How to Clean a Yoga Mat

by | Aug 29, 2023 | Activities

Mad about yoga but repelled by the fiesta of filth after?

Comrades, yoga mats transform into a petri dish of bacteria if not cleared up toot sweet. It could reinvent that fabulous yoga aroma into a stink that could wrinkle noses around the world. Well, you’re about to learn a way to eliminate the stench using the magic of natural ingredients and easy as pie methods. Keep those peepers peeled!

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Why clean your yoga mat you ask?

Cleaning your yoga mat is crucial for two stellar reasons: for putting the brakes on those dive-bombing germs and revving up your mat’s lifespan. Germs scurry around those sweaty yoga mats like ants on a sugar cube, so it’s paramount to clean yours religiously. An untidy yoga mat can even encourage skin fit to scream.

  • Regularly cleaning your yoga mat will also slam brakes on the stench that steadily grows with time. If you sniff something out of whack from your mat, wash it posthaste. Some yogis even prefer to drip a few drops of tea tree oil or such on their mats for a refreshing whiff!

To clean your yoga mat, begin by wiping it with a moist cloth. Reach out for mild soap if necessary. Next, wash your mat with warm water and allow air to dry it. In case you possess a thicker yoga mat, make sure to clean it more often to shred the stubborn buildup.

Regular thorough cleaning will not only result in your mat sparkling but also in your better health! Follow these simple hints to make sure that your yoga routine is as fresh and secure as can be.

By taking the effort to clean your mat, you’re lengthening its life and crafting a space for yourself sans any germs or bacteria. So go forth and give that mat a good scrub – your body will offer its applause!


Now, are yoga mats really dirty?

Practicing on your mat often can get it sweaty and downright dirty. But if it’s lying around gathering dust, then it might perhaps be not that filthy. But no matter how often you use it, cleaning it regularly is a bare necessity. This not only ensures your safety by keeping those nasty skin infections away but can also improve your mat’s longevity.

And what if you don’t wash your mat?

Neglecting your mat could transform it into a party place for all sorts of microorganisms which would most likely lead to everything from skin troubles to respiratory issues. Plus, an unkempt mat can be a stink bomb that’s hard to defuse.

A filthy mat can be as slippery as an eel which could ramp up your injury chances. Hence, scrubbing your yoga mat frequently will dodge all such troubles.


Now let’s jump to the question: how does one wash a yoga mat?

Ingredients necessary:
A mild soap or detergent
A gentle cloth or sponge
Lukewarm water
A towel
An optional essential oil (something like lavender oil or tea tree oil for that feeling of tranquillity)


  • Start by banishing any debris from your mat using a gentle cloth or vacuum cleaner. For stubborn stains, give them a good scrubbing with a sponge and your mild soap.

  • Next, unleash your sink or tub full of warm water and add a bit of soap. Lovingly wash your mat in soapy water either using your hands or a gentle cloth. Rinse the mat thoroughly to sweep the soap away.

  • Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto the towel you use to dry the mat. It will help it smell fresh-out-of-the-garden. Once your mat is dry, roll it up store it in a cool dry niche till it’s yoga time again.

Benefits of a Clean Yoga Mat

A cleaned-up mat will not only guarantee your health but also aid in lengthening your mat’s longevity. Turning yoga-friendly implies pressing your body against the mat. This means, you are courting all the bacteria and germs present. Hence, a spotless mat will keep any potential ailments at bay.

Just like any other piece of workout equipment, a negligent yoga mat will age fast. Hence, by scrubbing it routinely, detritus and grime buildup can be curbed from eating into the material.

Now that we’ve strolled through the advantages, let’s discuss how to do the scrubbing. Remember to use a cleanser that won’t damage your mat. You can grab a yoga mat cleaner out in the market or DIY with water and mild soap.

So how can your mat be clean?

  • Douse it with your cleanser or soapy water.
  • Get a scrub brush and gently scrub the mat’s surface.
  • After scrubbing, clean it with water.
  • Let it dry in a well-ventilated zone.

Comparatively simple, huh? By sticking to these steps you ensure your health and also a long life for your mat.

How to Scrub a Yoga Mat?

One crucial aspect of maintaining your mat is disinfection. This can be accomplished by spraying your mat with water and vinegar. Let the mat air dry then use it. If possible, let the sun’s beam hit it for an hour or so to nuke any lingering bacteria.

Cleaning up after each use with a damp cloth can help. This keeps the remains of dirt or sweat chained to the surface of the mat at bay. Remember to properly wring out the cloth before the wipe-down because too much water isn’t good too.

If mat’s starting to throw tantrums, a deep clean can be achieved by scrubbing it with water and our trusty friend baking soda. Allow it the paste on your mat to chill for a few minutes before wiping it off with a cloth or brush. This is the secret to breaking chains of stubborn stains.

Store it properly and clean for it to perform for a longer period. We hope these tips were useful and now you’re ready to conquer the world of yoga sans any worries!

If you can’t afford to be a DIY enthusiast, some excellent commercial yoga mat cleaners can also be snapped up from stores. Always read labels with hawk eyes and stick to the instructions, as certain cleaning agents might require a rinse job after doing their bit.

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