How To Clean Birkenstocks

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A Symphony for your Soles: Purifying the Ethereal Birkenstock.

Ah, the fantastical Birkenstock – a divine contraption of German craftsmanship, transcending space and time since 1774. With an array of eclectic designs and cosmic comfort, these strapped marvels come in forms like clogs, sandals, and even boots forged from mystical materials. We can continue telling more about their little-known facts, however, it’s time to figure out how to maintain their exquisite charm, regular purification rituals must be performed.

To keep your Birkenstocks as a beacon of nirvana, periodically administer an invigorating cleanse. The foot-embracing beds may become tarnished, taking on the less-than-ideal essence of human footprints. Fret not – this guide shall reveal sacred techniques for maintaining the ethereal glow of your beloved sandals.

Your Birkenstock foot-cushions require rejuvenation every few spins of the Earth, depending on their frequency of existence on your feet. For the remaining vessel, twice a moon-cycle should do. Before inviting your feet into the Birkenstock dimension, disembark any lingering specks of corporeal yuckiness. For leather kin, enlist the aid of shoe polish and leather ambrosia, whilst the suede brethren require a pre-wearing brush down.

Gathering your Cleansing Artifacts.

The celestial origins of your Birkenstocks dictate the appropriate cleansing supplies. The following items may serve as inspiration for your purification quest:

Awakening Suede or Nubuck Leather Birkenstocks: A Guide.

Altering your purification methods based on the chosen Birkenstock strain is vital. Let us now discuss suede Birkenstocks and their unique journey.

cleaning brikenstock

Their delicate straps demand care and gentleness. The following steps will ensure harmonic alignment:

1. Banish surface impurities: Cease the tyranny of coarse dirt or Earth dust with a microfiber cloth or suede brush. Employ the gentle caress of the suede brush dampened slightly to enhance your sacred task.

2. Expel dried memory traces: Should your suede become afflicted by mud or solid sustenance, employ prudent dabbing rather than rubbing. The almighty eraser (suede or pencil) can banish the stubborn potion once dry.

3. Vanquish oily afflictions: Greasy misfortunes can be absorbed with cornstarch or baby powder, liberally sprinkled with patience for at least four planetary rotations, before brushing away.

4. Dispel sticky enchantments: For malevolent gum or similar substances, forego commercial glue repellers. Instead, harness the chilling energy of ice to harden the hex, then wield a blunt knife to remove it. Invoke art gum erasers to banish remaining fragments, then brush softly.

5. Invoke suede conjuration (optional): For particularly unsightly Birkenstock woes, utilize a suede summoning potion or a vinegar-water elixir applied with your trusty suede brush. Wipe and air dry the enchanted footwear.

Guardian of Leather Birkenstocks: Sacred Techniques.

cleaning brikenstock

These steps apply to both natural and patent leather Birkenstocks.

1. Sweep away surface remnants: Embrace the supple leather with a gentle brush or soft, damp cloth to free any trapped corporeal debris.

2. Anoint with leather cleanser: When stains remain, liberate the leather with a soft cloth imbued with cleanser, massaging gently.

3. Enlighten with polish and condition: To bestow glowing allure and maintain suppleness, use commercial polish in the chosen Birkenstock hue, and nurture the leather with divine conditioning.

4. Dry with the breath of the Air Elementals: Grant your Birkenstocks 24 solar cycles of tranquil drying before reuniting with your feet for another cosmic journey.

Groovy Advice: Master the art of sprucing up every kind of kicks.

The Lowdown on Laundering Fabric Birkenstocks

cleaning brikenstock

Got yourself some Birkenstocks with microfiber, linen canvas, or wool felt straps? No worries, my friend, just follow these out-of-the-box tricks for keeping ’em in tip-top shape! 

1. Send dust packing: Grab a smooth-bristled brush or a spiffy cloth to brush away the dirt just chillin’ on the surface.

2. Defeat pesky spots: Whisk together 2 cups of warm water and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid like some magical cleaning potion. Dip a wee cloth in it and then give those stubborn stains a good ol’ rub.

3. Say goodbye to tough marks: Arm yourself with a gnarly, commercial-grade laundry stain remover and brush those baddies away with an old toothbrush.

4. Give ’em a shower: Use a squeaky-clean cloth moistened with water to rinse away any suds still partying on your shoe. Squeeze that towel like there’s no tomorrow to make sure you kick out every last soap molecule.

5. Drying time: Soak up extra moisture with some paper towels and let those babies air dry in peace. 

Bonus tip: Keep their shape by stuffing the shoes with little dry towels or some fresh socks while they dry.

Turning the Tide on Birkenstocks Footbed Funk

cleaning brikenstock

A. Clean them with baking soda: 

  • – Mix up a frothy paste with 2 tbsp of water and 1 tbsp of baking soda. Spread the magic mix all over the footbed and use a soft-bristled brush or an old toothbrush to scrub it gently.

  • – Leave some paste on the battleground overnight to conquer even the most tenacious stains. Rinse your valiant warriors off in the morning with a soft cloth, and let them air dry.

  • – Keep your kicks away from direct sunlight to prevent sunburn on the soles, straps, and footbeds. Let them chill in the shade for 24 hours before putting them back on.

  • – Dust the footbed with baking soda and let it rest for several hours or overnight to get rid of any lingering odors. Brush off the remaining baking soda and dispose of it with a soft cloth.

B. Make a splash with a soapy solution:

  • – Combine water and gentle dishwashing soap to create a serious stain-fighting elixir.

  • – Get scrubbing with a brush or cloth soaked in the cleaning solution. Hit those tough marks with suede gum or sandpaper for some extra oomph.

  • – Wipe away the soap with wet towels, and let the footbed dry overnight before rocking your Birkenstocks again.

Reviving Cork Soles on Birkenstocks

cleaning brikenstock
  • – Conjure up a cleaning concoction with 2 cups of warm water, ½ tsp of laundry soap, and 2 tbsp of vinegar.

  • – Unleash the power of an old toothbrush and your mystical solution on the cork soles of your shoes.

  • – Erase the memory of cleaning residue using a microfiber cloth dipped in fresh water.

  • – Let your kicks take a breather by letting them air dry all the way before strutting your stuff in them again,

  • – Purchase some righteous sealant to treat your soles when they’re looking a bit parched, avoiding any painful cracking.

In Conclusion

Regular pamper sessions and some tender lovin’ care for your Birkenstocks will make them look like they just strolled out of the store and keep you vibing together for many moons. 

cleaning brikenstock

A few final pearls of wisdom for pristine kicks:

  • – Protect your precious Birkenstocks from high temperatures that’ll harsh their mellow.

  • – Don’t let your shoes go skinny dipping too often – too much water can cramp their style.

  • – Make sure your shoes are bone dry before sliding them on again.

  • – Invest in a Birkenstocks cleaning kit, complete with cleaner and refresher spray, water and stain repellant, and cork sealer.

  • – Stay on top of cleaning those footbeds, soles, and straps to keep the good vibes rollin’ all year long. Party on!

Congratulations guys, now your Birkenstocks are cleaner than they were when you bought them, but always remember to clean all your shoes as your shoes show accuracy. Visit our other blog to know how to clean all types of shoes. Keep in touch!

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