Hospital-Grade Atmosphere Filtration and Virus Tango in this Dance of Doom

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Detailed Cleaning

In this time of pandemonium, we scramble to shield ourselves from the malicious COVID-19! Facemasks and physically avoiding humans present methods of viral suppression, but could our very air supply be treated as a well-filtered ally?

Why, Ukraine Cleaners are experienced veterans in the sanitation battles, and they are eager to provide you with their intrigue on what might safeguard your dwelling from this dastardly virus. Worries not, research is their modus operandi, and they trust only the most wise CDC for accurate and current knowledge.

But first, let us traverse the ways of our invisible enemy, the COVID-19. Predominantly, this rascal takes the form of respiratory droplets, lurking in the exhalations of its prey, as the act of sneezing or gabbing liberally expels it into the world outside. For the virus to invade a new breathing soul, these droplets must be fortunate enough to find a warm welcome inside another vessel.

Ah-ha, but what about those whispers of airborne terror, you ask? As hushed voices among the learned raised questions of COVID-19’s true nature, it seems small particles that dally in the air are in fact an option. The rogue particles may remain suspended, daring to pose a threat to whomever crosses their cloud-like paths!

And, could it be possible that our feckless enemy has found an affinity for the dry air?

Studies have suggested a lower humidity is preferred by this trixie virus, and an increase in moisture could be an effective first line of defense.

Enter, the HEPA filters—a knight to save us from this treacherous air attack? While the virus itself is but a petite particle, it relies on a larger droplet-suit of armor for survival. These droplets are the perfect size to be obstructed by our brave HEPA filters.

Nevertheless, this noble filter should not stand alone to protect your fortress. The EPA urges that this tool be accompanied by other precautionary measures—masks, distancing, and good hygienic practices—to ensure a solid line of defense in the COVID-19 struggle.

And finally, our trusty air purifiers. Like reinforcement troops bolstering their allies, these devices can make a significant difference in air quality when using a trustworthy measure called CADR. With ratings that measure the removal of smoke, dust, and pollen, a CADR of 240-300 is suggested. Although it is important to remember that running your air purifier at full power may not be the most pleasant experience, it will decimate the volume of viral clouds in your space.

Well, my friends! Let’s get wacky with those atmosphere-cleansing contraptions. As obvious as a rubber chicken in a monastery, an air purifier is solely useful whilst it’s whirring and twirling. You shut off the office purifier at night, and lo and behold, you might still find some sneaky viral particles afloat when you stroll back in come morning time.

You ask, “Which air-breathing miracle worker is the prized champion against COVID-19? The National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) flutters in to advise that slacker-filters (MERV 8 or below) probably won’t steal the show against the elusive ‘rona. Those MERV numbers, my darling friends, they chat about the filter’s talent at nabbing particle-sized critters. Bank on a fancy-pants MERV 16-20 for hospital-grade filtration, while regular Joe’s will find their jollies with MERV 5-13 for homes and businesses.

Climbing the MERV ladder won’t make you the king of the hill, though. You mount a filter too gargantuan for your purifier box of tricks, and voilà! Pressure drop might send your fresh-air device to an early grave. Make a judgment call on what’s best – quieter and less pricey, or an air-cleansing beast?

Remember, friends! UV light doubles as a germ assasin extraordinare. Some air-filtering commanders-in-chief boast UV-C germicidal bulbs that zap those tiny intruders to kingdom come. When you bid your used filters adieu, treat them as contaminated critters and take the necessary precautions.

Now, gather ’round, for we shall discuss the ideal specs for preventing COVID-19 with our dear purifier friends:
CADR of 240 or higher
MERV 8+ pre-filter
HEPA filter
Internal UV-C germicidal bulb

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And just as Batman relies on Robin, the air purifier gets by with a little help from her trusty air monitoring sidekick. Monitors work as your air whisperer, letting you in on when filters are ready for retirement. The dynamic duo of purifiers and monitors keep your invisibly-dancing surroundings pure and virus-free, providing the best defense against that dastardly COVID-19.

To wrap up this jolly jargon journey, although merely inviting an air purifier into your space serves up some defenses against the pestiferous COVID intruder, a keen savvy of how the air whirls around your domain can truly maximize your protection.

Ahoy, me hearties! Let’s chart a course to reach pristine anti-pollution shores of atmospheric purity—aye, I’m talking about air purifiers, of course! Arr, be wary of the location of these devils; fer each one be different—but shiver me timbers, have I found some ultimate pointers fer ye!

1. Anchor ye air purifier ship near ye vessel of infection (SARS-CoV-2 be it, stay close to hoomans).
2. Let not ye black flag fly close to electronic-jackals of similar frequencies—TVs, tubes of sound, zappers of food.
3. Beware the tempests and sways of temperature; far from windows be thy air savior.
4. Suspend yonder portable purity-makers 4-5 feet a-skyward.
5. Keep thy contraption away from the wet and rambunctious mist-makers like humidifiers and tea tempest brewers.
6. Leave ample room to swing a cat ‘round the sides and top (2 feet) to maximize flow.

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Now what if ye landlubbers can’t place an air purifier in some specific nook or cranny? WORRY NOT, I say! The bountiful beauty of natural air currents be with thee.

A most elementary trick? Just open those windows or HVAC vents, I say. If ye can, walk ye plank of increased circulation by opening up multiple portals to the outside. Allow ye airs to mingle back and forth, high and low, all through yer corridors ‘n chambers.

Now be ye wonderin’ which establishments can benefit from these heavenly purifiers of the cursed COVID plague? Hospitals, stores, workshops, beauty parlors, towers of business, schools, eateries—even yer warehouses and storage facilities, fer Neptune’s sake!

In fine, me mateys, any place where humans congregate, these purifiers be the key to avertin’ the risk of the virus. They may not eliminate all disease, but they be a boon to join your arsenal of cleanin’ and disinfectin’. So keep yer spirits high and strengthen the belief in the hearts of all—fer the purifier be the answer to the pandemic! Yo ho ho!

Let us wow you with our phenomenal maid services, and relax while we take care of your home, all while knowing you are helping a wonderful cause.

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