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Ukraine Cleaners provides the best house cleaning service in Mountlake Terrace. We understand how difficult it is to keep your home clean and organized, especially when you are so busy! That’s why we’ve arrived to help you. Our skilled cleaning crew is committed to providing Mountlake Terrace residents and businesses with superior cleaning services. We use only the best materials to clean and disinfect your surfaces.

We offer a range of home services, from thorough cleaning to routine maintenance. We can assist you with any task, large or small—and our plans are tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

Ukraine Cleaners provides excellent customer service by employing only the most qualified cleaners from a pool of candidates. All cleaning staff go through thorough background checks, ensuring that high-quality work is performed for each client.

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Here Are The Reasons That Make Us Mountlake Terrace’s Top Cleaning Service:


Committed to a Cause

By hiring our housekeeping team, you’re not only getting a fantastic group of people to take care of your home—you’ll be helping us do something good. Every penny we earn goes towards giving assistance to those who need it most.


Equipped and Vetted

Our cleaning professionals undergo a thorough screening process and are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to provide high-quality housekeeping services.


Local & based out of Mountlake Terrace

We are proud to be a part of the Mountlake Terrace community, and we take immense pride in providing our customers with exceptional cleaning services. When you hire us for your next housecleaning project—whatever its size or scope may be—we will not disappoint!


Quality Service

We at Ukraine Cleaners understand that nothing feels as good as coming home to a clean house. That’s why we offer cleaning services of the highest quality—the best in our field.


Flat Rate Pricing

Our Mercer Island cleaning services offer customers a straightforward pricing structure: fixed rates for specific jobs and an understanding of the cost of our work. Because we’re straightforward about this—and most other things! —we’ve established ourselves as one of the best cleaning companies on Mercer Island.


100% Satisfaction

Ukraine Cleaners has expanded its customer base by providing exceptional service and maintaining a commitment to excellence. Because we value our customers’ trust, we are dedicated to making their experience with us as positive as possible through impeccable house cleaning services in Mountlake Terrace!

Amenities and local government resources in Mountlake Terrace WA. 

Amid the verdant hills north of the bustling metropolis of Seattle, lies the enchanting hamlet of Mountlake Terrace, Washington. The municipality sparkles with a profusion of pastimes, parks, and social gatherings to provide its citizens with a cornucopia of entertainment and fulfillment. One of the most sought-after features of Mountlake Terrace is its profuse park system. From the Mountlake Terrace Community Park, with its jungle gym, diamond fields, and skate mecca, to the Ballinger Park, with its play area, court of basketball, and communal vegetable patch, and the Terrace Creek Park, boasting a play area, picnic spots, and a trail of nature’s beauty, the city is well-endowed with green spaces. The local administration is another sterling resource for the citizens of Mountlake Terrace. The government is dedicated to offering the highest caliber of services to its residents, and provides an abundance of tools to keep the populace informed and active. For instance, the city’s website, like a beacon in the night, showcases a schedule of forthcoming events and meetings, as well as a trove of information about municipal services and plans. Furthermore, Mountlake Terrace offers a plethora of recreation opportunities for its citizens. The community center gleams with fitness classes, and a shimmering pool, and the recreation department presents a wealth of programs for all ages, from sports leagues to educational classes. In conclusion, Mountlake Terrace is a utopian village, brimming with amenities and resources for its citizens, whether in pursuit of play, physical activity, or enlightenment. The hamlet is a veritable paradise for all. Stay active, or to stay informed, Mountlake Terrace has something for everyone.

Best shopping centers in Mountlake Terrace WA. 

Amidst the idyllic plains of Mountlake Terrace, Washington lies a plethora of emporiums, each offering a unique bazaar of wares and services for both natives and sojourners alike. Here are but a few of the finest marketplaces in Mountlake Terrace:

  1. The Mountlake Terrace Town Center, a thriving hub located at the pulse of the city, proffers a profusion of stores, including a grocery, an apothecary, and a multitude of eateries.
  2. The Ballinger Village Shopping Center, a bustling bazaar located to the east of the city, presents a variety of stores, including a depository of discounted wares, a store of sporting goods, and a medley of dining establishments.
  3. The Lakeview Shopping Center, a thriving marketplace located in the south of the city, features a host of stores, including a grocery, a store of household improvements, and a variety of specialty shops.
  4. The Terrace Village Shopping Center, a bustling bazaar located to the north of the city, presents a medley of stores, including a department store, a store of garbs, and a host of dining establishments.
  5. The Gateway Plaza, a thriving hub located in the west of the city, proffers a profusion of stores, including a grocery, an apothecary, and a multitude of specialty shops.

Whether in search of sustenance, raiment, or simply a repast, Mountlake Terrace has something for all. So venture forth to any of these bazaars and revel in your shopping excursion.

Best restaurants located in Mountlake Terrace WA. 

Amidst the rolling hills and misty vistas of Mountlake Terrace, Washington lies a gastronomic wonderland, where diverse flavors and aromas awaken the palate’s desire. From the rustic charm of American taverns to the exotic aromas of foreign lands, this city serves up a smorgasbord for every sort of culinary connoisseur.

Consider the Terrace Bistro, a warm and inviting establishment, where classic American dishes are infused with a touch of whimsy and served with an extensive vintage of vino. Or perhaps venture to the Saffron Grill, where the authentic flavors of India sing, from the delicate curries to the fire-kissed tandoori.

For those craving Thai spices, Mountlake Terrace Thai Cuisine offers a bounty of classic curries and stir-fries, as well as innovative delights, available to herbivores and carnivores alike. Or indulge in the savory meats and sizzling delights of Mountlake Terrace Korean BBQ, where traditional Korean barbecue is given a contemporary spin.

And let us not forget Mountlake Terrace Pho, where the aromatic broth of classic pho noodle soups is elevated by artistic flair. Whichever culinary delight one seeks, Mountlake Terrace is sure to satisfy, offering a feast for all palates. So, venture forth and partake in this city’s dining spectacle.

Best parks and public recreational areas in Mountlake Terrace WA. 

Amidst the bustling metropolis of Mountlake Terrace, Washington lies a verdant escape from the mundane. A city that exalts in its sylvan sanctuaries, where every inhabitant, regardless of age or interests, may bask in leisure and recreation. Here are a few of the most beauteous parks and public recreational areas in the city:
  1. The Mountlake Terrace Community Arboretum: This expansive park is a bastion of idyllic delights, featuring a children’s play garden, a diamond of the national pastime, a daredevil’s dreamscape, and a horticultural haven. In this park, one can find a vast meadow perfect for al fresco dining and a peripatetic path that circles a shimmering mere.
  2. The Ballinger Botanical Garden: This garden is a wonderland of playful pastimes, a court of basketball, and a blooming bed of bounty. Here one can wander a vast meadow, a peripatetic path, and a scintillating mere.
  3. The Terrace Creek Woodland: This park provides a place for play, picnicking, and a peregrination through the verdant wilderness. A vast meadow awaits, a peripatetic path, and a scintillating mere.
  4. The Interurban Pathway: This cobbled trail weaves along the Interurban railway, offering a pleasant and secure route for cycling and pedestrian wanderlust. This pathway interconnects with the cities of Edmonds, Lynnwood and Seattle.
  5. The Olympic View Plunge: This aquatic oasis opens during the summer solstice and provides a profusion of recreational opportunities, including swim lessons, aquatic aerobics, and a dip in the deep end. The pool is also adorned with a diving board and a serpentine slide.
Mountlake Terrace is a city that revels in offering its residents ample opportunities to stay lively and bask in the beauty of the great outdoors. Whether seeking solace, sport, or stimulation, there is something for everyone in this city. So, venture forth to any of these parks and public recreational areas and bask in the natural beauty that Mountlake Terrace has to offer.

Festivals, parades and events coming up this year in  Mountlake Terrace WA. 

In the style of James Joyce, Mountlake Terrace, Washington, flaunts its festival spirit, a jubilant city forever resounding with revelry. A cornucopia of parades and events punctuate the year, a feast for the senses, whether seeking a frolicsome family adventure or an opportunity to bask in the city’s cultural and historical riches. The city beckons, beckons with these forthcoming festivities:

  1. The Pyrotechnic Pageantry of the 4th of July: This annual procession is a cherished tradition, a parade of marching bands, floats, and community groups traversing the city’s heart, culminating in a park fete fit for families.
  2. The Mountlake Terrace Art Stroll: This yearly celebration exalts the city’s effervescent art scene, featuring local and regional artists and artisans exhibiting their wares at various venues throughout the city. The event includes live music, food vendors, and pastimes for families.
  3. The Summer Serenade Series: This annual concert cycle unfolds in the park, featuring regional and local musicians rendering an eclectic array of musical genres. The concerts are free and accessible to all.
  4. The Oktoberfest Opulence: This yearly festival exalts German culture, with live music, traditional dances, and a bounty of Germanic food and drink.
  5. The Annual Luminescent Rite of the Tree Lighting: This annual celebration takes place in the city’s center, featuring the illumination of a grand Christmas tree, carolers, and visits with Saint Nicholas.

Mountlake Terrace, a city overflowing with celebration, with a calendar of events always brimming. For an excursion, consult the city’s event schedule, a kaleidoscope of parades and festivals, sure to bring mirth and merriment to all.

Night life in Mountlake Terrace WA. 

The sun dips low beyond the horizon, and Mountlake Terrace, Washington awakens to the nocturnal delights of revelry and merriment. This city, despite its petite facade, resonates with a beat of nighttime revelry that knows no bounds. From the lively pubs and bars to the upscale wine bars and nightclubs, the city provides ample opportunities for revelers to indulge in their desires. A few of the best venues to explore when the night takes hold are:

  • The Terrace Tavern, a bustling establishment that invites one to clink glasses with friends and enjoy a frothy mug of ale. Its convivial atmosphere and menu of hearty pub grub make it a popular haunt.
  • The Mountlake Terrace Vineyard, a sophisticated venue for connoisseurs seeking a more elevated experience. With an extensive collection of vintage wines and a menu of dainty bites and cured meats, it’s the perfect destination for a romantic evening or a festive celebration.
  • The Mountlake Terrace Carnival of Laughter, a comedy club that draws crowds with its hilarious performances by local and national jokers. Sip on a drink and savor a bite while you let the rib-tickling gags tickle your funny bone.
  • The Mountlake Terrace Ballroom, a pulsating nightspot that beckons you to let loose and dance the night away. With a range of musical styles and a well-stocked bar, it’s the ultimate destination for night owls.
  • The Mountlake Terrace Sports Den, a mecca for sports enthusiasts. Multiple screens, ice-cold beers on tap, and a menu of pub favorites make it the perfect place to root for your team and socialize with fellow fans.

In Mountlake Terrace, the nightlife never sleeps. So, don your evening finery, grab your companions, and set out to explore this city’s vibrant scene.

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