The Top 10 Things to Do in Seattle with Kids

by | Dec 14, 2023 | Activities

Ladies and Gentlemen! Hold onto your funny bones as we take a whimsical whirl through the fantastical nest of Seattle, a mega blast for the whole clan on a snazzy family vacation. With a roster of frolics fit for little tykes or full-grown kiddos, Seattle is a ticker-tape parade of fun, tailored for the happiness seekers. This blog post is a merry-go-round of the top 10 showstopper activities for families in Seattle. So, brace yourselves! Dearest Seattle calls us.

Seattle, sweetheart of all!

This burg boasts a smorgasbord of world-class treasure troves that’ll get your bonnet buzzing. And better yet, sprouts under 12 waves at the ticket booth! So, if you’re eager for a dash of greenery, Seattle is the bee’s knees. Be it parks aplenty, a skyline quiver of hills, or sandy shores perfect for a picnic or dipping your toes, Seattle is the apple of any adrenaline junky’s eye.

On Cloud Nine: Top ten family romps in Seattle

Planning a jaunt to Seattle with your little ones? Here are the top ten delights that you wouldn’t want to cut off on the sidelines! From the sky-piercing Space Needle to the pretty-as-a-picture Puget Sound, there’s something for even the pickiest chap in Seattl

Numero Uno: The Space Needle

Is there a more popular sight to see than the darling of downtown, the Space Needle? Straight through the deep heart of the city, this elevator joyride’s panoramic view will keep the rugrats raring to go. And hey, do check out the souvenir store at its skirt!

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Two, oh, two: Seattle Children’s Museum

When the playdough crew calls for a hands-on fun, the Seattle Children’s Museum is the jackpot. Science, art, you name it – this place is a paradise for push-button fun! Right there in downtown, this treasure’s hard to miss.

Three, baby, three: Pike Place Market

Go full spectrum at Pike Place Market, where the pickers and choosers flock for an edible excursion . While filling your bags, don’t forget to snap a photo at the world-famous gum wall. Just don’t touch it!

Fourth on the floor: Discovery Park

For the outdoorsy offspring, Seattle keeps a quiver full of parks. Whether they hanker to scamper in Discovery Park, picnic at Volunteer Park, or flex their adventurous muscles climbing Mount Si, Seattle’s park scene will kindle their inner explorer.

Fabulous Five: The Seattle Aquarium

Our deep underwater chums are waiting on the waterfront downtown, where the Seattle Aquarium is a marine haven. Spot the seals, find an octopus friend, and say hello to the magnificent sea otters. This place is a full-on undersea extravaganza!

Six is a fix: Woodland Park Zoo

Zoo-lovers heed the north of Seattle, where Woodland Park Zoo houses over 300 species of our furry, feathered, and scaly friends. Get friendly with lions, gawk at giraffes, and walk among gorillas. This place caters to every animal lover!

Lucky Seven: Seattle Art Museum

For the dreamers and admirers, Seattle Art Museum is an artful retreat in the swirling downtown scene. Be it ancient artifacts or modern marvels, there’s something for every culture hound.

Elegant Eight: Olympic Sculpture Park

Quite the vista! The downtown waterfront Olympic Sculpture Park offers impressive city views while wandering through a cornucopia of sculptures.

No. Nine: The Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle’s waterfront Great Wheel is a favorite among visitors for its stunning views of Elliott Bay and the Space Needle. The gondola glide is a must for kiddos, and there’s a playground at the base of the wheel to keep them busy.

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Perfect Ten: Volunteer Park Conservatory

Tucked inside Volunteer Park, the Conservatory is a green retreat for weary travellers. An oasis in the city hustle, it boasts a tropical flower and plant haven. And admission is pocket-friendly!

Looking for an iconic Seattle experience or a walk in the park, Seattle offers splendidly for your kid quorum. The city’s surreal charm has been a magnet among the gazillion tourists nationwide.

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In Seattle, family time is the best time!

If the elements have a tantrum, your indoor options in Seattle are as plentiful as raindrops in a thunderstorm. Be it the Museum of Pop Culture or the Seattle Art Museum, or a bit of trampoline fun or a bowling bash, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

For the sunshine seekers among you, an outdoor spree in Seattle is as gratifying as a call from the wild. The options are aplenty, with hiking, biking, kayaking, and stand-up-paddleboarding. And yes, do step into the urban oases like Discovery Park or Woodland Park Zoo.

Is Seattle Kid-friendly? You bet! The Woodland Park Zoo, Museum of Flight, Seattle Aquarium, or the tilth Children’s Garden, the city is a play field for young exploration enthusiasts.

So what’s the holdup folks? Shout out to your kids and invite them for a wild Seattle raid! Amid myriad delightful doings, fulfilling sights, and heartwarming treats, you’ll be lining up for a comeback before you know it.

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