some stubborn droplets won’t budge, fret not, they’ll evaporate on their own.

how to clean hairbrush

Give the brush a good shake, lay it on a towel (bristles bowing to the ground), and let it bask in the ambience of air drying.

For a vinegar-infused twist, follow these steps:

1. Combine equal parts warm water and vinegar in a bowl.

2. Let your brush participate in a 30-minute vinegar bath.

3. Grab your toothbrush (or toothbrush-like-substitute) and scrub the base.

4. Rinse with lukewarm water for a final cleansing flourish.

5. Rejoice as your air-dried brush emanates dazzling freshness!

Well, my oh-so-fancy-nancy pals, it’s time to put on our creative caps and swashbuckle our way to pristinely spruced-up hair gizmos utilizing such magical elixirs as vinegar and sodium bicarbonate!

Here’s how we shall finesse this fantastic endeavor:

Step Uno:

Conjure up a potion of agua and that lovely sour nectar, vinegar, and immerse your trusty tangle-tamer within it.

how to clean hairbrush

Post potion-bathing: Delve gingerly into the mystical white powder known as baking soda (let’s leave that little Arm & Hammer man out of this, shall we?)

Next on this zany cleaning escapade:

Grasp a common tooth-groomer to gently abrade the basal backbone of your long-toothed fellow.

how to clean hairbrush

As we near completion, kindly douse your now-spiffy hairstyling chum beneath the cascade of warm liquid life essence, commonly known as running H2O.

At last, it’s time to let our dear fancy prancer brushes have a moment of repose:

Bristle-side down upon their own personal cottony hammocks, to rejuvenate and daydream within the pockets of airy freshness.

how to clean hairbrush

As for our natural-bristle brush brethren, a slightly altered cleansing ceremony shall suffice. Worry not, dear ones. Just follow that spectacular breadcrumb trail of knowledge!

Hark, my fellow follicle fanatics! Let me unriddle the tale of how to whistle-wash that bristle-brush of thine, be it natural or not!

Step 1: Evict those Hairy Hangers-On

Wrestle those tresses from the forest of thine bristles! Arm thyself with tweezers or a pintail comb, or simply summon the power of thine phalanges to pluck them free!

how to clean hairbrush

Step 2: Drown the Grime with a Sudsy Soak

Once thee plucked thy brush as bare as thou canst, conjure up a lukewarm lagoon for thine aquatic exorcism! Add a hallowed teaspoon of gentle, sulfur-free shampoo – yea, thee shall not suffer the bristles to break! Bathe only thy bristles in this foamy froth for a scant 10 minutes.

how to clean hairbrush

Step 3: Scrub-a-Dub-Dub

Pluck thy now-limp bristles from their soapy slumber and tenderly tickle each crevice between the strands with thy fingers or a toothbrush. Wash thou the loamy residue away into oblivion.

how to clean hairbrush

Step 4: Rinse, Dry and Beware of Wooden Woes

Ve verily want no remaining reminders of thy thorough purging, so rinse thy brush under a lukewarm waterfall. Air dry it with bristles reclining on a towel, but beware – if thy handle be of wood, do not drown it! Deterioration and loosened bristles shall be thy doom! Wipe wooden-handled brushes with a soapy toothbrush and towel-dry ever so gently.

how to clean hairbrush

Dryer Sheet Method: It’s Nary Nonsense!
If the goblins have snatched thy conventional cleaning tools, fret not, thou canst cleanse thy brush with dryer sheets! Let it bask in the softening solution of warm water and two dryer sheets for a few hours, rinse and dry.

Dandruffed Brush Beware!
Fellow flaky friends, increase thy brush-washing diligence to keep dandruff-filled bristles at bay! Follow yon steps above for a dandruff-free hair-haven.

How to Remove Lingering Lint AKA Hair-dust Hobgoblins

Thou hast removed the hair, but alas, thy brush still harbors a lint lair! Fear not, scrub the base with thy trusty toothbrush and rinse to banish the stubborn filth.

How to clean hairbrush

1. Lice-be-Gone: The Mighty Hairbrush Purge

  • If ye hath been accursed with the itchy blight of lice, cast them out with a vinegar bath or medicated shampoo! Wash, rinse, and let it dry.

2. Fuzz-Lovers’ Paradise: What’s Hiding in Thy Brush?

  • Dastardly dead skin, sebum, product glop, and pesky tress remainders amalgamate in thine brush to create this fuzz fiend. Fear not, for they can be vanquished!

3. How Often to Freshen Thy Brush: The Numbers

  • Alas, even valiantly fought battles take a toll on thy tools! Six to twelve fleeting moons it is advised to replace thy bristly companion.

4. Secrets of Hairbrush Halls: Salon Cleanliness Unveiled

  • Those swirling potions of Barbicide are the magical elixir used to cleanse brushes in the hallowed halls of salons! Follow their lead to lay your bristles upon a towel and return them to their former glory.

To sum it up, valiant hair-wranglers, unleash the DIY mop-tamer techniques found herein to make every bristly tool a shining champion for thine well-coiffed head!


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