How to Clean a Barbeque Grill

by | May 2, 2023 | Detailed Cleaning

Jazz Up Your Grill-Cleaning Gig Like a Master
As the barbecue boogie-woogie swings into town, it’s high time you bolt out and give your grill some spring zest! If that bad boy’s been chillin’ out in the open all winter, it’s screaming for a fine scrub-a-dub-dub, it urgently needs you to clean him up after not using it all winter

! Remember to cleanse your grill after each cozy cookout to avert all that gunky buildup that can whittle away its spiffy shelf life. Keep that sucker sparklin’ all the year through for the hunky-dory healthiest outcome!

Cleaning a BBQ Grill – Let’s Groove

Warm grills are groovier to clean than frigid ones. Blast that heat to help jive away food and dregs from the grill. But if you’re rockin’ a charcoal grill, let it cool down and exorcise those ashes before cleaning.

But heavens to Betsy, heat alone won’t exterminate the nasties that might be snooping around your grill!

No siree, follow these hep tips for the crème de la crème way to purify that grill:

Step 1: Use a long-necked, potent wire brush to give those grates a good scrubbin’

Step 2: Once all neat and tidy, anoint the grates with a wisp of vegetable oil using a worn-out rag

Step 3: Let dish soap and a steel brush (or some crinkled aluminum foil) prance around in the grilling bowl

Step 4: Give a once-over for elusive bristles that might be lurking and latched onto your grill; these buggers can become fire hazards

As the grilling shindig season reaches its swan song, baptize the whole grill with sudsy H2O and give it a towel dry to prevent oxidation. Swaddle it in a grill cover to defend against mother nature’s wrath, and your grill-child will thrive for many moons!

Pro Tip: Don’t bypass that oven; learn how to clean it with our nifty guide!

Grill Sprucing with an Onion – That’s Crafty!

You may have been charmed by this crafty BBQ hack, and it’s quite the smooth operator! Raw onions pack a punch with their non-toxic, acidic cleaner. Sure, the whiff can keep it from playing indoors, but outdoors, it might be just the ticket for scrubbing that grill. Best to bust out this trick when the grill’s piping hot!

Step 1: Peel and bust an onion in half

Step 2: Employ a long-handled fork to swab the onion’s innards against the grill’s surface

Step 3: Take caution! Evade those potent fumes to avert onion tears

Your grill will still need the full treatment after this onion quick-fix, but rubbing an onion can razzle-dazzle away the most tenacious burned-on grub. Now you’re hip to the jive of cleaning a grill without a brush!

How to Tidy up That Grill Top

If flat grill tops are your cup of tea over cooking on a rack, you’ll have a larger stage to scrub. Beware of the risk that grub can get seared on the top if you crank up the heat too high. Also, grease can accumulate on a flat top and blossom into a fire hazard. Fear not! Our cleaning pros know how to juggle the juiciest of jobs.

Before you embark on the cleaning endeavor…
Employ a spatula to chase as much grease as you can off the top
Swipe the grill top with paper towels to absorb remnants and evict stray morsels

Then, let one of these slick methods waltz its way across your grill top:

Steam Cleaning with Panache

Steam is one classy purifier. Rev up the grill top to sizzling, then drizzle H2O on it. Beware of the scalding mist that may follow! Scrub-a-dub with a grill brush when the water’s sweltering. Repeat as necessary.

Vinegar Shuffle for Grill Tops

White vinegar is a jack-of-all-trades cleaner. Whisk a 50/50 blend of water and vinegar, spritz it on a toasty grill, and stand back from the sizzle. Scrub away debris with your trusty grill brush. When it resembles black tar, power off and let loose with that vinegar-water mixture one last time. Scrub away the remnants like a pro.

Salt Soiree on Grill Tops

As an abrasive, salt brings its A-game. Sprinkle those crystally grains all over that grill. When it has cooled down, use a grill brush to sweep away remnants. The salt delivers a delightful scouring extravaganza! Combine it with the juice of half a lemon to cut through grease like a champ.

Dish Soap Glide on Grill Tops

Simple dish soap can pirouette across greasy residue as nature intended. Let the top cool first, then slather with soapy water and a sponge. Rinse with regular H2O to erase any suds left behind.

Grill Brick Dance for Grill Tops

Grill bricks bust a move on oil-streaked grill tops. These pretty pumice stone tools are impervious to grease and odors, meaning many a grand performance. To shake things up, warm the grill and pour a wee bit of neutral oil on it. Escort the brick around the surface in circles, merging with dirt and debris. After the heat dies down, wipe up the oil with paper towels.

And voila! With these nifty techniques, you’re now twistin’ and shoutin’ like a true grill-cleaning pro!

Ahoy, me hearties! Ready for an outrageously psychedelic escapade into the realm of BBQ hygiene? Yessiree, it’s time to sweep away the remnants of cookouts and shindigs, because today, we be tackling the mysterious task of scrubbing that ever-so-neglected grill grate!

Fear not, me mateys, for a stiff brush be your weapon of choice during these casual BBQs, perfect for maintaining your grill gate in tiptop condition! But alas, the gremlins of grime and soot may sneak upon your once pristine metal bastion, turning it into a soot-laden land of yuck.

Fret not, fellow swashbucklers! We embark upon the cleansing quest to liberate even the dirtiest of grates from its culinary shackles. Behold, the deep clean of destiny! So, buckle up, grab that scrubber, and let’s set sail!

  • Banish those frigid grill grates post chill-session

  • Stow them in a sturdy garbage capsule

  • Pop in a duo of vinegar cups mingled with a singular baking soda cup

  • Secure the vessel with stretchy hoops or sticky strips

  • Let it slumber until the morrow, letting the concoction brew

  • Liberate the grates and bestow a water-only cleanse

  • Both porcelain and cast iron comrades shall benefit from this technique, but do dry them well to keep the rust fiends at bay.

Cleaning thy gas-grilling gadget

Albeit cleaner than charcoal, gas may still leave its ghostly prints. Revel in the clean by following these suggestions.

  • Allow thy grill to become icy prior to disassembly for purification

  • Divest of the grates and metal sheets that veil the gas flame-makers

  • Sanitize using the methods aforementioned, or dip in steaming soapy aqua for half an hour or more

  • Dislodge any loose filth or remnants about the burners

  • Summon cleansing potions or sudsy water to expunge the greasy offenders

  • Rinse away all cleaners with a torrent of untainted water; best ensure thou dries the grill well

  • Wipe the revitalized burner protectors and reinstall them to their rightful place

  • Invest some time occasionally to disassemble and cleanse the gas burner shields, preventing grimy buildup that risks infernos.

Purging the charcoal chariot

Despite charcoal’s untidy nature, its distinct flavor and aroma bless the foods it graces.

  • Cleanse thy charcoal device through these steps.

  • Let the grill’s heart cool and dispose of the unwanted charcoal and ash fragments

  • Wield hot, soapy liquid and the power of a robust-bristled brush to scrub the grill’s innards

  • Fear not the peeling facade; ’tis merely the mask of grease and smoke ghosts

  • With an ancient rag, dry the surfaces to defend against rust’s merciless grip

Rejuvenating the long-abandoned grilling altar

Perhaps it is an estranged public grilling site or the forgotten final gathering of the past season, sometimes a neglected grill needs salvation. Worry not, here’s the plan.

Step 1: Disperse the remnants of past feasts and charred matter

Step 2: With boiling soapy liquid and a firm-bristle brush or scouring pad, dislodge the most persistent debris

Step 3: If the grill is yet unsightly, anoint it with a degreasing potion, and let it rest for roughly 20 minutes (or defer to the bottle’s commandments, if they vary)

Step 4: Resume your scrubbing crusade, gloves shielding you from the degreaser’s touch

Step 5: Purge the grill with a cascade of purity, cleansing it with paper scrolls or timeworn cloth

Step 6: Repeat the ritual as needed to attain the grill’s complete transfiguration

Pro Tip: Did your forsaken grill birth a moldy uprising? Discover the ways of mold conquering!

Closing musings
The knowledge of grime-fighting now resides within thee. Remember to cleanse thy grill at every use’s end, bestowing a deeper purge a few times each season. Your grill shall remain pristine, the feast’s flavors enhanced, whilst fire hazards lay vanquished.

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