How to Clean All Types of Shoes

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Dancing Shoe-aholics, Lend Me Your Soles!
Are you seeking the secret elixir to restore the glorious splendor of your beloved foot chariots? Have no fear, compadres; we’ve got the answer to your prayers.

Indeed, everyone’s smitten with spotless trotters. Alas! Once these pristine beauties prance free from their boxy confines, they become a magnet for all manner of grime, muck, and blemishes. Hence, it’s of the utmost importance to seek out methods that banish these unwanted invaders and rejuvenate your toe huggers.

Moreover, sanitation-savvy shoe maintenance is crucial for tiptop health. Recent intel reveals that nigh on a third of our kicks harbor the nefarious E. coli bacteria after fraternizing with human or beastly fecal fiends. Thus, recurring shoe-scrub sessions are mandatory to safeguard your dwelling from disease-spreading rascals.

That being said, you should acquaint yourselves with the stunning array of shoe breeds, based on their fabrication.


For instance, leather and suede shoes have vastly distinct upbringings. As such, the cleansing rituals for each footwear species must cater to their unique origins.

Fear not, dear reader, for this manuscript unveils a comprehensive compendium for purifying shoes begat from all manners of material.

The Suede Shoe Saga:

Magical Implements
Suede sorcerer’s wand
Suede abracadabra cube
Toe hugger brush
Suede cleanser

suede shoe

‘Tis often lamented that suede shoes pose an insurmountable challenge to cleanse. This, however, is pure poppycock, provided you adhere to the following enchanted incantations.

  • First and foremost, resist the temptation to submerge your suede steppers into H2O or to douse them liberally. Such inundation may result in ghastly discoloration or permanent mutilation.
  • Should you spy a smudge or speck upon the suede, patience is a virtue – await its desiccation.

  • Post haste, unsheathe your suede brush or alternative tender-bristled totem and bid farewell to nefarious blemishes.

  • Remember, always accompany the orientation of the fabric during the ceremony.

Additional proclamations of import –

For the more audacious or prodigious impurities:

Employ a microfiber chamois saturated in the essence of distilled vinegar or spirit. Alternatively, the noble nail file may be brandished.

How to clean all types of shoes

For the rank and file defilement:

Entrust the absorption of dampness to an unassuming cloth or humble paper napkin. Subsequently, let the shoes bask in the aridness, preparing them for their rendezvous with the suede brush.

How to clean all types of shoes

Ahoy there, fellow shoe aficionados! Ready to voyage into the wild and wacky world of canvas shoe cleanliness? Hang on to your feathered hats and buckle up for a frenzy of fantastical footwear frolics!

  • First things first, gather your arsenal of cleaning concoctions! Mix a dollop of liquid elixir (laundry detergent) with some warm aquatic life essence (water).

  • Presto! Time to unlace these bad boys and pamper them individually – no one wants to feel left out.

  • Let’s avoid catastrophe by handwashing beaded, leather or suede embellished, or rope-inspired designs, lest they become a tangled mess of despair.

Spot-cleaning, you ask? Perfect for when your canvas footwear finds itself in a time-sensitive pickle!

And now, for the main event – the handwashing hoedown!

How to clean all types of shoes

De-lace, de-stain, and scrub-a-dub-dub with a trusty sponge, melamine marvel or cloth sidekick. Rinse the sudsy remains with fresh H2O, and for the grand finale – air-dry those puppies with a flourish, re-lacing only once bone-dry.

Do your leather shoes break out in a choreographed dance of stains on the regular?

How to clean all types of shoes

Gather some shoe polish, a trusty horsey-haired brush, and a polishing cloth to whip them back into tip-top shape, taking extra care to not scrub away their smooth charm.

Moving along to your beloved sneakers

How to clean all types of shoes

Conjure a microfiber cloth and laundry potion, and follow the patented dance of the cleaning routine: de-dirt, unlace, scrub-a-diddle-doo, rinse, and air-dry for a perpetually fresh-sneakered skip in your step!

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Finally, let’s swan dive into the velvet-shoed realm

How to clean all types of shoes

Grab a microfiber magician towel, the softest of brushes, and liquid soap to embark on this epic cleaning journey. Unlace, spot-clean, scrub, rinse, and gracefully air-dry as you salute the sun.

Now you’ve mastered the art of shoe-cleaning whimsy, you multi-textured footwear caretaker, you! Tread confidently into the world and dazzle onlookers with the sheer brilliance of your immaculately-cleaned kicks!

Egad, dear heart, those sumptuous velvet kicks crave tender love and care, for they be delicate and prone to mar and sully! But fret not! These jazzy steps shall coax ’em to pristine glory once more.

When dealing with mud or dirt mischief:

Allow the shoes to dry like a fine British wit before whisking the blemish away. Once dry, a tender brush shall coax the villainous smudge right off the shoe – stroke with the material’s flow, my friend.

mud shoes

For damp spots or wayward spills:

Nab yourself a microfiber cloth or thirsty towel, dab with tender precision, and soak that rascally stain from settling. Concoct a magic elixir of dish soap mixed with H2O, or perhaps lemon juice and baking soda shall suffice. With your soft brush or fabric, immerse ’em in the potion, and lovingly scrub away at the spot. Let ’em dry in nature’s warm embrace or dab with a deft cloth to hurry it along.

natural ways in cleaning

Protect thy velvet darlings from future mishaps with a special spray – just ensure it’s fit for their velvet majesty!

Mad About White Shoes

Alas, white shoes doth attract filth like bees to sweet nectar. And banishing stains proves trickier than a mischievous imp. Don’t forget to find out how to clean and enhance your pearly white vans.

How to clean all types of shoes

Fear not your white kicks’ everlasting blemish! Follow these tips, and they’ll be white as a unicorn’s smile once more!

How to clean all types of shoes


Baking soda
Laundry potion
Soft brush

How to clean all types of shoes

Oh, how numerous the methods to absolve white shoes of their pesky stains! Bleach, baking soda, or a frothy brew all work wonders.

water and liquid soap

Soap and water cleanse:

Oust any surface grime first by brushing yon shoes. Next, summon a sudsy potion by mixing detergent and warm water. Plunge your brush or fabric into the brew, and with circular strokes banish the taint from your shoes. Swab with a damp, clean cloth, and dry with another. Grant them to Mother Nature’s bosom to air-dry.


Bleach baptism:

In a ventilated space, mollify your bleach with water. Dip your brush in bleach and scrub away, paying extra heed to lurking stains. Swab off the bleach with a damp cloth, and allow to air-dry in a well-aerated locale.

Baking soda

Baking soda exorcism:

Combine baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to form a devout paste. Apply to the shoes, scrubbing piously to dismiss the offending spot. Leave the paste to dry, then shoo the remnants with a brush.

Machine Washing Those Rascally Shoes:

Ever wondered if, like your unmentionables, your kicks would fare well in the yon washing machine? Aye, you can wash your shoes in the washing machine!

How to clean all types of shoes

However, not all shoes are suited for the whirling, churning tempest of a washing machine. Synthetic materials like nylon, cotton, or polyester shall weather the tempest, but leather or suede would weep and fray.

How to clean all types of shoes


Old towels
Mesh garment bag
Liquid laundry draught
Old newspapers
Soft brush

How to clean all types of shoes

Alrighty, dear shoe-keepers, before we dive into the wacky world of cleanliness, let’s take a gander at those footwear care instructions for some top-notch washin’ wisdom.

1. First off, yoink those lacey things right outta there. Whirl ’em around in that dandy machine of yours after nestling them in a mesh snuggly sack or – if you’re feelin’ fancy – give ’em a good ol’ fashioned hand wash after soakin’ in some sudsy soup of detergent.

2. Now, time to get your groove on with a soft bristle boogie brush to waltz away all the muddy muck from your soles. A toothpick can double as a dandy dance partner for those teeny-tiny dirt-trapped nooks and crannies.

How to clean all types of shoes
How to clean all types of shoes

3. Shimmy over to those insoles and remove ’em with pizzazz, but try not to plop ’em in that domestic whirlpool; you don’t want ’em waterlogged for days on end. Instead, a damp sponge or rag soakin’ in soapy goodness will do the trick. Then, dab away with a wet cloth and sprinkle a dash of baking soda confetti to soak up the moist remains. Once they’re bone-dry, slide ’em right back into those snazzy shoes.

4. Let the shoes embark on a thrilling adventure as they join their mesh bag friends and old towel chums in the laundry of a lifetime. Ease the burden of the trusty washer by addin’ those soft cushion-y compadres.

5. Now, click those washing machine buttons and kindly request a gentle cold-water waltz, complete with only the finest liquid detergent serenade – no powdered dregs here! The spin settings should be leisurely or stationary if possible.

6. Once your footwear friends have completed their transformation, unravel them from their mesh cocoon and let them bask in the air’s embrace as they dry off.

How to clean all types of shoes
How to clean all types of shoes

7. Stuff ’em full of newspaper or paper towel goodness to sponge up any residual moisture and maintain their pristine form.

8. Finally, give those shoes a vacation in a breezy, well-ventilated paradise – but be patient, as their stay may span a few days as they fully rejuvenate.

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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